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The men the public admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.

—H.L. Mencken

U.S. Editor (1880-1956)

We think with the ideas we have

Ideas like the ones that value...

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...numbers that lock us in...

...numbers that keep us in servitude...


numbers that devalue our dignity

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as if these numbers were finite!

while at the same time,

the numbers of hours
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spent by the numbers of overworked and undervalued human beings,

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or the numbers of living systems sacrificed,
There are over 6,000,000 abandoned drill sites in the U.S. alone, not to mention the tar sands, fracking pools (like this one in Canada) and the growing numbers of decimated ecosystems and most of the arable land mass of the planet in the name of big oil and gas profits!
Image: Screen shot from Garth Lenz from TEDx Vicroria

the numbers of life giving lands wasted

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all in the name of “progress”

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...are somehow considered infinite?

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what was the definition of “crazy” again?

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Energy is Everywhere

Noise and sound can now generate enough energy to power buildings.
Image: PopSci

Materials can now capture photons and split water to create unlimited power sources.
Image: PopSci

Simple motion can now capture energy for personal electronics and more.
Image: Earthtechling

Vibrations Friction
Rubber piezoelectric surfaces can generate energy from pressure.
Image: ACS publica

Materials Heat
Body heat can power electronics like the SkinnyPlayer here.
Image: PopSci

Kinetics Motion
Motion from foot traffic can power streetlights, escalators & more.
Image: PopSci

Tom Broadbent, Inventor of HydroPower in the UK uses the pressure from existing plumbing in buildings to generate enough energy to power the pump and then some.
Image: PopSci

Bruce Logan and Younggy Kim, developed a microbial reverse electrodyalysis electrolysis fuel cell with a nanofilter that can take everyday wastewater and generate unlimited Hydrogen Fuel using less than 1% of the energy generated.
Image: Bruce Logan | Penn State

Dan Nocera and his team at MIT have developed an artificial photosynthesis leaf that can generate 10X the storage within 1/100 of the volume of commercial fuel cell. A swimming pool full of water (3.2 million liters) for example can generate over 43TW (Terrawatts) per second using his solution.
Image: MIT




Organic Photonics

Organic photonics and electronics like these nano scale solar cells can be sprayed as dust on clothing or other porous surfaces to generate enough power for all proximal appliances like lights and electronics.
Image: Georgia Tech


Available to Anyone

2 Liter plastic bottles with bleach and water placed through holes in the roof can supply the light of a 50w bulb and last for upto 5 years! Access is about innovation with what is available. Innovation that can be accessible to many...
Image: Cleantechnica


Rural Africans are using discarded bike parts to make local wind energy. What would happen if the latest IP that is now shelved by big Oil and Gas could be made openly available to these innovators?
Image: FastCoDesign


Self Powered Air Car
Fuel Cell for Water Powered Car Design

Water Powered Car Engine (peswiki.com)

A real Air Powered Perpetual Engine* (*generates energy from its own process) developed by a 15 yr old kid student from Uzbekistan in 2008!
Image: Ecofriend


Accessible Anywhere

HALO IPT Induction Charging

Wireless transfer via WiTricity is now real. From inductive charging becoming standard for electric cars to reapplying Tesla coil principles to distribute without wires at the last mile, the gridless grid is real and available now.
Image: PopSci

Fujitsu Magnetic Resonance Transfer


Nanophotonic glass can capture photons by an instant state change from clear to cloudy to power buildings and transfer line of sight to another. One of many nano innovations for energy from nanoholdings.com
Image: Nanoholdings

...and coming soon..

Bio Generation
Sean Elliot of Boston University, can use light sensitive pigments into certain heme proteins into darkness dwelling microbes to produce hydrogen fuel. Your body is now the power station. What would innovation like this do in developing nations if the tech was made available?
Image: Pubmed


reality is now undergoing a reinvention

Reinventing Resilience

Local grow technologies that use 1/100th of the water, 3-5 times the weight of the plant to wattage used (most indoor growers can use 1/1000 of the space of mass agriculture) and a simple solar powerered LED bulb to generate enough yields to never pay for produce or a supply chain again!
Images: Omega, Pods, & Aeroponic technologies via Treehugger

Localized manufacturing technology with 3D printing is starting to eliminate supply chains altogether and even print most of the replacement parts for these printers. Soon, buying a product will no longer mean shipping, but downloading the file to print where you are...
Images: MIT Solar cells, Cornell 3D Labs, Origo Toy Printer and more

Up next, your entire house now printed with a 3D printer. Enrico Dini has not only envisioned the possibilities, but actually created the prototype of off-grid energy efficient dwellings to come...
Images: The Man Who Prints Houses

Reconnecting Communities






to Include Everyone
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investor / innovator / integrator

& Rewarding All...
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To Put Value Back Where You Live...

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and much, much more...

So that the madness can stop at the number...


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