There are three effects of Baby dumping.That is effects on individuals, the Baby and society.

The effect of individuals is cause by illegal way of aborting the child and left a bad effect on them because of the wrong path, they use to abort the baby just like herbs and alcoholic substances.So, the individual will have high risk of death caused by bleeding and infection on mothers womb's. A professional consultant Gynecology, Prof. Dr. Harlina Halizah Siraj, from "Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia"(HUKM),said this illegal abortion does not take into account the health's aspects could cause harm because it does not follow the procedure that are conducted by unprofessional groups. Another way is dangerous and is not clean by inserting foreign objects into the womb. Women involved who do abortion without proper medical procedures take high risks facing death following infection and bleeding in the uterus. In addition, it is potentially experiencing bleeding in the stomach which can cause the woman unconscious or worse death. Womb also suffered injuries when doing an abortion because those who perform them are traditionally not qualified will use sharp objects such as wood, twigs or wooden sticks. Bleeding sometimes can not be detected quickly, but take a long time. There are not aware of them until they bleed unconscious. Dr Zainul said, the long period of time, it is difficult for pregnant women to do abortion because the process can also cause bowel and uterus problems when sticks channel ovarian one clogged. If a woman is pregnant she may experience a pregnancy outside the womb. For those who had suffered injuries before, the uterus can rupture according to the statistics of death among infants who are not removed by those spontaneously and cause death.Otherwise, the effects of abortion also can cause psychological effects on the mental and emotions after marriage, especially depression, especially when age is often thought of as the content is never removed. Dysphonic effects include experience in the womb, which raised pain more than experience during the menstrual process.

EFFECT ON INFANTS *Infant mortality rate is higher due to medical care is not perfect * according to statistics infant mortality by unresponsible person in 2 years ago, had increased 135 case from 2008 to 2009. *cause contempt, regarded by society as adults *problem if you want to marry because there is no guardian *difficult for schools because there is no birth registration

EFFECTS ON SOCIETY -Cause the abortion will be mimicked by others. most cases of baby dumping in the county are using the same way that removes a newborn baby into the trash. This shows there is replication of their cruel way to remove the baby into the the trash. -the case has become wide. -negative views from society.

This is an article written by Jia Ning Tan from People's Daily Online regarding baby dumping. As a summary from this article, :


How this phenomenon happened?

1. Over exposure to sexually liberal western culture (that is why, this research is finding whether culture is one of the factor that caused baby dumping) 2. Premarital sex and have baby during banned relationship is very shameful in the culture of Malaysia. 3. Girls who are pregnant rejected by family which let them to no family support and left stranded. y Where the babies being dumped?

1. Rubbish bins 2. Doorsteps (but however, further reading showed that there are so many other places baby being dumped. The recent place is inside the KTM(train) ) y Initiatives by the NGOs and government?

Equipping those girls with skills so that easy for them to search for jobs . and at the same time too this research also focusing on the "Kami Prihatin" campaign).L. Government : implementing sex education in school for youths (therefore this research too focus on whether this initiative by government successful or not.Helping pregnant girls/women to recover psychologically and physically . Religious bodies geared up conducting frequent checks on hotel rooms and others to prevent social activities without marriage.Centre for women's shelter . 3. 2. .1. NGOs: Kewaja Rehabilitation Centra.K.

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