++Transmission++KAPPA LEVEL++ +Inquisitor Mattalast Ballory +++ Junior Commissar Cromwell

Greetings Cromwell and Acolytes, I have been reading each of your reports. In addition, I also received updates from a special strike team that owed me a favor about the incident on Quaddis in the city of Xicarph. Most unpleasant business that was. It was unfortunate that the heretic cult leader could not be taken in for interrogation but you did what you had to for the good of the Imperium and Inquisition. It seems that massive Steel Clock in Gabriel Chase Tower housed an artifact of great power from Haarlocks exploits as the first great Rogue Trader of this sector. Many of my agents have been keenly trying to analyze it to no avail. To think that such a thing could have caused the planetary eclipse is profoundly disturbing and intriguing at the same time. We must find out what Haarlocks intentions were and if this incident is related to the sudden flood of controversial reports from across the sector. Understand as you continue working with me in finding a conclusion to this Haarlock matter that I expect each cell of my Acolytes to be the best at what they specialize in, and it is my sincere hope that as you observe and learn from your experiences and each of the training exercises to come that will make you a better Acolyte. To some, my choices and training methods may seem unorthodox, but I assure you I do have a plan. For now I am transferring you to the nearby argi-world of Orbell. I have arranged for you to arrive in the guise of a Free Merchant Charter Captain herring from noble lineage and his retinue guard, seeking to establish a new grain trade route from Orbell to Malfi. You will be well provided for in this position giving you plenty of time to restore yourselves for your next task. It also allows ensures you will stay alive long enough so I can investigate a matter of grave implication that was discovered on Quaddis and prepare records and doubles so that your presence in Xicarph goes unnoticed by these implicative forces. I want you to understand that I think you are doing well and I am impressed with the learning curve you are exhibiting. I would recommend you keep the morals you have learned from your lessons & trials close to you and always be prepared to build on them. Constantly learning is a key trait for one who served the Golden Throne, and a quality I am pleased that you seem to have embraced. I assure you the matter with Quaddis and Haarlock has not been resolved, and this matter will be investigated further based on the reports received from the strike team, my own agents and yourself.

Sich zu irren, ist, zu sterben. Inquisitor Tigana Lys ++End Transmission++

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