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I could have titled this, “What is Real?” Come with me from the start by looking at the emptiness of the atom. Realize how nothing could ever be solid – except in some sort of a dream. When everything solid in a human body fits into a thimble – fills it only half full – well, this has helped me bid good-bye to the 3D world – this knowing of its emptiness. So what IS real? What is truly important? What is lasting? And can it be anything whatsoever that's here in 3D? My answer is no. The reality of 3D is only transitory. Whatever is born in 3D must also die. It's all very temporary. I like the Eastern definition of reality which says to be real it must be eternal. So, what is lasting – what is of ultimate worth? How do we define worth? What value do you place on things? Are you used to valuing things you cannot see or touch? How important is honest to you – or integrity? These can't be touched – could they be real? Could they be lasting? My answer is yes. Both honesty and integrity can be seen as aspects of Truth – divine Truth – and there is hardly anything more lasting than that. Of course this is challenging, to be speaking of divine things using words. Truth, Love, Joy and such could be considered to be attributes of Source, Spirit, or God. They would thus be inseparable, as God is One. So why even have separate words or names for them, right? It gets tricky. But anyway, I guess it's my chosen path to do what I can to convey things with words. It's really much more than that, for the actual message is given energetically. You receive it in heart, as some who live in heart will be aware of. The words are more like

the carrier frequency, conveying the heart message. I would say that Truth is more real than absolutely anything here in 3D. How does that strike you? Can you go there with me? Do you acknowledge a level of absolutes where such as divine Truth can exist? Have you any experience with receiving a heart knowing? Do you know what it's like to receive an understanding so deep, and often so broad, in just a flash, and from who knows where or whom? I am hopeful of taking you with me into heart, and out of that head of yours that is so useful at other times. It's somewhat less than useful here with these journals, though. Really deep messages can be received, but not through the mind. Be in heart for them. If you can come with me on this journey where the starting point is the unreality of everything made of atoms, let's take off. From this perspective or view there is quite nothing in 3D that is ultimately real. Thus we can back off from it. You can know that the body you happen to wear there is just one of the many amgodiments you are engaged with. You have many of them across that other unreality we often call time. (Timespace are actually one, but that's not the topic for this journal.) So, we detach and step back out of 3D. You can do this – you do it every night upon going to sleep. At that time the whole material world fades away, and you enter another one called your dream. So let's have a waking dream, shall we? Let's recognize that we are not the body we wear, so we can safely step back from it and get a better look at what might be actually real. So many of us are concerned these days with awakening. Many speak of ascension. That would be ascending up into higher frequencies, into higher dimensions. Let's put to the side the question of whether those levels are any more real than the material or 3D one. They may not be – but that's not our subject for now. What is real, then? When you go for your life review after your lifetime, what sort of things are you looking at? What has importance to you, then? What is it you take with you after your body's life is over? In other words, do you take anything real away from your time spent here in unreality? Is that even possible – to

take reality out of the midst of unreality? Sure it is! You take Love with you. You take truth, honesty, and integrity. You take the blessings you've managed to give or to share with those you encountered during the body's life. These things are real. It is also possible, of course, not to magnify any of the divine qualities during the life that you lived. Those on the dark path don't generally magnify such qualities. I bet their life reviews are rather interesting. It wouldn't surprise me at all to find out that they have different goals and standards by which they view things. But let's not digress. We were taking about you ;) Think of the time in your life when someone came to your rescue, so to speak – and said or did just the right thing at a really vulnerable time for you – bringing real comfort to you. Remember how that feels – how very precious it was. You can see, too, how it wasn't just the person involved, but the universe, itself, who brought this comfort to you. It was divine Love in action. Are you detached enough from the bodies there to see this view of things? Recognize that during your life you have likely been the one to bring such comfort to someone, somewhere. To you, it may have been such a little thing you did, but there's no telling how important it was to the receiver of that. In those instances you were the instrument of that same divine Love. These things are eternal and of ultimate worth – though through 3D eyes they appear quite inconsequential. Funny how that works. There's a beautiful Hindu scripture called the Bhagavad-Gita that tells the story of one of the gods, Krishna and his protege Arjuna. He acted as Arjuna's adviser, having a full physical presence there. This story is used to convey what they think of as ultimate values – the sort of things conveyed by any holy scriptures. It's a beautiful story, too. Anyway, what is conveyed is how the awakened one is supremely detached from all that passes, all that comes his way in 3D. Be it praise or blame, the awakened one doesn't really care. S/He neither desires nor refuses whatever comes. For the Western mind this is almost unacceptable. Well, in heart we are neither Eastern nor Western. Furthermore, we have all had lifetimes in many countries and cultures – so we all contain contact points for a

broad range of understandings. Reach in down deep into heart and make contact with that. Can you imagine this? In the West we might think such a person to be impossibly perfect, mightn't we? It's a good bit more approachable or reasonable in the East. Still, keeping in mind that the entire 3D experience is only that – an experience, not anything real – we can step out of whatever culture our body was brought up within, right? We can all do this if we so desire. It would be so very beautiful to live in a world where everyone lived by values like this – eternal ones. Where people lived only from heart, what a grand and glorious environment that would be. It would be like cool, refreshing spring water to someone who had spent endless lifetimes in the desert's heat. How very soothing to the soul. Well, what that is, it seems to me, is your deep, inner recognition of eternal values, there. That would be a land in which you could both let down your guard and even extend trust freely. After what we've endured, here, especially in recent centuries, that would be a paradise, indeed. Sign me up, right?! Perhaps this will help to illustrate how it's not so difficult to detach sufficiently from our 3D world to take a very different view of things. We can begin shifting our temporal and temporary vision of what is important toward the eternal side. We can be remembering, from very deep layers of being, what those eternal values are – and what it feels like to live by them. The beauty of such living could be just a short while ahead in our future, my friends. It's time to be shifting, both within and without as much as we can. But actually, the outer shifting will quite take care of itself if we're good gardeners, lovingly tending our own Garden of Belief. What we have planeted (funny “typo” for planted) there and what weeds we remove will have much influence on what we (can) perceive, both inside and out. Are you able to envision both a rock and a chunk of gold as having equal value? How good is your imagination? Can you enter in enough to see that the values we place on physical things are as unreal as are those things, ultimately? These values are arbitrarily assigned, based on how useful one or the other substance may be. Change the situation up a bit, and the assigned values of things

must also change. If what I really need is to plant a vegetable garden, and all I have is lumps of gold and rocks, those aren't very useful to me, are they? In that case they have precious little value. If I need to hammer in a nail into a board and I have both a rock and a lump of gold, the stone will be the more valuable. Do you see how this is a sliding scale of value for things? The values are as unreal as are the things, themselves – which are totally empty, being made of atoms that are barely even there. Do you see? All that we can do, now, to begin the shift of our values towards the eternal will bring blessings to us and everyone – since it's also a fractal reality where blessings spread out, instantly, throughout everything. The more we can distance ourselves from our old ideas about what was real and what was important, and take on more eternal values and ideas, the better. Our bodies are making the shift. Many of us can feel the changes practically daily. And for many of us, our awareness is shifting as well. I hope there will be something of value here that will help more and more of us to be shifting on deeper and deeper levels, within. As we do this, the ultimate shift, as it comes, will be rather gentle for us, comparatively. That way we can be useful to our fellow creatures to help them get over the shock of the oncoming changes. That is my vision, anyway. As I say, I hope you find it useful.

Quotes from Nothing Ever Happened, biography of Papaji by

David Godman, p. 285 and pp. 296-297

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