ENT MCQs- A2 -426 1.

aSensory innervations of the nose : Trigeminal

2. abc-

Case of angiofibroma : More in Female Old Epistaxis

3. abcd-

Acute rhinitis of frontal sinus , all exept : Orbital celullitis Loss of vision Meningitis Polyps

4. abcd-

Evaluation of laryngomalacia by : MRI X-Ray Rigid laryngoscopy ( I think !!) Flexible laryngoscopy

5. a-

All the following regarding laryngomalacia true , exept : Need tracheostomy

6. abcd-

Witch of the following need chest investigation : Right chest injury Left chest injury ( I think , because of recurrent laryngeal nerve) Singer nodule Laryngomalcia :

7- 3y\o child with laryngeal + lower tracheal 1- CROUP 8- adenoid face , all the following except : a-Pinched nose bcdeOpen mouth Low arch Crowded incisors Rhiolaryaclusa

9- if you ingested a foreign body , what should u avoid : a- Cotton b- Vegetable ( it causes edema ) c- Plastic

d- Metallic e- Paper sheet 10- quinsy : a- Open neck drainage 11- Vincent angina name : a- kissing b- I cant remember .. but it had something with the word ulcer

12- quinsy : a.. 13- rosenmuller fossa : a- Site for nasopharyngeal ca

14- best mx of ch. Tonsillitis : a- Tonsillectomy 15- after tonsillectomy , when does 2ndry hemorrhage happen : a- 24 hrs b- 5 days

16- facial nerve , supplying al the following except : a- Stapedius b- Orbital ocullarius c- Cant remember, but the answer was obvious 17- fistula sign : aSemicircular canal

18- prespycosis is : a- SNHL b- Mixed hearing loss c- Conductive hearing loss 18- meniere's disease . is triad of vertigo + deafens + : a- Tinnitus

19- all the following conductive deafens except: aMeniere's disease

20- unilateral foul smell ,pus discharge from the nose , 5 y\o : a- Foreign body.

21- cholesteatoma : abcdMarginal perforation Attic perforation Central perforation A+B

22- all the following are cranial complication except : a- lateral sinus thrombophilibitis 23- all the following are true regarding acute mastioditis except: A -Neck rigidity

24-F.B with a radio-leucent x-ray: a- emphysema b- Normal c- Collapse d- A + C

25- Nasal trauma : a- Complete obstruction hematoma b- Must wire the nose 26- bell's palsy, is diagnosed : a- By exclusion 27- acuestic neuroma , the most sensitive test is : a- MRI b- CT

28- all the following are , unpaired cartilage except : a- Aryteroid b- Cricoids c- epiglottis 29- complication of trachstomy except: a- Tracheoesophegeal fistula b- Emphysema c- Intubation granuloma d..

30- cleft palate causes : a- hyper nasality b-hypo nasality

31- nasal polyps , are : a- Multiple and bilateral b- Single and unilateral c- Multiple and unilateral

32- singer's nodule, are due to : aVoice abuse

33- what is the treatment of an uncomplicated acute rhinitis : aAppropriate antibiotics with anti histamine

34- symptoms of sialodenitis , except: a- pain b- Fever c- Induration d- Facial paralysis

35- good prognostic ca : aFocal cord

36- riney's test in normal pt. is : a+ve

Done by : Khalid Jubran Al-Qahtani & Khalid Saad Al-Shahrani & Khalid Ali Naji Al-Qahtani & Abdullah Al-Enazi
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