Entrance. Kikay sits in the sofa alone. Lights out. Spot light on Kikay. Production number follows.

New York, New York. Kikay exits. Tony and Nena stay and paused.

Kikay: Oh, don’t forget my celery. I can’t live without it. I’ like a rabbit, munch all day. Mrs. M: Well, if you people will excuse me. Tony, remember me to your mother. Kikay: And remember, a little bloom on the lips, a little bloom on the cheeks. Say mwah, mwah.. Mrs. M: Do I have to, Kikay? Kikay answers Aling Atang with a furious stare.

Tony: Just give me a chance to be alone with Kikay for a moment.. Nena: I’ll take care of Totoy.. Tony: That’s good.. Nena: Just leave it to me... Totoy enters with Mrs. Mendoza/Aling Atang. Totoy: Puto kayo dyan.. Bili na kayo.. Mrs. M: Here comes Kikay, But she wants to call her Francesca. Kikay: Oh hello darling people!! Nena my dear…… But how but you’ve become.. and Tony, my little pal… how are you? And Totoy… my raishing! You look goodness,, you look like a Tondo Super Production in Technicolor!! But sit-down everybody and let me look at you.. Oh mumsy!!! Mrs. M: What’s the matter now? Kikay: How many times I must tell you, never to serve fruit juices in water glasses? Mrs. M: I couldn’t find those tall glasses you brought home. Kikay: Oh, poor li’l mumsy.. she is so clumsy noh? But never mind, don’t break your heart about it. Here sit down. Mrs. M: No, I must be going to the market.

Mrs. M: I give up! Kikay: Poor mumsy. How pathetic! Nena: Tell us about New York. Kikay: New York? Yes, I feel as if I was still there, as though I had never left it, as though I lived there all my life. Kikay sings. Production number. Empire State of Mind. Totoy and Nena exits leaving Tony and Kikay at the stage Tony: There is somethinh I must tell you but Kikay, I don’t know how to begin. Kikay: Just call me Francesca… that’s a good beginning. Tony: There is something I must tell you… something very important. Kikay: Oh, Tony, can’t we just forget all about it? Tony: Forget?? Kikay: That’s the New York way, Tony. Forget, nothing must ever too serious; nothing must drag on too long. Tonight, give all your heart, tomorrow, forget. And when you meet again, smile, shake hands… just good sports..

that girl doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve changed so much since then.. Kikay: He’s not your fiancé! Nena: Oh No!! And why not. carefully there!! You’re speaking top of my fiancé.you… Tony: I did try to tell you Kikay.Tony: What are you talking about? Kikay: Tony. Kikay: I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you. Don’t you see. Tony: What do you want me to do? Smile. but just imagine. Tony: I’m not going to sit here and be insulted. say thank you for slapping my face? Kikay: Yes. Not anymore.. huh!!?? Kikay: Because he was still engaged to me when he got engaged to you! .. Tony. I’m a stranger to you. we can tell them! Kikay: Tell us what? Totoy: What’s going on here? Nena: Tony and I are engaged!! Kikay: Engaged!! Totoy: Engaged!! (Totoy fell unconsciously. Be a sport. never. I was only a child at that time. Totoy: What were you two quarrelling about? Kikay: We were not quarrelling. You must never.. don’t lose your temper. The person you see before you is Francesca. Tony. I hate to hurt you. a New York Girl. Tony: Listen. huh? Tony: If you weren’t a woman. I was trying to tell you… Kikay: You unspeakable cad!! Nena: Hey. I don’t want to talk about New York … I want to talk about our engagement. marrying a Tondo Boy!!! It’s so insane!! Tony: Now look here. So much had happened to me. Kikay: And that’s what we cannot do Tony. Tony: When? Kikay: When you and I got engaged. She’s dead. Tony. Well. Kikay: To me. let’s smile and shake hands. It’s so uncivilized. People in New York don’t lose their temper. Kikay: Hush! Tony! Hush! Don’t shout.) Nena: Yes! We’ve been secretly engaged for a month! Kikay: A month!? Why you…. I’d I’d… Totoy: Hold it Tony. nothing at all. it seems a century. you got engaged to a girl named Kikay. is it true? Tony: Yes! Nena: Now. and be just friends. neeever…ever hit a woman. Tony and I just decided to be good friends and nothing more Nena: Tony.. More can happen to you in just one year in New York . Nena: What’s all this? Kikay: Nothing. Tony: Why not? Kikay: Tony. Tony. Tony: That was only a year ago.

pull them apart! Kikay: You keep out of this or I’ll knock your head off! Nena: Shameless hussy!! Kikay: Man eater!! Tony: How dare you suck her??!! Nena: She hit me first! Tony: Look what you’ve done to her! Nena: Are you trying to defend her? You never defended me! Tony: Shut up!! Nena: I hate you! I hate you Tony: Shut up or I’ll bash your mouth off!! Totoy: Hey. Tony: You keep out of this! Nena: He’s more of a gentleman than you are. Kikay… it’s so uncivilized to lose one’s temper. Tony: Now remember. now you know. Nena: You ought to be ashamed of yourself! You’re just being a dog in the manger! Kikay: You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Stealing my man behind my back! Nena: What? What did you say!!?? Tony: Totoy. and let’s go! Tony: Hey! Nena: Don’t you speak to me. He’s my fiancé!! Kikay: And I tell you he’s not!! He’s engaged to me until I release him… and I haven’t release him yet. why have you never told me? Totoy: Well. Totoy. you brute! Tony: I wasn’t talking to you! Totoy: Don’t you speak to me either! You have insulted the woman I love! Nena: Oh. Tony and Kikay paused. you just said it yourself. . Nena: Oh. Tony fell unconsciously.. don’t you talk to Nena that way. Totoy and Nena sings in duet. He defends me! Totoy: You take your hands off her! Tony: I told you to keep out of this! Totoy punches Tony. open you eyes! Tony: Oh. Totoy. but I didn’t know about all this.Nena: Well. I’ll teach you!! Nena: I told you to leave him alone. Kikay: Ah. Kikay: I’ve never felt so humiliated in all my life!! You beast. get away from her! Nena: Take me away from her! Totoy: Are you still engaged to him? Nena: I hate him! I never want to see him again in my life! Totoy: Good! Come on. People in New York don’t lose their temper. you’ve save my life Kikay: Tony! Tony. he’s not engaged to you anymore.

. Aling Atang and Francesca is dead.scribd. no. The girl standing before you is Kikay! Mrs. Kikay: Oh. M: Hate celery? Why? You said. M: Frances ……. Production number. have ruined your life??? You…. Tony: uh-uh.. Ruined mine!! Tony: What you need is a good spanking! Kikay: Don’t you come near me.. Music out. Tony and Kikay sing in duet. Oh. All characters. 1min) Finale. you’ve ruined my life! I hope you’re satisfied.. May I have this dance with you partner? Tony: Delighted.. at Eddie Candon’s. M: I give up!! Kikay: That tune! What memories it brings back! I first heard it in New York . madame. Inay. I don’t want the smell around here. you.(love song na lively) Tony: Congratulations!!! Nena: Let’s go darling. don’t be angry but I couldn’t find any celery.. you Canto Boy. (love song ulit na lively max. I hate celery! Mrs. Lights out. Kikay: I…. Curtain down. Tony: Now. are you still here? Francesca. Inay. All performers on stage paused.. http://www. I’m not Francesca……I’m Kikay! Mrs..com/doc/13636490/New-Yorker-Na-Taga-Tondo Mrs. never mind. you couldn’t live without it! Tony: That was Francesca. Kikay: Sorry darling. . Tony. Kikay: Oh. M: But Kikay is Francesca.

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