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BreezeNET B
BreezeNET B Version 4.0.27 Release Note

February 2007


Whenever necessary. New Products – BreezeNET B100 BreezeNET B100 (comprising of a BU-B100 and RB-B100 units pair).725 GHz (5.8 band. TEL AVIV. all BreezeNET B units are supplied as Base Units.3 band. using the Change Unit Type option in the Unit Control Menu.1.470 – 5.27. presents a point-to-point wireless system with unrivalled performance. the new addition to the BreezeNET B product line. ETSI) 5.250 – 5.850 GHz (5. Enhanced Network Performances for Voice and data Unmatched Capacity The BreezeNET B100 can deliver up to an unmatched FTP throughput of more than 70Mbps*. FCC) 5.350 GHz (5.0. 3. Introduction This release note describes the new products.Page 2 of 10 1.725 – 5. BreezeNET B100 includes the following features and capabilities. ALVARION LTD.0.4 band. *utilizing 40MHz channels. ISRAEL TEL: 972-3-6456262 FAX: 972-3-6456222 HTTP://WWW. the functionality of each unit can be changed from BU to RB and vice versa.ALVARION. 69710.150 – 5. and the additional features and problem fixes introduced in the maintenance SW version 4.350 GHz (5. which are not available in BreezeNET B14/28: 3.COM .4 and 5. making it the solution of choice for high-capacity point-to-point wireless applications. FCC) Starting in version 4.8 GHz bands.0. 2. new features and some problem fixes introduced in SW version 4. 21A HABARZEL STREET.2 band) 5. The new BreezeNET B100 is currently available in the 5. Frequency bands The currently supported frequency bands: • • • • 5.

0: ALVARION LTD. 21A HABARZEL STREET. 3.4. 4. ISRAEL TEL: 972-3-6456262 FAX: 972-3-6456222 HTTP://WWW.3. 1600 Bytes Packet Support In BreezeNET B100 units.2. IP ToS/DSCP or UDP/TCP Port. 3. TEL AVIV. Enhanced Security High Level Security with FIPS 197 Support (optional) An optional (under license) support of FIPS 197 enables using an encryption algorithm certified for compliance with Federal Information Processing Standards. ensuring that transmissions of high priority traffic have precedence over transmissions of low priority traffic. enabling appropriate handling of toll quality VoIP (high priority) together with best effort data (low priority). including VLAN.COM . This enable running transparently large packet size protocols such as MPLS. New Features and Improvements for all BreezeNET B products The following features and improvements were introduced in SW version 4. The Wireless Link Prioritization mechanism complements the Traffic Prioritization mechanism by prioritizing traffic in the wireless medium. Note that the Wireless Link Prioritization mechanism is applicable only for VoIP or other traffic that can be prioritized base on VLAN. The Wireless Link Prioritization feature enhances support of VoIP calls and other types of sensitive data. the maximum length of an Ethernet packet that can be accepted from or transmitted to the Ethernet port (excluding CRC) is 1600 bytes. Enhanced Support of Voice over IP and E1/T1 Wireless Link Prioritization The existing Traffic Prioritization mechanism takes care of prioritization of the traffic transmitted by each unit. 69710.Page 3 of 10 3.ALVARION.

ISRAEL TEL: 972-3-6456262 FAX: 972-3-6456222 HTTP://WWW. Configurable Threshold for Lost Beacons Watchdog When it is unable to send beacon frames for a predetermined period of time. Enhanced BU Tx Control A new option in the BU Tx Control enables automatically shutting down the transmitter when the Ethernet link is disconnected. 4.1. enabling at 64 bytes packets maximum product capacity with B14. 21A HABARZEL STREET. 69710. enabling to optimize performance in accordance with the characteristics of the application being used. This feature provides improved redundancy support since the RB will cease trying to synchronize with this BU and will immediately start searching for another BU. Enhanced Network Performances for Voice and data Improved Processing of Small Packets A drastic improvement in throughput with small packets provides unsurpassed capacity that positions the BreezeNET B as the undisputable best in the industry.3. with the extraordinary capability to process more than 40. ALVARION LTD. Enhanced Prioritization with prevention of Low Priority Traffic Starvation The Low Priority Traffic Minimum Percent feature ensures that a certain amount of the traffic is reserved to low priority packets. The maximum size of a concatenated frame can be configured. 4. 20Mbps with B28 and over 25Mbps with B100.COM . providing the means to avoid unneeded resets under relatively poor conditions.000 packets per second. the BU resets itself. Improved Concatenation Mechanism The improved concatenation mechanism enables concatenating more frames. TEL AVIV.Page 4 of 10 4.2. such as in the case of high interference level. providing an additional performance improvement for small packets traffic by eliminating the limitation on the number of frames that can be concatenated.ALVARION. The Lost Beacons Transmission Threshold parameter enables configuring the number of consecutive lost beacons after which the unit will reset itself. This prevents complete starvation of low priority traffic when there is a high demand for high priority traffic.

This feature enables using Best BU mode and having an RB scanning and synchronizing with a BU without being configured in advanced to the proper BU sub band which may be of either 20 or 40 MHz channel width. New Features Introduced in SW Version 4. the actual value will be automatically adapted to the applicable limitation. and vice versa. 69710. In cases where this value exceeds the maximum permitted for a certain modulation level (due to either hardware or regulatory restrictions). This process necessitates a contact with Alvarion’s Customers Service and validation of the customer’s identity. Whenever necessary. 21A HABARZEL STREET. ISRAEL TEL: 972-3-6456262 FAX: 972-3-6456222 HTTP://WWW.COM .27 5.0.ALVARION. The simplified process uses a single parameter for all modulation levels. The RB is configured with a minimal set of parameters to ensure that it will be able to automatically detect and use the frequency/bandwidth used by the BU. including possible changes in the Sub-Band being used by the BU. Simpler Installation and Configuration Changes through Automatic SubBand Recognition The new User Defined Frequency Subsets option in the RB enables defining for each of the available Sub-Bands the frequencies that will be used by the RB when scanning for a BU.Page 5 of 10 4. Default Password Recovery Support In cases where the password to the unit is lost/forgotten. the default password recovery feature enables resetting the password to the factory default string using a special process. all units are supplied as Base Units. 5. ALVARION LTD.4. Enhancing Installer and Operator Experiences Reduced Cost and Complexity of Managing Inventory and spare parts through Unit Type Change Capability To simplify logistic operations. the functionality of each unit can be changed from BU to RB. Simpler Installation and Management through Uniform Transmit Power Parameters In previous versions.1. TEL AVIV. four different parameters were needed to define the Transmit Power (BU and RB) and Maximum Transmit Power (RB) parameters for the various modulation levels.

COM .0 and 3. 21A HABARZEL STREET. Compatibility and Interoperability Version 4. 69710.27. BreezeCONFIG SW will also be available in the customer service section of the Alvarion web site. BreezeNET B documentation includes the System Manual for BreezeNET B version 4. with heavy interferences.ALVARION. including the latest release notes. Documentation The information in the release notes is complementary to the product documentation. 3. it is recommended to always upgrade existing equipment to the latest version. ALVARION LTD. 8. In links where the two units run different SW versions the performance will be determined by the unit with the lower SW version. This feature.0 as well as the new BU/RB-B100 units is provided with the product.0 A new version of BreezeCONFIG that supports all the new features of BreezeNET B version 4. All the documentation.0 is fully compatible with versions 2. provided with the products. exists in all units with HW revision C and higher running SW Version 3.27. manual fine-tuning of the ANI parameters enables to achieve optimal performance. is available in the customer service section of the Alvarion web site. Nevertheless. active by default. installation support documents. In such cases. User Manual for BreezeCONFIG version 4.0. 6.0.0. ISRAEL TEL: 972-3-6456262 FAX: 972-3-6456222 HTTP://WWW. and release notes. * The current BreezeCONFIG does not support the Noise Immunity Control feature introduced in SW version 4.0 and higher.Page 6 of 10 5. 7. The SW package will be available in the customer service section of the Alvarion web site. the automatic activation of the ANI mechanism (triggered by the absolute number of received error packets) may result in lost links and degradation of performance.0. BreezeCONFIG Configuration Utility Version 4. Manual Control of Adaptive Noise Immunity Mechanism The Adaptive Noise Immunity (ANI) mechanism is designed to enhance the processing power by reducing the number of errors in the wireless link.1. TEL AVIV. With the significant improvements in processing power introduced in SW version 4.0.2.

• Extra care should be taken when configuring VLAN management and management IP filtering in order not to lose connectivity with unit. In this case following warning message appears: ALVARION LTD.0 to a lower version the FTP Client IP Address of the unit is automatically set to the same value as the IP Address of the device.ALVARION. The recommended workaround is to enable Adaptive Modulation. reset the unit to apply the change. and then change the Maximum Modulation Level. Upon downgrade from SW version 4.0. Important Notes • Although minimum output power is defined as -10 dB when configuring the Tx Power manually. TEL AVIV. • Upon upgrade to SW version 4. management access may be lost if the unit was managed from an IP address that is on a subnet defined in the new tables. • Adaptive Modulation may not converge to best modulation in some setups with high variance in noise levels. • When Wireless Link Prioritization feature in BreezeNET B100 is activated.COM . 69710. Hence. all the information in the Network Management IP Address Ranges table will be lost.Page 7 of 10 9.0 or lower to version 4. In case of connectivity loss.0 from a lower version the FTP Client IP Address and Subnet Mask do no longer exist as configurable parameters and the unit's IP parameters are used instead. the high/low packet classification settings according to the old VLAN Priority Threshold or IP Precedence Threshold parameters will be lost. ISRAEL TEL: 972-3-6456262 FAX: 972-3-6456222 HTTP://WWW. The new parameters are forced to the default value of 7. In these cases better performances may be achieved with manual modulation settings (Adaptive Modulation Disabled). • Remote changes of the Maximum Modulation Level in an RB while Adaptive Modulation is disabled may lead to lose of connectivity with the unit.0 or lower. use the “restore default parameters” application to reset to factory values. 21A HABARZEL STREET. • Upon downgrade from version 4. the Low Priority Traffic Minimum Percent feature is automatically disabled.0 to version 3. • When upgrading from version 3. when ATPC is enabled the RB’s output power may be less than this minimum. meaning no prioritization.

At very low levels the use of ATPC may cause significant fluctuations in the power level of the transmitted signal. • In units with HW Revision B. 21A HABARZEL STREET. • • Limitations & Known Issues Sensitivity may change slightly as a function of frequency (+/-2dB). it is recommended to disable the ATPC Option in the SU and to set the Transmit Power parameter to the average Tx Power level before the ATPC was disabled. Noisy environment will produce higher number of PHY ERR and these reports can be used to identify noisy channels.1. • With Version 4. In units with HW Revision B. This by itself is not affecting the functionality of the units but only showing information that was previously not available.Page 8 of 10 *** WARNING: Same 'Unit IP Address' and 'FTP Client IP Address'! *** *** 'FTP Client IP Address' ignored until change and reset! *** After downgrade it is recommended changing the FTP Client IP Address to 1.ALVARION. ISRAEL TEL: 972-3-6456262 FAX: 972-3-6456222 HTTP://WWW. Burst Mode cannot be activated when using WEP for data encryption. 69710. frequency channels 5270 and 5280 MHz should not be used. • In units operating in the 5.11e.3 and the FTP Server IP Address to 1.1.3 GHz band. and the Maximum Tx Power parameter in the RB connected to this BU.COM . • SNMP management was checked with SNMPC version 5. When operating at such low levels. never contradicting regulations.4. should not be set to a value above “17-Antenna Gain” (The maximum allowed EIRP for 5270 MHz is 17 dBm). the Burst Mode option will be “blocked” upon ALVARION LTD. At lower levels the accuracy is +/-3dBm. Transmission power accuracy is +/-1dB above 8dBm @ antenna port (typical condition).1.0 higher number of PHY ERR may be reported. the following rules must be met for full compliance with FCC regulations: Transmit Power parameter in the BU when operating at 5270 MHz with a 20 MHz bandwidth. In units operating in “Turbo” mode (40 MHz bandwidth).1. TEL AVIV.1. 10. The increase of reports is due increase in types of errors detected.

The MAC address of the unit is displayed in the Associated SU/RB Mac Address column. and the user was warned against attempting to configure this parameter with the same value as the unit’s IP address. Fixed Issues 11. 11.ALVARION. ALVARION LTD. • • In certain scenarios a change in the Low Priority Traffic Minimum Percent parameter may cause an automatic reset of the unit. Problems Fixed in SW Version 4.253. The following traps are not fully supported by the Trap Monitor of BreezeCONFIG: Ethernet Broadcast/Multicast Limiter Threshold Exceeded: The number of packets that were dropped is not displayed. • VLAN-based prioritization did not work properly.1. were fixed: • In certain scenarios.27 The following problems identified in products running previous 4. ISRAEL TEL: 972-3-6456262 FAX: 972-3-6456222 HTTP://WWW. This limitation does not apply to units with HW Revision C. The problem was solved.0 versions. 21A HABARZEL STREET. TEL AVIV. The default FTP Server IP Address has been changed to 10. the FTP Client IP Address is not configurable.COM . 11. there was a significant packet loss in the uplink. when PPPoE was used (with User Filtering set to PPPoE Protocol Only in the RB) in Access Link mode.27.0. • BreezeCONFIG does not support multiple configuration of frequency parameters and Spectrum Analysis. and the fixed address is the same as the unit’s IP address.0 • In previous versions.0. the FTP Client IP Address was configurable.Page 9 of 10 trying to enable it when using WEP for data encryption.0. Starting on version 4.2. Unit Type Changed: The new unit type is not displayed. The problem was solved. Problem Fixed in SW Version 4. It also does not support the Noise Immunity Control parameters introduced in SW version 4.0. and they are processed accordingly by the relevant mechanisms such as VLAN and IP Filtering. 69710.0. • FTP frames are handled by the units as management frames.

• The delay indicated when pinging an RB from behind a BU was sometimes longer than the actual delay. • Sometimes. 5660 MHz For compliance with Australian regulations the following rules must be followed: • In the 5. This problem was solved. 5620. The problem was solved. when downgrading from version 4. 12. BUs were reporting a wrong number for the Number of Associations Since Last Reset parameter. • Note for Australian customers In the 5. • Sometimes. BUs with HW revision B were “stuck”. 21A HABARZEL STREET.Page 10 of 10 • In some scenarios.COM . the Maximum Transmit Power parameter of the RB and the Transmit Power parameter of the BU should be manually set so that the EIRP will not exceed 36 dBm. TEL AVIV. the following frequencies should not be used: @ 20 MHz Bandwidth: 5600. The problem was solved. the IP address was lost and set to the default one. 5640.8 GHz band.ALVARION. This problem was fixed. • In some scenarios. 5620. causing disassociation of the RB. ALVARION LTD. when downloading a very small log file. This problem was fixed.0 to a lower version. 69710.4 GHz band. ISRAEL TEL: 972-3-6456262 FAX: 972-3-6456222 HTTP://WWW. the unit reset itself. 5640 MHz @ 40 MHz Bandwidth: 5600.

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