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ABSTRACT An inexpensive Security Authentication System Based on a Novel Face-Recognition Structure

In modern world, many new techniques such as biometric recognition technique, image processing technique, communication technique and so on, have been integrated into car security systems. At the same time, the amount of accident of cars still remains high, specially, lost. Traditional car security systems rely on many sensors and cost a lot. When one car is really lost, no more feedback could be valid to help people to find it back. Our project fulfils the need of ca r security so as to prevent car thefts which is easier in case of car locking systems.

Problem statement:
No information to the Owner if Car get Lost Traditional car security systems rely on many sensors and cost a lot Physical Key Alarm System

Proposed system:
In proposed system we introduce a low-cost framework for embedded car security system, which consists of a face detection subsystem(FDS), a GPS (Global Positioning System) module, a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) module and a control platform. The face detection technique to be applied in car security system because this kind of technique is effective and fast, and one alarm

signal could be given to make an alarm or call the police and the host soundlessly with the help of other modules in the system prototype. Experimental results illuminate the validity of this car security system, and it is also much cheaper and smarter than traditional ones. FDS (face detection subsystem) is used to detect the face of the driver and compare it with the predefined face, for example, in the night when the cars owner is sleeping and someone theft the car then FDS obtains images by one tiny web camera which can be hidden easily in somewhere in one car. FDS compares the obtained image with the predefined images if the image doesnt match then the information is send to the owner through MMS. So now owner can obtain the image of the theft in his mobile as well as he can trace the location through GPS. The location of the car as well as its speed can be displayed to the owner through SMS. So by using this system owner can identify the theft image as well as the location of the car.

Block Diagram: Vehicle Section: GPS


Power supply

Embedded Control Unit

Driver unit IGNITION Control Valve



Hardware requirements:
Microcontroller Power supply Keypad section GSM module Web Camera Ignition unit | Driver unit

Software requirements: Keil C cross compiler IDE Flash magic programmer tool Orcad hardware design tool Visual basic 6.0 Matlab7.5 Languages: Embedded C Visual Basic Applications: Security applications Image processing applications Banking applications


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