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Mohamed Salah El Din

Author || Mohamed Salah El Din


* Oracle Full implementations: (HRMS Payroll SSHR) *

Company: Nile (virtual Name & virtual Data) Responsibility: Nile HRMS Manager : Nile manager self services : Nile Employee self services : System administrator : Functional Administrator : XML publisher Administrator : Application developer 1- After creating your all responsibilities and be careful of your request group name because you will use it for adding all customized report in the future.


2- Now we will assign Nile HRMS Manager Res to the user we will create to start the setup of HR cycle.

3- Ok.!! we are going to start the setup of mandatory KFF ( Key Flex Field ) Job Position Grade Competences / People group - Cost allocation. 4- Go to ..Nile HRMS Res 5- Creating flex field will be in 3 phases ( lookup table value set flex field segment ) 1- Start with >>> Lookup Table create XX_job_title will used for Job flex field


6- Let's assume that your client working in two both language Arabic and English . In this case you need to translate to demandable language.

By pressing on Translation icon in all step of implementation you able to handling both And also notice that you will use enable check box too in value set condition


So we have type , meaning field ,enabled flag

So create all flex field values (job position grade competences)

2- We will move to Second phase of creating KFF setup (value set ) System administrator >>> application >>> validation >> SET


AS we can see we use the same name of meaning of lookup table that we create

Explain: We here considered wrote SQL statement to tell value set do the follow: Select meaning (Job names ) , Lookup_code (001) From fnd_common_lookups (table Name)

Where lookup_type = '(Name of KFF = xx_job )' And enbled_flged = 'Y' value set lookup Value set SQL lookups Select enabled KFF

This value set that we will used in KFF value set so it select from lookups table


So this is a professional method to create Flex field build on table The purpose of using this method - Standardize - More faster - Easy way to insert values or adding a new values to all flex field - You Can create a lot of queries that help in application to select dynamically data - You can use any valid Sql statement to retrieve any data stored in the system

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Mohamed Salah El Din Oracle HRMS Functional Consultant