Jordan Gauntlett Unit: 2 Communication.

Music Video Analysis
Music Genre - Rap/Hip-Hop
Summarise the music video industry The music video industry began in the early 60s where they began to add pictures to music, but was only really expanded in the 80s when MTV began broadcasting. Music videos are used to make the song more interesting, a lot of music video makers have used sex as a way to sell their music to viewers, but this isn’t always the case. Various music video makers also use advertising in their videos, for example, some will advertise a beer or a soda. This is just another way to make money. This is promoting synergy because they use combined actions to make a bigger profit. - I Need A Doctor (Explicit) ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey Reasons being this video shows what it was like in the past, showing ‘flash backs’ of Dr Dre's life at the start of the music video. How the flash backs are shown, they look like home movies with a effect to make them look old, you can tell there flash backs from the Mise en scène the background, clothing and also there are cars. The mise-en-scene is constructed in this way because they want to show the audience how it was like in the early part of Dr Dre’s career in the music business. The connotations ‘The meaning’ The video shows the black culture, and also aggression. The flash backs are from N.W.A’s music videos which shows his past in the music video industry. This is a great example because it shows how the Rap music video industry has changed. I believe this is a great example because the music video shows flash backs from the early years of rap videos, it shows the Mise en scène in the flash backs, example.There clothing and jewellery and also more violence was shown in the early years of Rap. Example. -

What is it? How important is it?

- A music video is a way to for the artist to express the meaning of their lyrics, for example, if it’s a gangster rap music video, the music video will have Mise en scène such as money, fast cars, women, codes and conventions such as jewellery and hoodies that EMINEM wears shows this is Rap. The importance of having a music video is to show the audience that the song means something. for example, a Rap video will have women, cars, violence. This will show the audience what the rapper is thinking, feeling and doing. The history of Rodney King civil rights movement. Rodney King was best known for his involvement in a police brutality. This caused public outrage that raised tension between the black community and the LAPD. The signs and conversions. I got this information from Why is the Rodney King bit relevant? - it is - but you need to link it e.g. opression of black culture and people led to bands like NWA speaking up - hence the agression we see etc.... This video reached millions of people throughout the world. Be specific Millions of women, and little children, victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people. This made the black community angry, and started making music video’s to show there anger against the police. link it all together - good so far An example - NWA F@*k the Police. Related to the Rodney King’s video. What music videos have you chosen to analyse and why? I have chosen Rick Ross - Hustlin’ I need a Doctor (Explisit) Ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey N.W.A Express yourself. Reasons for why I have chosen Rap/Hip-Hop. The history of Rap/Hip-Hop has changed, from mainly black culture, to now white people rapping. Example of white rappers, Eminem, Professor Green, DEVLIN. The other reasons ‘The meaning of rap’(talk about the 60’s civil rights) it all use to mean something, talking about there bad times, but now it’s all about, Money, cars, women. (this is more like it - show me you have read in to it to get good marks - research Civil rights, Martin Luther King, Ice T, Malcolm X)

Write an overview of each of the 3 music videos you have chosen to write about (facts/director/genre/target audience e.g. gender, social occupational classification, sexual orientation, geodemographic (this means people in certain areas - are they more likely to like your music e.g. inner city America kids might like hip-hop more than Classical), age.) Gender - The three music video’s I believe are aimed towards the male gender reasons being the music video’s involve women dressed half naked on Rick Rock - Hustlin’. Something like EMINEM’s music video’s are aimed for both genders because some of his video’s are about love < Eminem Love the way you lie. < Eminem Space Bound. Director/Facts - The director of I need a Doctor (Explisit) Ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey is Allen Hughes a huge budget music video. Behind the scenes of the music video of I need a Doctor (Explisit) Ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey - You need to compare and discuss the strengths/weaknesses of the narrative in all 3 music videos and how it has evolved throughout history. Is narrative used in the music video and why? ‘Telling the story’ First music video I’ll be talking about is I need a Doctor (Explisit) Ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey The video works well to tell the story because it’s showing ‘flash backs’ of his career in the music video industry. The flash backs work well to tell the story because it shows his past. What methods/techniques have been used to show the narrative and why? They showed flash backs to tell the story, they use the flash backs because Dr Dre was thinking of his past ‘ memories flashed threw his eyes’ How does it reflect the artist/band/genre? It’s showing his past in the music industry, by showing flash backs throughout his career, and telling the audience his story with Eminiem by his side. How does it attract an audience and help promote the artist/band? The audience is attracted to the artist/band because they’re two of the most greatest rappers, the story is great because it’s showing his flash backs, throughout the start of his video which is making the music video more appealing to the audience. What impact does it have on the audience? You need to compare and discuss the strengths/weaknesses of representation in all 3 music videos and how it has evolved throughout history.

What representation is shown in the music video (stereotypes/counter stereotypes)?

discuss what is expected/ conventional and whether or not it is subverted/ twisted at all to keep it original? has hip-hop changed? ● How have these representations changed throughout history?

You have mentioned this elsewhere so do not repeat yourself ● How does it reflect the artist/band?

Does it show the band/ artist is traditional - has old school values, or that they are embracing change/ evolution of the genre ● How does it reflect the genre and why?

Is the genre evolving? or is it stale - give examples ● How does it attract meet the expectations of the audience?

how popular is it - some figures here would work well? ● What impact does it have on the audience?

does it leave us with positive or negative representations of hip-hop?
· To achieve this part of U2/ D3 you need to respond to feedback from your Lecturer on at least two separate drafts and make changes to your Written Analysis with consistently beneficial effects

Good work Jordan - keep it going and ask questions if you are unsure of anything. New Equilibrium start middle and end

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