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OverOver-Dimensional Permitting and Routing Solution

Leader in Oversize/Overweight Permitting Systems:
• • • • • 20 U.S. States 1 Canadian province p 12 years in practice 6M+ permits issued More than $200M revenue

Two Integrated Systems g y
Full permitting administration for government agencies: Bentley SUPERLOAD Online ecommerce site for carriers and permit p p providers:

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BENTLEY: Broad OS/OW Experience

Incorporate ed The Foundation: Bentley SUPERLOAD .BENTLEY.COM © 2011 Bentley Systems.Integrated functionality enables End-to-End Permitting g y g • Permit Administration • Routing • Bridge Analysis • Restriction Management 3 | WWW.

BENTLEY.COM © 2011 Bentley Systems. Incorporate ed Streamlined Permit Administration . bridge and restrictions route • Payment processing • Permit issuance • Reporting • Accounting/finance 4 | WWW.• Application entry • Completeness and compliance checking (Motor Carrier Rules and Statutes) • Integrates route.

COM © 2011 Bentley Systems. Incorporate ed Streamlined Permit Administration .BENTLEY.5 | WWW.

COM © 2011 Bentley Systems.BENTLEY.STATE 59 • Route selection • Continuity checking • Validation • Cl Clearance checking h ki • Integrates live load bridge and restrictions analysis 6 | WWW. Incorporate ed Intelligent Routing .

COM © 2011 Bentley Systems. Incorporate ed State of the Art Bridge Analysis State-of-the-Art .01 sec per bridge 01 Bentley SUPERLOAD incorporates live load bridge analysis from LARS Bridge 7 | WWW.• Live Load Analysis • Analysis of the specific vehicle for each specific bridge crossed • All in about .BENTLEY.

• Display query and reporting • Analysis of appropriate restrictions for each permit p • Notification of permits affected after issuance 8 | WWW. query.COM © 2011 Bentley Systems.• Real-time restriction management (closure (closure. Incorporate ed Real-Time Restriction Management R t i ti M t . attribute. and informational) Display.BENTLEY.

enabling faster processing 9 | WWW. online payment and permit issuance analysis payment. seamless analysis and process automation mean that all requests can be reviewed • Significant (60-80%) of all applications can be issued automatically – without human intervention • All analysis results are immediately available. route and structure analysis.BENTLEY. • Every application is thoroughly analyzed with no additional personnel or time requirements • Fast.• Automates all processes: permit application.COM © 2011 Bentley Systems. routing. Incorporate ed Key SUPERLOAD Benefits .

COM © 2011 Bentley Systems. Incorporate ed Key SUPERLOAD Benefits .BENTLEY.• Complete permit information for robust agency reporting • Knowledge of detailed routing movements with data that can be mined for route usage presentation and transportation improvement planning • Providing the industry with what they need to meet just-in-time schedules with minimal costs and inconveniences • Net impact – Increased infrastructure protection / preservation – Increased public safety – Increased permit compliance 10 | WWW.

Multi-State P M lti St t Permitting M d E itti Made Easy 11 | WWW.COM © 2011 Bentley Systems.BENTLEY. Incorporate ed .

com Difference .BENTLEY.COM © 2011 Bentley Systems. Incorporate ed The GotPermits.• Easy: A dynamic permit application form speeds input • Intelligent: Requests only needed information from each state • Flexible: Integrated multi-state mapping/routing eliminates crosscross border routing issues • Accurate: Uses the same routing data and processes as the states 12 | WWW.

BENTLEY. more consistent permit applications • Offer advanced. Incorporate ed GotPermits.• Advantages for the Permit Offi Ad t f th P it Office . – All permit data is available for reporting and enforcement in real-time • No more issues in fees collection from multiple states • Work better with industry – Support carrier and p pp permit service needs • Ensure permit application compliance 13 | WWW. single-source permitting without the compromises of multi-state permitting group agreements • Secure uniform processing of all requests Secure.COM © 2011 Bentley Systems.

Incorporate ed GotPermits.• Submit permits applications to multiple states from a single website • Dynamically view online route maps • Evaluate and pick routes for your permit vehicle within current construction constraints what if • Perform route “what-if” analyses and determine trial routes for bidding purposes • Store routes for later use • Eliminate cross-border routing issues and communication issues between multiple states 14 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM © 2011 Bentley Advantages for Carriers and Permit S i Ad t f C i dP it Services .

COM © 2011 Bentley Systems.• Create a database of frequently permitted vehicles to help streamline the application completion process • Pay for your permits by credit card or escrow account • Receive system issued permits 24/7/365 (as available by each state) • Generate your own custom reports 15 | WWW.BENTLEY. Incorporate ed More Carrier and Permit Service Advantages .

Simply Pick the States © 2011 Bentley Systems.BENTLEY.COM . Incorporate ed 16 | WWW.

COM . Incorporate ed 17 | WWW.BENTLEY.Choose the Appropriate Permit Type(s) © 2011 Bentley Systems.

COM .Complete the Single Application © 2011 Bentley Systems. Incorporate ed 18 | WWW.BENTLEY.

Incorporate ed 19 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM .Do Your Own Routing © 2011 Bentley Systems.

Incorporate ed 20 | WWW.COM .Pay for All the Permits © 2011 Bentley Systems.BENTLEY.

COM .Manage Apps / Permits. and Reports © 2011 Bentley Systems. Vehicles. Incorporate ed 21 | WWW.BENTLEY.

BENTLEY. Fast accurate online permitting and map-based routing. ti 22 | WWW.COM © 2011 Bentley Systems. Incorporate ed .… all in One Place Fast.