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Metro Cash & Carry

SElf-payMEnT aT METRO CaSh & CaRRy
Metro Cash & Carry, a self-service wholesaler, uses payment terminals from Höft & Wessel to optimise cashless payments at the tills.

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Solution Speedier processing due to self-payment terminals Hardware skeye.quickpay Customer METRO Cash & Carry Germany

Speedier cash collection – improved customer service In cooperation with SME manufacturer höft & Wessel, the self-service wholesaler METRO Cash & Carry Germany has introduced self-payment terminals that substantially reduce waiting periods at the check-out counters. The new payment stations are based on the skeye.quickpay self-payment terminals from the Skeye Division of höft & Wessel aG. These devices were especially adjusted to the needs of METRO Cash & Carry and extended to include additional functions.

com Skeye UK Westmead Industrial Estate Westlea. we relied on our many years’ experience from our ticket vending machine division.” The terminal in the METRO Cash & Carry wholesale markets is similar to a classic cash dispenser.skeye.skeye. If a device Skeye USA 12905 S. “In doing so.” says the IT Division head in summarising the success of the project. credit card or in cash. 129th avenue Miami. The printer integrated into the self-payment terminal ensures that the invoice is printed in DIn a4 format. It chiefly consists of a large touch-sensitive screen that customers can use to select from a range of payment methods. handling is incredibly easy and can therefore be performed by employees of store without any specialist knowledge. Skeye (Headquarters) Rotenburger Str. “It automatically downloads the current software status from the store’s central server and is fully operational within a maximum of two minutes. software conflicts are eliminated from the outset.skeye. Two quick steps are all it takes to open the terminal casing and replace the CpU and all the www. Prototype already completed after a few weeks Jan-Christian Engelbrecht is the project head responsible at höft & Wessel: “We have completely re-tailored the terminals to the needs of METRO Cash & www. accordingly. fl 33186 +1 305 909-0173 +1 305 596-7222 Fax info@skeye-usa.Merchandise recording and payment processes separated “The introduction of the new payment terminals is part of a comprehensive conversion of our cash desk areas. Terminal capable of speedy disassembly Right from the product development stage höft & Wessel took care to ensure that the terminals developed for METRO Cash & Carry are simple to take apart and www. Sn5 7aD +44 1793 647-800 +44 1793 647-802 Fax info@skeye. “after exchanging the units and connecting the terminal to the mains. then the complete hardware is simply replaced. To avoid waiting times. as well as a signature pad.” says Jan-Christian Engelbrecht. Cash payers are forwarded to separate cash desks. Replacement terminals ready for deployment in two minutes Constant availability of self-payment terminals has top priority at METRO Cash & © Höft & Wessel AG l Subject to change and correction of errors l 111006_19 .com Skeye Italy Via Cavriana.skeye-usa. irrespective of whether they pay by EC card. Swindon. “We managed to present the first functioning prototype after only a few weeks.” he explains. 3 20134 Milan +39 02 7391-218 +39 02 7391-256 Fax info@skeye. it becomes operational automatically. The service concept for the terminals is structured and designed accordingly. which is of relevance to the commercial customers of this wholesaler. The specific adjustment succeeded so fast because we were able to fall back on tried and tested standard components in the field of vending machine and terminal construction. 20 30659 hannover +49 511 6102-0 +49 511 6102-411 Fax info@skeye. IT Division head at METRO Cash & Carry Germany. we have completely separated the merchandise recording and payment processes. “all customers benefit from speedier processing.” explains Matthias assmann.” explains Jan-Christian www. Whoever wants to make cashless payments is welcome to use the new electronic self-payment terminals installed immediately behind the merchandise conveyor belt.

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