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A brief of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tiny tear drop shaped island in the Indian Ocean. It is the essence of South Asia, you can find the attractions of neighbouring India and Maldives in this land which is a hundred times smaller than India. Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is a small island in the Indian ocean of 65,000 square kilometers. Sri Lanka has a population of 18.5 million, a tropical climate, lush green forests and rich history. Around 650,000 tourists visited the country last year to take in the sun the sea and the sand and other attractions. Sri Lanka is a great tourist destination and has a wide range of geographic features and is rich in natural beauty. A large part of the country is covered in tropical forests, with number of rivers flowing through them, often cascading in beautiful waterfalls.

1.2 Potential in developing tourism in Sri Lanka as per the Government perspective
Tourism is a vital area in the policy framework of defines by His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksha. It has been identified as capable of effectively driving the countrys socio economic development. The programs vision for the tourism sector is to make Sri Lanka the foremost leisure destination in the South Asian Region. The program believes the human resources and natural and cultural endowments values and ethos will be fundamental in transforming Sri Lanka into a centre of excellence and offer tourists the highest values of authentic experiences in its unique setting.


Target set by the President of Sri Lanka.

Government of Sri Lanka has identified tourism as a thrust industry accordingly they have set a target of getting 2.5 Million tourists by year 2016. Currently, Sri Lanka has only 15,000 rooms in

the formal sector and 7000 rooms in the informal sector. In order to achieve the target set by the Government, we need to add at least 15,000 rooms to the current inventory. Presently, Colombo has only 2132 5 star hotel rooms in a total of 3194 rooms. In addition to this the preliminary approval has been given for the construction of approximately 550 rooms in Colombo.


Total availability of accommodation facilities in city of Colombo

No of Rooms Other hotels Colombo in Colombo City District 2132 266 204 269 145 93 110 98 272 135 3194 530

Star Grading 5 Star 4 Star 3 Star 2 Star 1 Star Un- classified TOTAL




Background of the Project

A Business Transit Hotel is a place where it is used for relaxation and recreation of a traveler who seek to make their holiday or more attractive or meaningful. The proposed Business Transit Hotel to break the visitors monotonous journey has a spread over 05 acres land along the Colombo-Katunayake Main Road. Katunayake is an ideal place for those who want quick access to and from the country's international airport. Therefore a Transit Business Hotel is mostly welcome to fulfill the use of short stay, relaxation and recreation and thereby to ensure the visitor stay in the city.


Project Justification

One of the most significant development strategies is promoting Tourism which enhances to uplift the economic situation of the country. Katunayake is a town situated on the west coast of the Island near Negombo in the Western Province. It is the city of primary international air gateway to Sri Lanka. The capacity of visitors to the country is being increasing day by day after the peace gained from ethnic violence. But it has been identified that lack of accommodation facilities is being a hindrance in order to reach the high demand of tourists/ travelers in this particular area. Therefore by understanding the major current issue and the development potentials of the district, a Transit Business Hotel is proposed in order to achieve the high demand for accommodation. It is focused that the proposed Transit Business Hotel will be an Architectural solution providing more spaces with relaxation and spaces enhancing recreation in order to achieve a well balanced psychology to break the monotonous journey of a particular person. 2.2.1 Social Relevance

Katunayake has high potential of promoting tourism, And it leads to the process of promoting more profitable environments to the existing society by enhancing to expand more employment opportunities for the surrounding population and a better way of living. 2.2.2 Cultural relevance

Katunayake- Negombo has a great value as a City of Celebrations. The surrounding society is mainly based on a Christian religious culture and for more of festive nature. Almost all three communities, Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims feel strong and all of them share the uniqueness of this wonderful city. Also the development process of Western province makes them feel to gain their lost identity due to ethnic violence and lead to contribute, for the development of the country in many ways. 2.2.3 Economic Relevance

The infrastructure facilities have been developed rapidly as development criteria in the Western Province. Therefore Katunayake can be brought as a tourist promotional zone leading the country to increase the economy. Also there is a capacity to provide more employment opportunities to the surrounding areas.


Project Objectives
To encourage people related to tourism industry and there by generate more income to the country to achieve a stable economic situation.

To expand more employment opportunities for the people who live in the surrounding context and uplift their way of living.

To provide spaces where a traveler can achieve relaxation and entertainment and thereby to reach physical fitness as well as mental alertness.


Approaches to the project

Katunayake, a significant place of the pearl of Indian Ocean is located 30 km North of capital city of Sri Lanka. Katunayake being the pride of Western Province is enriched with natural resources and has more opportunities for economic advancement, which can be considered as development potentials for the district. They can be identified as follows ;

Establishment of the free trade zone a special area known as Export Processing Zone gave birth in Sri Lanka by bringing a concept of liberalization and free market economy policies. This was an effort made to attract Foreign Investment as means of speeding up the development process of the economy in the country.

Ecological conservation area together with important cultural and historical sites, long stretches of beautiful beaches and calm seas support the tourism industry. Eg: Muthurajawela Marsh is located on the west coast between Negombo Lagoon and Kelani River and spreading inland up to Ragama and Paliyagoda in the Gampaha district. The Marsh together with the Negombo Lagoon forms an integrated coastal wetland ecosystem.

Remains of colonization in Negombo include the Dutch fort built in 1672, as well as centuries-old Portuguese and Dutch houses, administrative buildings, and churches. Negombo is also home to the country's second-largest fish market, the Llelama, at the north end of the town's lagoon. Being an internationally recognized airport Bandaranayake International Airport is a great significance for transit passengers.

Colombo Katunayake express way a process of implementing in order to strengthen and expand the country's road network with a view to the economic development in Sri Lanka. Development of infrastructure and services will enhance the development of tourism industry of the country.

By identifying the development potentials the scope of the project will be to uplift the economic situation of the country by promoting Katunayake as a Tourism zone. Consequently it may expand more employment opportunities to the surrounding areas.

The methodology in execution of the project, it will be done in several stages according to the development potential of the district. It is very important to observe and identify the potentials and then continue with the development process and thereby to obtain profit rather than losing profit at the end of the day.




The Developer/ Investor

The China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC) intends to develop this land on an Design Build, Operate Procurement mode with its own financial support with a view to operating and recuperating their expenses and making it financially a viable project
China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC) is a world-renowned international contractor that is a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company Ltd (CCCC). CHEC has 40 overseas 2

branches and offices with business activities covering more than 70 countries and areas. The company is currently employing over 7,000 domestic and international staff to undertake 10 billion USD worth of projects.

CHEC is focused on basic infrastructure construction, such as Marine Engineering, Dredging and Reclamation, Road and Bridge, Railways, Airports, Complete Plant, and other works. CHEC prides itself on providing a full service to its clients and uses its international engineering experience, global business network, talented management team and robust financial backing to offer clients a wide range of service options such as D&B, EPC, PMC, BT and BOT. CHEC intends diversifying its business into being a developer as well as being an investor moving into the leisure sector.


Duration of Development

Duration of development shall be 30 months with 3 months allocated for design development and statutory approvals.


Special Concessions/ Conditions Of Development

Project investor seeking for the following concession conditions from the concessioner Tax exemption for the development and income revenue BOI Facilities Constitutional protection Repatriation of payments

Principles And Purpose Of The Cooperation

The cooperation to be implemented among various the parties shall be based on the principles of equality, mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual benefit. Any applicable policies, laws and regulations of Sri Lanka and China shall be complied with by the parties for the cooperation to be implemented.


Land Take

The Design Proposal for the building and related site development intends to make economical and commercial use of the land available.


Building Location And Orientation

The client will seek the advice from the appointed Design team in considering the orientation of the building. It should also respond to the demands of the Clients needs, should be a Land mark building, and state of the art technology while preserving the image and culture of the client since it is within the premises of Bandaranayke International Airport, Colombo and proximity of Katunayake Free Trade Zone.




The site:

The site for the proposed project is located facing Colombo Katunayake main road. The site extent is approximately 07 acres in total leaving 02 acres for road reservation. Therefore the buildable area is only 05 acres.


Site Analysis :
The proposed project is to provide spaces with relaxation and recreation. The freely movable quality of the site and the natural setting makes travelers mind set better.

Several views could be visualized through the site. Therefore it may enhance deep concentration, relaxation and recreation.

The site itself naturally a wide spread in an urban context but with less noise and an eye pleasing nature. The physical setting brings a warm welcome by enhancing to break the monotony of a journey


Statutory Requirements

Height Restriction : Maximum height 22m ( including water tanks, motor room, signal towers etc ) Minimum Building width between building lines of a public street : Maximum Permissible FAR : Minimum Rear Space : Maximum Plot Coverage : Minimum Site Frontage : Minimum one side space : Parking Requirement : Standard 1 for 100 Sqm or 1 for 5 rooms and 1 for 1 suite

24 m

Unlimited 4m 65 % 14m 2m

Two Axle Commercial ( Lorry / Bus) 1 for 500 Sqm ( Refer Appendix I )


Star Classifications

According to the Tourist Development Act , No.14 of 1968 by the Sri Lanka Tourist Board states as follows : ( Refer Appendix II ) To qualify for a 4 Star grading a Hotel shall fulfill the following minimum requirement Obtain 100% of the points allotted to essential items marked * in the criteria for clarification for a 4 Star Hotel as set out in column 4 Obtain a minimum of 2730 points out of a possible total of 3900 (i.e.70% of the grand total under the4 Star Category) based on the Criteria for clarification for a 4 Star Hotel as set out in Column 4 Obtain 40%of the Total points under every main section under the 4 Star Category.




Design Targets
Be a Landmark Integration Economical Balance


Design Principle

Come in to the national tradition, rich in the racial spirit, reflect the charm of the culture in this country. Aesthetics

As a landmark building, ensure the realization of the aesthetic value to make Colombo and Sri Lanka get into process.


The worlds architectural history has proved that only the building with an innovative form can be a success, a classic. Economy

Achieve a good balance and control , good design can be limited to increase investment under the maximum added value.


Design Concept

The design should fully merge the unique style of tropical architecture into design, so that the architecture form is designed to create a human environment with strong Sri Lankan feelings and must be carefully balanced and modernism throughout the entire hotel to give a dominant hotel and entertainment feel. The designers have drawn their inspirations from the deep impression of the beautiful Sri Lanka coast. The hotel will feature spacious luxury rooms and suite rooms and other common facilities.

Planning Strategy
To capitalize on the availability of land, the proximity to amenities and integrate and promote growth of the city center development while maintaining Katunayake As a Business hub.

Scheme Content
The proposed project shall comprise (subject to planning and other statutory requirements and permission) of a maximum 6 storey Hotel Development. The superstructure will consist of a podium containing entrance foyers with 6 floors consisting of spacious luxury guest rooms, restaurants, bars and recreational facilities, health and fitness facilities such as Spa, gyms and swimming pool.

Spatial Requirements
The following spatial requirements will be provided within the proposed hotel development Hotel Access Guestrooms Public Entry / Lobby Food & Beverage Recreation & Spa Function Space Administrative Offices Staff Facilities Engineering / Maintenance Kitchen / Food Production Laundry Housekeeping

Facility Summary

The hotel tentatively will consist of one large free shape pool, 168 Standard guest rooms, 48 Deluxe Rooms, 8 suites plus 1 presidential suite - a total of 225 keys, F&B outlets, all day dining restaurant and pool bar, a meeting rooms, Business Centre, a gym and a spa with 3 treatment rooms., a specialty restaurant the lounge bar and tool bar, laundry and kitchen

Primary Competition
Although it is envisioned that the hotel will be unique to the area, there are many hotels with similar accommodation and facility configuration and service levels. There will also be strong competition from hotels that place themselves in the 5 star ranges with competitive rates. Therefore it is important that the proposed Hotel in terms of design feel that will stand the test of time and is indigenous to the local) Scope of Work: a) Itemized BoQ for MEP Works b) Civil Bob pricing c) Relevant information on local taxes d) Prelims BoQ (separately) f) Cost plan for MEP works g) Rate analysis for major items area in terms of accommodation and facilities to be competitive with open properties of similar or higher caliber.

Site Access And Parking


The main vehicular access to the site shall be by an entrance off Colombo Katunayaka Main Road. The entrance at the site perimeter will afford an imposing view of the main entrance area of the building and shall be easily visible to traffic approaching from the Road carriageways. The location of the car parks shall be such as to have minimum impact on the appearance of the building.

All access points into the site from the public highway shall be designed for a sight line as required by planners. Egress and access from / to such areas to be ramps and steps to ground level will be well thought out..

Entrance/ Reception Areas

The entry must be well highlighted with proper lighting system to give a romantic welcome to the site. Due to the public road passing through there will may be some restrictions but if possible the main road should be paved similarly as the entrance with a well marked slight ramp to slow traffic and to give a grand feeling of arrival. Water features and landscaping could be created which customers would pass through by passing the road to reach one or the other building. The building form shall clearly assert the main entrance to the building. The reception area of the hotel will be spacious and finished in keeping with the quality of the building as a whole. Security at the main entrance to the hotel shall be the subject to agreed security policy of the client. Security access at car park level will be co coordinated with the main security base.

Provide a minimum of 150 dedicated parking stalls and adequate parking bays for disabled will be provided on the parking area.

Loading Area

The loading area will be located in the ground level. It will have same drive way entrance leading from the Porte cochere area that is away of the guest site. Visual lines to this area must be obscured.

Call buttons at landings and within the lift cars will be located at a convenient height for use by people using wheel chairs. Approx 4 nos. 13 passenger lifts and 2 Nos. Service lifts

Floor Loadings
The building shall be designed to conform to the relevant British Standards for design loading, wind velocity, earth quakes and other natural disasters.

The form of the superstructure shall take due account of the clients corporate standards for architectural and services elements of the building and must also consider the need for achieving of a rapid construction program and building flexibility. The construction system assumed is a concrete frame structure, masonry brick/block work external and internal walls with fitted/ openabale aluminum framed glazed windows or doors.

The design adopted for the foundation to the building shall be dependent upon the conclusion of a ground investigation report by a reputable specialists company. However it is envisaged that the substructure will be on piles going down to an average depth of 23 meters with pile caps or a suitable foundation system depending on soil investigation report

Finishes For Public Areas

Interior finishes and furnishings shall be of high quality, durable materials and must comply with Clients requirements and Technical Standards. All specified materials should be chosen with durability and ease of maintenance in mind.

Guest Rooms
Provide the following distribution of guest room types: Type Standard guest rooms Deluxe Rooms Suites Keys 168 48 8 Approx. area (m2) 35 55 66

Presidential suite Total

1 225


Guestroom Architecture
Windows / Glazing: The faade should include provisions for soundproofing and end wall returns to avoid light infiltration at sides of curtains / window treatments. The window doors should be openable leading out to the balcony. Ceiling height in the guest room: 3.5 meters is recommended from floor to ceiling. Corridors: Corridor widths shall be approx. 1.7 meters only as the hotel will not be utilizing housekeeping carts.

Interior finishes and furnishings shall be of high quality, durable materials and must comply with Clients requirements and Technical Standards. All specified materials should be chosen with durability and ease of maintenance in mind. Floor Bed room and balcony area - Floors must be detailed and installed such that footfalls and impacts are not transmitted to the adjacent structure. An area rug would also need to be specified for the end of the bed. Walls Either paint/interior wall texture/plaster wall covering and /or wood finishes and would be used for all guest rooms for maintenance and durability. Doors The frames and doors shall be solid-core wooden doors; fire and sound rated. The guestroom entry door will be equipped with the following items: Key Card locking and deadbolt double locking system Wide-angle viewing lens (160 degree) at the correct height

Concealed automatic door closer Doorstop Brush sound protectors at the bottom of each door. Guestroom connecting doors within the rooms or on the balconies will require individual latches from each side of the door. Ceilings The bathroom or entry foyer ceiling will include a hinged access panel for the fan coil unit. The opening must be large enough and of sufficient quality to support repeated fan coil dismantling and to provide easy access to all parts of the fan coil requiring maintenance. Bathroom Finishes: Floors: Provide decorative tile, with a base and threshold. Floor drains are to be avoided except where required by local code, in which case the bathroom floor must be fully waterproofed and all drains to feature traps. A non slip surface needs to be specified Walls: All walls are to be stone/ tiled with a provision for decorative elements. Sharp edges are to be avoided, protected, or rounded. Ceilings: Provide a dropped moisture-resistant gypsum board ceiling with epoxy paint finish. Provide minimal access panels only where required. Furniture & Equipment Apart from a built-in closet / wardrobe and fixed dcor elements, all furniture shall be individual, movable units. All surfaces shall be easy to maintain; provide glass protective tops where required to extend the longevity of the furniture.

Plumbing & sanitary equipment All fixtures are recommended to be white however this is can be changed based on Interior Designers recommendations and equipped with high quality stainless steel accessories (Grohe or equivalent), and high quality sanitary fittings (TOTO or equivalent) . The drainage capacity of all drains (e.g. showers and bathtub) shall be at least double the supply flow.

Electrical Provide differential circuit breakers for all bathroom electrical systems. Provide the following electrical items: General lighting to achieve proper illumination levels at toilet and shower areas (low voltage where required for safety). Accent lighting around mirror (preferably from the sides) to achieve a minimum of 400 lux at face level. To facilitate the application of cosmetics, provide energy-saving colorcorrected incandescent accent lights in lieu of fluorescent lighting. Provide wall-mounted mirror lights where possible at eye level on each side of the mirror and halogen spot centered in the ceiling over washbasin. Shaving outlet. Hair dryer (minimum 1000 watts) Wall-mounted lighted shaving mirror on adjustable bracket Telephone / Music/ Data Provide the following items: Public address system. Wi-Fi connectivity Wall-mounted telephone within reach from the toilet. IPTV

Public Entry / Lobby

The entry of the hotel and the overall lobby space is envisioned as open aired, bright, light, and airy with an ambience of tranquility and will have vistas over the pool and gardens. This will be established through simple, yet elegant interior finishes, contemporary artwork, indoor plant materials, unique lighting effects, and soothing background music.

Public Washrooms
Public washrooms must be commensurate of that of the adjoining public areas. Provide at least one dedicated disabled toilet at each location, with appropriate internationally recognizable signage.

Front Desk

This area will be staffed 24 hours per day, and must accommodate a minimum of two desks that can accommodate two persons each. The design of this desk must be developed in conjunction with the hotel operators.

Within close proximity, provide a lockable storage room of not less than 12 sqm.

Luggage will be taken from the guest at the Porte Cochere and transferred directly to their hotel room by bellman.

Food & Beverage

General For all F&B outlets, service stations are to be carefully designed to incorporate a Point of Sale system, unless otherwise noted. In all instances, every effort must be made to screen these areas from guest views and insure that their orientation within dining areas does not result in service staff turning their back on nearby guests There will be four F&B outlets proposed for the hotel

All day dining restaurant (24 hour coffee shop) Pool bar Specialty restaurant Lounge bar

Recreation & Spa

The hotels recreation facilities are intended to meet the requirements of the contemporary health conscious hotel guest. The majority of the fitness equipment should be oriented to take advantage of the exterior views. At least one wall of the fitness room should be a full-height mirror with a protective rail. The gymnasium should be carpeted in specialized gym flooring i.e. rubber type finishing (recommend a specialist is consulted for the flooring and layouts) or carpeted with underlay.

Fitness Center
The fitness center will be a key guest amenity. Provide an area (Approx: 100 sqm) for a gymnasium

Provide state-of-the-art (Life Fitness, Techno gym or similar) fitness equipment in this area. The selection of this equipment should have an emphasis on cardio / fitness activities however recommend several single station units as an alternative for free weight machines.

A total of 3 treatment rooms would be recommended for this project with a respective reception and office. The design and layout of the spa should follow the overall design intent of the Hotel. Each respective spa treatment room should be equipped with two massage beds and each of the treatment rooms would be deemed as a Spa suite with its own steam shower and toilet.

Swimming Pool
The pool will be laid out as a free shape pool reaching some rooms till to the terrace and it will have an island located in the middle of the pool for the bar and the sun loungers. Provide a swimming pool (recommended a minimum of 500 sqm of water area) with underwater lighting. The geometry of the pool should be such that lap swimming can be accommodated. That the maximum depth of the pool should be 1700 mm The landscaping of the pool deck area and the surrounding gardens will be critical in its appeal and ultimate success and the outdoor swimming pool area is envisaged as a tranquil, extensively landscaped. As the pool area will be highly visual from the guest rooms and the restaurant, particular care must be given to the design of the method of lighting, with a preference for concealed plant and deck lighting. A direct manner of guest access to be provided to the pool area without requiring guests to travel though highly visible public areas.

Function Space
The hotel will have extensive conferencing / meeting requirements due to the potential for locally and internationally based meeting groups during the week days and weekends. This building will be located as a separate building, adjacent to the hotel. Within the hotel there would be two board rooms allocated.

The design of the function rooms must be commensurate with that of the hotel public areas. As these rooms will be a key marketing tool for the hotel to attract specific market segments during the week, the design and technical capabilities are of utmost importance. Natural lighting with complete blackout capabilities should be incorporated into all rooms.

Technical Requirements
Provide the following elements and MEP requirements at all function rooms; High-speed Internet access cabling, that includes wireless broadband connectivity Ceiling-mounted motorized projection screen and projector for the meeting room and break out rooms Concealed flip charts / white boards for the break out rooms Concealed large LCD screen TV and DVD for the break out rooms and meeting room Lockable storage for slide projectors, video projectors, and related equipment (within each room, as space allows) Curtains and blackouts Under floor cabling system for maximum flexibility of usage Lighting dimmer system

Back of the house facilities

Staff Facilities Great attention will be paid to the attraction and retention of staff. To this end, the human resource offices, staff locker rooms, showers, and staff dining room will be of a high standard. Provide a staff cafeteria below the main kitchen so food production can take place from this kitchen through a dumbwaiter. Provide a minimum of 120 seats.

Kitchen / Food Production It is imperative that a professional kitchen consultant is retained relative to this project, to assist with the layout of specific storage requirements. Laundry It is anticipated that the hotel will have all the laundry outsourced to an outside laundry. There would be only 3 small house hold washing machines and 2 House hold dryer for emergency cleaning.

Cutlery, Crockery And Table Linen The plates and glassware and placemats and table linen will be reflective of the interior design intent.

Signage The following public signage must be kept to a minimum: Exterior Identity Signage Traffic Regulation Signage Entry Signage Interior Signage Guest Room Signage Security Systems At a minimum, provide the following security system throughout all portions of the hotel Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) located in security office and also behind reception Security Radios Security alarm system

6.0 6.1


Requirements relative to Fire Protection should comply with local fire code. In conjunction with the above assessment, at a minimum, provide the following Fire Protection systems throughout all portions of the hotel: Fire Alarm / Emergency communications system in all rooms and public areas (smoke detectors) ID Fire system fire board panel (one in Front Office and One in Engineering)

Sprinklers, fire hose and fire distinguishers in all guest rooms, public areas and back of house Ansell sprinkler systems in kitchen hoods Gas detector in gas bottle plant and all the kitchens where gas is used for cooking 50% emergency power and lighting for all public areas and guest rooms



Mechanical systems that feature the latest in technological advances, enhanced energy management systems, etc. should be considered. Requirements relative to mechanical systems should comply with Standards or local Code.


Air Conditioning And Ventilation

Guest Rooms / restaurants Quiet, Unobtrusive air conditioning systems shall be provided to suit the high standard of accommodation offered. Offices and other public areas Generally offices shall be air conditioned with air extraction via handling luminaries where possible. Computer Facilities Computer facilities shall be provided in the office areas.



Requirements relative to plumbing, pipe work, and related systems should comply with Technical Standards or local Codes. Grey Water Provide the implementation of a grey water system for landscape irrigation requirements, to minimize overall hotel water consumption requirements. Site Drainage Surface water from car park areas shall be discharged through a petrol interceptor , to the foul water sewer.


Electrical Services

Requirements relative to electrical systems should comply with Technical Standards or local Code. Energy efficient equipment, systems, lighting, and building materials are highly encouraged to minimize energy costs in relation to the operation of the hotel. Special Areas / Guest areas Electrical services shall be provided in special areas such as reception area, circulation routes, courtyards and restaurants Office lighting The lighting layout shall be flexible and the initial designs shall comply with the planning grid to minimize movement of luminaries in the event of partitioning or furniture alterations. Emergency Lighting Emergency lighting shall be by means of maintained units located along defined escape routes. Standby Generator Standby Generator shall be provided for the entire installation. Uninterruptible Power Supply Uninterruptible Power supply system is to be provided sized to accommodate the essential items of computer equipment.


Information Technology Equipment Rooms

IT rooms, Raised floors, Data cabling shall be provided in the office areas

Incoming Services
The adequacy of the existing utility services within or near to the site boundary that may be utilized for this project will have to be verified. However it is envisaged that Electrical and telephone connections will be the only statutory connections where sewerage systems will be (STP) and water supply shall be pipe borne using city connections complemented by a well, sump and water tanks. Electrical supply shall be provided and Gas shall be needed as and energy source for cooking.

Links With Bms System


The central terminal shall be fully interfaced with BMS (Building Management system.

Communications Internal / External To Building

The number of telephone lines and data links to outside has yet to be defined. For the time being allow for normal levels of provision, and the space requirements. Provision shall also be made in space and duct routes for a possible second service provider.


Lighting Protection

Lighting protection shall be provided in accordance with BS 6651: 1985.



The development cost shall be approx. USD 37,024,344.58 excluding cost of the land No: Description COST OF DEVELOPMENT COST OF THE LAND PRE DEVELOPMENT & PROCESSING COST SUCH AS; Planning & Permission charges 13,500.00

Total (USD)

1.0 2.0 2.1



Traffic survey, soil investigation EIA and payments to Authorities TOTAL OF PRE -DEVELOPMENT COST COST OF CONSTRUCTION 225 Rooms Luxury business hotel - 6 Levels incl. furniture and FOB operational equipment and landscaping cost) External works (infra structure ) TOTAL COST OF CONSTRUCTION 8% OF CONSULTANCY FEES MARKETING COST TOTAL COST OF DEVELOPMENT (EXCL. VAT 12%) AND COST OF THE LAND


2.3 3.0 3.1



3.2 3.3 4.0 5.0 6.0

805,692.00 34,066,561.57 2,725,324.93 173,913.04 37,024,344.58




The environment around the site is very much healing and sensitive. Therefore using technology around this area is to be handled with care. The following acts have been studied for further development of the proposed project;

Civil Aviation Authority National Environmental Act UDA By laws and regulations Sri Lanka Tourist Board

Ceylon Electricity Board National water supply and drainage board Coast Conservation Department


Energy conservation, Comfort and Sustainability

Using of Energy conservation methods enhances in development of a country. Since Katunayake is located in the tropical zone and its average temperature is around 30.5 C for about 09 months when considering the whole year. Therefore sunlight can be used to form energy and thereby to produce electricity. Therefore solar power can be easily used in the proposed building as an energy saving method. In designing and planning for dry zones, two of the main problems confronting is to ensure protection against heat and provide adequate cooling. The built environment produces changes in the microclimate. The configuration of buildings, their orientations, and their arrangement in space create a specific microclimate for each site. Therefore several strategies will be used to achieve comfort from the proposed buildings. The man made element such as materials of the building, surface texture and colour exposed surfaces of buildings, design of open spaces, courtyard, gardens and squares interact with the natural micro-climate to determine the factors affecting comfort in the built-environment; light, heat, wind and humidity. Then the proposed building is designed to achieve the following comforts as stated below, Visual Comfort: Using of light colour which enhances a pleasing quality. Audible Comfort: Creating sound buffers by planting trees to the direction of high density populated city center. Thermal Comfort Maximizing the no of openings and using building materials which enhances the quality of thermal comfort.


Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water is a free source of nearly pure water, which can be used to supply portable water and non-portable water. Rain water harvesting is the collection of runoff for productive purpose and it is a form of soil and water conservation. Therefore rain water harvested can be used on different purposes of the proposed building where it can be a product of affecting water conservation method.


Passive design strategies

Use of Material. Traditional and modern materials will be used to enhance the quality of comfort levels of building. Colour scheme of the building enhances to make visitor feel more relaxing. Openings and shadings Large openings will be used to obtain maximum ventilation and day lighting. Overhangs will be used as shading devices. Some walls are used with louvers to gain ventilation minimize the heat gain inside and achieve a cooling effect also to create a healthy breathing space inside the building

Landscaping Shallow water ponds has been introduced for evaporation cooling of the building

Creating wind corridors by planting trees along the building by keeping a gap for wind movement.

The trees planted along the main entrance road to the hotel enhance to act as a buffer zone which enables to minimize noise hazards.



Katunayake is a challenging city of industrial base also known as gateway to Bandaranayake International Airport. Considering its development potential and availability of resources, was transformed in to a major tourist attraction area in the Western Province. The proposed project indicates that a Transit Business Hotel for this particular area is in high demand in order to facilitate accommodation for the people who visit, in search of short term stay, relaxation and recreation. Therefore promotion of tourism has a benefit for the people in the surrounding context which enable them in generating more income due to expansion of employment opportunities. Therefore it will encourage the economic development of the country and a enhance the way of living. The ultimate goal of providing a transit business hotel is viable and it can be concluded that it will facilitate the short term visitor a more relaxing and recreational environment while awaiting to either to leave the country with fond memories of Sri-lanka or arrival of visitors/guests giving them a glimpse of the Sri-lankan hospitality while awaiting to tour sri-lanka



More expansion could be seen in employment opportunities in the surrounding areas. Therefore the main advantage is generating an income within the close proximity. Also it leads to uplift the social life as well as physical life. Thus the proposed project will be socially recommended and accepted. Finding an Architectural solution for a place for accommodation. The main advantage in this particular project is to enhance the mode of a visitor. Thus the proposed project will be spatially recommended and accepted. Promotion of tourism in fact is a source of developing a countrys economic situation. The proposed project is a resource of income generating factor and there by the countrys economic situation will be automatically uplifted. Thus the proposed project will be economically feasible. By considering the above facts it could be stated that the proposed Transit Business Hotel could be recommended for approval/development.