Stein- Contemporary Lit.

Elite 8 Sticky-Note Active Reading
Each day you will be required to do Sticky-Note Notations. You must have a minimum 8 sticky notes per day of reading in class. Complete as many as you would like over the minimum. There will be sticky notes that you do before, during and after you read. At the end of the week stick all of you notes on lined paper in your journal, in the order they were taken. You may do more than one of the same activity only twice per day. This is required! Not doing this assignment will result in a low grade for participation in this course. Please label each note and put the page number on the back. Sticky Notes: Type 1- Connections Use the sentence template below to make connections to things you have already read, to you personal life, and to the world/ community around you. (You should make 3 connections one for each of the areas listed)

When I read ______, I made a connection to ______ because___. Type 2- Imaging Draw a quick sketch of what you are seeing in your head as you read. (Only allowed to use this once a day!) Type 3- Questioning Write a question for each of the three categories below. Or write one dense question.
Text / Reader Combines knowledge of text with knowledge of history and cultures How is Judge Danforth in The Crucible similar to my father? Text / Other Literature Combines knowledge of text with knowledge of other pieces of literature How are the attitudes of the people of Salem similar to those found in Macomb Alabama that we see in To Kill a Mockingbird? Text / World Combines knowledge of reader’s own experiences with knowledge of other cultures and people How are Abigail’s scare tactics similar to the scare tactics used by the media today? Dense Question Combines knowledge of all three areas into one dense question If Joseph McCarthy and Judge Danforth are similar, how do you think they would treat your family if they were on the same path today? Would they become the accused and or target of their attacks?

Questioning Categories

Type 4- Summarizing: Write a GIST summary of no more than 30 words. (Should come at the end of the daily reading.) Type 5- Predicting/Inferring: Make inferences about the reading for today. You may only predict once at the beginning. You may infer multiple times. Follow the format below for the sticky note. Include at least 3 things that led you to your inference/prediction.

I did not understand why . . . This is exciting. .Vocabulary Create the chart on the sticky note. Evaluations are your opinion. This made me angry . . Don’t keep going if you don’t understand what you are reading. Type 7. and author’s purpose. plot. I would never . . . I wonder why . because . The most surprising thing to me was . Explain why you rated your understanding that way. . . This made me laugh. . Focus on the characters. .Monitoring You should constantly be monitoring you understanding when you read. because . . The best thing . Use both sides. The author . And Back: On a scale of 1-10 rate your understanding of a passage you have read. Do you agree or disagree with what the author has done during your daily read? Explain why you think what you think. .. . . I think that . . . .Contemporary Lit. . My favorite character was _______________ because . . Front: Complete any five of the following statements. .Evaluating: Evaluate what is going on during the reading. (You may use 2 per reading) Word +Definition Use in a sentence Make a connection Draw a sketch Side Side Type 8. . . . I know someone just like _______________ because . . Prediction • Evidence • Evidence • evidence Inference • Evidence • Evidence • evidence Danforth is closed minded • Will not budge • Believes Abigail • More worried about his name Type 6. Make two evaluations per sticky-note. . . I was sad when . . I loved it when .Stein. and what you did to help you to understand when confusion arose. . . tone.

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