OPRFHS February 23, 2012 Board Presentation

“Putting the ‘act’ into our A.C.T. Plan”
This is a supplement to the Initiative emailed to the Board on 2-13-12. Although we understand that some important general efforts are underway at the high school, we hope to encourage the Board and Administrators to move away from purely general efforts and create specific, tangible and measurable goals that can be implemented as soon as possible. Some parents are concerned that for every year we delay, we graduate another 780 students and send 2200 students forward another year with these protections not in place. We respectfully offer the following-- just a starting point -- as suggested measureable goals:
1. Pass the Teachers-Support and Best Practices Initiative for intra-track and inter-track

consistency. 2. Declare – even if it is only “aspirational” or “targeted” – a goal of increasing our College Readiness Benchmark numbers by 10% per year, every year, beginning immediately, including targeting achievement gap numbers and college prep numbers. 3. Appoint an “ACT Czar” at the high school effective immediately. 4. Create an ACT Action Committee containing:a Board member; an administrator; English, Math and Science Division Heads; and volunteer faculty members (stipendpaid); charged with helping to increase our CRB’s by 10% per year, every year. 5. Have Division Heads immediately inventory homework loads in their Divisions in college prep and honors levels. 6. Have Division Heads, Board members, all Administration and all volunteer faculty members take one ACT w/ Writing Component test, by April 2012 (non-scored!). 7. Have Division Heads appoint one Faculty member for every Division as “Best Practices Facilitator,” to coordinate “best practices” meetings, seminars and distribution of classroom materials & information. 8. Reduce the reported 1 in 5 number of OPRFHS grads requiring remedial help in college by 20% in 2 years and 60% in 5 years;(please see the iirc numbers in Data handout). 9. Decrease the % of OPRFHS grads attending Triton who take remedial classes by 20% in 2 years and 60% in 5 years; 10. Reduce the 10-point difference in ACT scores between our U of I attendees and Triton attendees, and the 6-8 point ACT difference b/n U of I and other IL schools’ attendees. 11. Publish a behavior code that standardizes what in-classroom behavior must look like and what homework participation must look like and establish a policy of classroom visits. 12. Have free “before school” AND three-period lunchroom/Auditorium“ACT Action Activities” up and running daily for one month before every ACT test, including things like: Grammar Jeopardy, Math & English practice tests and extra help, full practice ACT tests, (including writing) and access to teacher help. 13. Invite Naperville high schools (from Harvard AGI Report) for an achievement gap summit to learn about their successful strategies. 14. Be sure to monitor Tutor Center staffing and demand (e.g., more tutors/hours, not fewer) #######

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