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1. Obtain a Certified Copy of the Warranty Deed from County Recorder Office 2. Calculate all the maintenance, expenses and labor expended on the property ( a summary) and with this information, PLUS WHAT YOU PAID FOR THE PROPERTY, file a (Mechanics) Lien on the property 3. Do an Acceptance and Acknowledgement of the Warranty Deed as to sole owner . The survey and the Lien Be sure to insert the PROPERTY DESCRIPTION within the acknowledgement have it notarized... make color copies of completed docs! 4. Then place the Acknowledgement on top of the Lien, Warranty Deed and Survey and take it back to the Recorder Office for recording preferable in the Real estate Records. Obtain a Certified Copy back out from the recorder while you are there. 5. Then place/post a PUBLIC NOTICE in your local county newspaper of record of the above. The Acknowledgement might read:

I, First and Middle Name only, the living man, in the capacity of; First Middle LastName herein Accept for Value and Acknowledge that I am the sole owner of said described property as so referenced on the Warranty Deed, to wit: Property Description: ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««. ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««. ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««. and said acceptance and acknowledgement herein is made a part hereof to the attached Land Survey and the attached Mechanics Lien, therein establishing superior claim on said property and a superior security interest in said property and said recording is to acknowledge the grantee as named on the Warranty (Grant) Deed as the sole owner of the above described real property as the same is described on the attached certified copy of said Warranty Deed. It is my freewill act and deed, to Accept and Acknowledge the Warranty Deed and the lawful ownership of said described property under the terms of the deed and such recording on file in the office of register of deeds is to evidence the same and of being lawful owner of the real estate/real property in allodial title.

______________________ .D. to me known to be the living man described in and who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged before me that he executed the same as his freewill act and deed. A. __________________________________ Christian name. personally appeared ________________________. Seal Notary My Commission expires _______________________ Suggestion of Acceptance text hand written on the Survey sheet: (In Blue Ink) I Accept for Value and Acknowledge this survey of said described property and the same is closed per the four corners of this document and declare that undersigned has full interest and claim on said property per attached lien or otherwise.Kimball: Hairston or: of the family of Hairston ACKNOWLEDGEMENT State of ____________ ) ) Scilicet County of __________ ) On this _______day of September 2011. under my hand and seal this _____ day of ____________. before me the subscriber. /S/_________________________________ Witness: __________________________ Witness: __________________________ . ___________________________________.This my freewill act and deed.D. 2011. A. SURNAME Derek. 2011. Date: _____________.

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