For the sake of a vision We ransomed our bodies. I asked, Should we go back? And you said, What’s back? Forget it. Look at the sky. Drawn to a place the gods chose, A place that in another version Of the story we would by-pass, We emptied our bodies of heart Guts, liver and spleen, filled up Our torsos with jewels. For three hours we strapped Ourselves to the hill’s slope And journeyed together. We watched clouds rolling And birds drifting. We tracked The hard edges of sunlight And the cool diagonals Of shade as they crossed that Hopelessly Midwestern street. Then the visions came, Stately, insistent, vast: Shiva, Leering Coyote and Aphrodite In her close fitting gown. We heard them whispering, We’re here. We’re watching you And when you’re gone, We’ll still be here.

I looked at you as in a mirror. Your hair and beard Become roots and stems, Mingled with the grass. You were a creature Grown from the earth. I sat up to look at the traffic, But you said, Not yet. They want us back, The world wants us, but not yet. Look at the changes Up in the sky.

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