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Sexual Violence Pre-Test

Pre-Test Questions
1. If your friend experiences sexual violence, he or she can get immediate help from any of the following places:

Before you start the course, help us find out what you already know with this quick pre-test. At the end of the course youll be able to compare your pre-test score with your post-test score and see how much youve learned.

Campus Safety/Security Off Campus Police Rape Crisis Center All of the above 72 - 96 hours 96 - 120 hours 120 - 144 hours 144 - 158 hours
3. Which of the following is not a form of sexual violence?

2. If you think you have been drugged, you should ask for a urine sample within:

Following an attractive person home from class, even if they have asked to be left alone Sexual activity (anything from kissing to intercourse) with someone who is very intoxicated, but has not said no Sexual activity (anything from kissing to intercourse) with someone who is sober and saying yes Sending multiple texts or IMs to someone you dated in the past that does not want to see you anymore -- some sad, some angry
4. What do schools do with information gathered in compliance with the Clery Act?

Make reports to parents about how many sex offenders live on-campus Make reports to the federal government about how many drug-users are currently enrolled

Make reports to the public about the number of violent crimes on campus from year to year Make reports to students about property crimes on campus from year to year
5. What is bystander intervention?

When one or more people steps in and tries to stop a potentially harmful event When someone tells you to stop staring at something bad, like a car-wreck or an argument When someone refuses to try and stop an argument or fight When two or more people provide conflicting information about an event The law requires the survivor to report the crime to the local police The law requires anyone with knowledge about the crime to report it to the local police The survivor has the choice of whether or not to report the crime to the local police The survivor and anyone with knowledge about the crime are required to report it to the local police
7. What is the approximate percentage of sexual assaults of college students that involve alcohol or other drugs prior to the incident?

6. If someone has been sexually assaulted:

10 15% 30 35% 50 55% 75 80%

8. According to the American College Health Association, consent for any kind of sexual activity is:

Implied once a couple has had sex at least once in the past Implied if the person does not directly tell you to stop Counts even if someone is drunk, as long as the person is conscious enough to speak

A process that must be asked for every step of the way

9. Which one of these is NOT a way to reduce your risk of sexual assault in social settings like parties or bars?

Avoid binge drinking Drink an energy drink so you stay awake and alert Arrange for transportation before going out Go out with friends in a group and stick together
10. If your friend was being stalked by an ex-girlfriend, what would be the most helpful way for you to respond?

Tell your friend that it will probably end soon and that he should wait it out Talk to your friend about getting help on campus Talk to your Resident Advisor about the situation The second and third options are apropriate Continue
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