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Proposal for Field Learning Experience

Kathryn A. Weese
Candidate for Master of Education (MEd) degree in Adult Education


I seek a learning opportunity to acquire competency as an adult educator to

use the instructional method of e-learning as a tool to:
1. solve an instructional problem and
2. create instruction applicable to a higher education, business or industry

OPTION: The New Experience: E-Learning (i.e. Web-Based Training, On-Line Learning)

E-learning is an exciting teaching-learning opportunity that invites exploring a new

learning paradigm, a new instructional model, a new instructional strategy, and new
delivery technologies. All e-learning experiences extend the learning environment
beyond the traditional face-to-face environment. In developing a vision of America's
e-learning future, The Commission on Technology and Adult Learning, defines e-
learning as adult-centered and work-centered technology-enabled learning, which is
designed to increase workers' productivity, and their ability to find and keep jobs and
advance their careers.

A. Learning E-Learning
Goal: To explore the design and development of e-learning.
To increase my ability to write instructional goals for e-learning.
To increase my understanding of instructional design for e-learning,
particularly interactive design.
Scope: 4 to 6 week internship
Evaluation: Discussion with preceptor and documentation of goals achieved,
i.e. the increased ability to write clear instructional goals and design to
promote user interactivity.

B. Creating E-Learning
Goal: To apply skills learned to design, develop and publish an e-learning
instructional program.
Audience: Health care professionals
Scope: Provide a pilot version of the e-learning program and get feedback
from a small group of employees.
Evaluation: Develop a tool to assess the instructional design, functionality,
creativity and technical achievement of the instruction.
Adult educators must constantly learn, grow and change to meet changing conditions
of the teaching-learning environment.
My goal is to become an adult educator, who possesses the :
Knowledge of adult learning theory,

Understanding of instructional design principles,

Ability to create learner-centered materials,

Skills to use learning technology (i.e., authoring and

development software) for delivery over an extranet (the world
wide web) or intranet environment, and to

Provide leadership and support during implementation.

During the field experience I wish to explore instructional design for E-
Learning, developing a framework that would serve me in future e-learning


I have completed the Required Courses for the MEd program including:
ADED 5104 Survey: HRD & Adult Education
ADED 5101 Strategies for Teaching Adults
ADED 5401 Adult Learning & Development
ADED 5301 Designing the Adult Education Program
HRD 5301 Organization Development
WCFE 5901 Using Research in WCFE

I have completed the following Elective Courses:

BIE 5010 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications
BIE 5303 Instructional Aids: Education Technology
EPsy 5200 S4 Strategies for Technology Enhanced Education & Training
EPsy 5200 S6 Design & Delivery: Technology-Enhanced Education &
Training Environment
C&I 5363 Introduction to Computer-Based Instructional Design (using
Authorware 4.1/5.1)
HRD 5202 Training on the Internet (using Dreamweaver 4)

I have also completed the following non-credit Supporting Courses:

INFO 101 Designing Hypertexts - Organizing Information
UTEST 101 Designing TEL Environments: Improving Usability
DB102 Relational Database Design Basics