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Cyan cells are input cells Yellow cells are output cells

Symbol Vh V g Q Qn Qg D A VP

Term Velocity head Gas Velocity in duct Gravitational Acceleration Volume of gas Normal Volume of gas Normal mass of gas Duct Diameter Cross Sectional Area Velocity Pressure Actual Air Density at different temp. and pressure Air Density at NTP Gas Temperature Barometric Pressure Altitude of place in metres Suction Pressure

Formula V/2g

Value 8.384575 12.81943 9.8 146.9405 80.15833 103.4043 3.82 11.46233 5.900353 0.703715 1.29 190 9561.72 650 250

Unit m m/sec m/sec m/sec Nm/sec kg/sec m m mmwg kg/m kg/m deg C mmwg m mmwg

9.868363 m/sec

528985.8 288570 372255.3 2.508244

m/h Nm/h kg/h m

D/4 Vh x n x 273/(273+t) x Pa/10335

5.2 mmwg

t Pa H PS

10335 x (1-0.0000226 x H)^5.255


Friction Loss in Straight Duct V Velocity in ducts f coefficient of friction for steel L Length of ducts including developed bends d diameter of duct v specific volume of air, corrected for altitude and temp T Absolute temp of air in Kelvin Floss Friction loss in straight round ducts

Dh p

Hydraulic Diameter wetted perimeter of the duct

13.866 x V x L x f / (d x v x T) (f L V/2gd)x f(L/Dh) (V/2g) 4A/p D

12.81943 0.018 16 3.82 1.42103 463 0.261116 0.444843 0.632136 3.82 12.00244

m/sec m m m3/kg kelvin mmwg mmwg mmwg

2513.318037 0.632135513 4.188481675

Friction Loss in Bends V Velocity in ducts K1 Coefficient of friction for bends (from figure) Floss Friction loss in pipe bends

(K1 x V/2 x g) x

12.81943 m/sec 1.08 6.372381 mmwg 9.055341

Lift Loss L Wm Wa K

Vertical Lift Weight of material being lifted Weight of air/gas lifting the material Constant = density of water/density of air (Operating) Density of water = 1 Density of air at NTP = 1.29 kg/m3 K at NTP = 1/1.29 = 0.775 Lift Loss (W m/W a) RxL/K

10 m 2 kg 2 1

R Lloss

1 10 mmwg

Acceleration Loss m1 mass of material m2 mass of air M m1 + m2 V Final velocity af air and material Wm weight of material Wa weight of air R Aloss Acceleration Loss

18 m1 x g m2 x g (W m/W a) R x V/2g

Lift Loss Acceleration Loss Frcition Loss

#DIV/0! #DIV/0! mmwg

12.00434 m/sec

228064 m3/h 124412.4758 Nm/h 160492.0938 kg/h

137.5977 m/sec

181.2576112 8.384575203

Losses in ducts

When material is lifted from one level to When material is introduced in a ducting and attains velocity of Due to flow of gases (also dust laden)