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Anamnagar -32, Kathmandu Nepal Phone: 4246351, 4232340 |

(Just to inform you all about the Center for the Community Development, private hospital). Institutional Background: The center for Community Development (ANPCH), private hospital was established in 2000 A.D (2057 B.C). ANPCH brings together services of highly qualified and experienced professionals and competent as well as dedicated and qualified young hands to implement as institutional health service provider. The center further believes that quality health service is possible even from the public sector, so we believes the spirit of achievement drives us towards success. The central thrust of ANPCH is social awareness, strengthening institutional capacities through the process of various stackholders It gives priority to those grass root levels and implementation of which would directly benefited of large section of public in health sector. Vision: Bottom line health impact, private sector quality, speed and efficiency, decentralization, innovation and entrepreneurship and long-term commitment to the people we serve. In particular the sectoral areas of concentration to product medical manpower as required of nation. Mission: To established 50 beded hospital, health institution like: Nursing college and others technical & health institution within three years ANPCH is planning to oprate the medical collage. To Provide enovative & quality health services systems. Our mission is not a task for us its a dream that we have dared to share and we appeal every supporting line agency and stackholders to work together to success this mission. Goal: The overarching goal of ANPCH is the empowerment of woman, children and other sections of our society. Through the creative collaborations and meaningful partnership, ANPCH is working with local stackholders and concern line agencies abroad .

Objectives Provide qualitative health service and to product medical human resources.

Strategic Priorities: ANPCH will extend its facilitation to all the sectors of society not only with in the boundary but across the border as well. It will lend its expertise whenever require to strengthen the commitment and deliverance of concerned agencies both from governmental and nongovernmental sectors. We have various projects, such as established Nursing collage, health institution, health research foundation and to established medical collage within three years. Our strategic priorities will be to provide quality and local community base health service. Tentative estimated cost to established 50 beded Hospital. 1. Hospital furniture and accessory 2. Equipment for OT 3. ICU and CCU 4. Operating cost and house rent ( Annual ) 5. Administrative cost ( Annual ) Grand Total Rs. 20,00000.00 1,20,00000.00 60,00000.00 24,00000.00 30,00000.00 2,54,00000.00

Bdudget resources to established 50 beded hospital. 1. 50 percent of total project cost will be invest by founder chairperson. 2. 50 percent of total project cost by distribute of share of hospital or loan borrow by financial institurion .

Present Income of hospital. Details LIST OF HOSPITAL CHARGE OUT-PATIENT DEPARTMENT FEES SERVICE PRICE (Rs) Free check up (Every Saturday) 20 (only registration charge) General check up by Medical Officer 100 including Check up by Consultant 250 with TDS ENERGENCY & GENERAL SURGICAL PROCEDURE SERVICE PRICE (Rs) Emergency Consultant Fee 150 including 5% Observation on Emergency 250 Wound Dressing-N/ Doc/ Con 50/100/250 Special Dressing by Doctor 300 Suture 50 per stitch Suture removal- N/ Doc/ Con 25/50/100 Injection charge 10 Catherization 150 Enema 200 Blood Pressure check up 20 Diagnostic Aspiration 200 Gastric Lavage 200 Oxygen per hour 200 Nebulisation 100 Crepe bandage- N/ Doc/ Con 100/150/250 Normal plaster Intermittent plaster 400 Intermittent plaster 700 Plaster 1100 Plaster removal 300 ENT Nasal packing by Nurse/ Doctor 300/400 Ear syringe 200 I & D- Local 400 I & D- Anesthesia 2000 Suprapubic puncture- N/ Doc/ Con 500/700/1000


SERVICE Norplant Insertion/ Removal

PRICE (Rs) 1000/500 extra Copper T Insertion/ Removal 500/200 Tubectomy GA/LA 8000/2000 Vasectomy 3000 Ring Pressary Insertion/ Removal 300/200 Dilation & Currete- N / Doc /Con 2000-3000 Normal Delivery- Consultant 10000 Normal Delivery- Consultant- Nurse & 7000 Medical Officer (Package) Instrumental Delivery- Consultant (Package) 11000 Instrumental Delivery- Nurse & Medical 9000 Officer (Package) MINOR OPERATION SERVICE Hernia adult- LA (Doc) charge) Hernia adult- GA (Con) charge) Hernia child- LA (Doc) charge) Hernia child- GA (Con) charge) Hydrocele adult- LA (Doc) Hydrocele adult- LA (Doc) Hydrocele child- LA Hydrocele child- GA MDA (Adult block) Intermittent ENT surgery Intermittent ortho surgery L/N Biopsy Fistulectomy I & D Surgery GA Dilate & Curette-A I & D- Breast abcess LA I & D- Breast abcess GA Gall bladder stone (operation (operation (operation (operation


PRICE (Rs) 6000 9000 5000 7000

5000 7000 4000 6000 5000 7000 7000 2500 9000 6000 5000 3000 7000 10000-12000

MAJOR OPERATION SERVICE Cessarian Section- N/Con (Operation Charge) Hysterectomy (Operation Charge) Laparectomy Chole(Operation Charge) Appendix N/Con (Operation Charge) Ortho Surgery (Operation Charge) Kidney & Uterine stone (Operation Charge) Laproscopy (Operation Charge) INVESTICATIONS SERVICE X-ray (Normal) Special X-ray-KUB ECG Echocardiogram Audiogram Pregnancy test Endoscopy (Vedio) Endoscopy (Fiber) Endoscopy (Treatment Procedure) Protoscopy Clonoscopy Clonoscopy Ultra sonogram (Usg) HSG (X-ray) by consultant IVU (X-ray) USG Vascular Study/ Artery Follicular Study PRICE (Rs) 180 200 300 1200 300 100 1000 700 1000 200 1500 1500 500 1200 1500 1500 1000 PRICE (Rs) 10000/13000 15000 13000/15000 10000/13000 15000 15000-18000 8000

BED CHARGES SERVICE Single Deluxe Cabin Double Deluxe Cabin Single Cabin Double Cabin Semi- General Special- General Triple Cabin Post Operative Room PRICE (Rs) 800 600 500 300 200 300 300 300

Contact Person : Bhakta Bahadur KC (Chairman) Anamnagar Polyclinic & Community Hospital House No. 745, Anamnagar-32 GPO Box. 8978 CPC 90 Kathmandu, Nepal Phone 977-1-4256351, 977-1-4232340, Fax 977-1-4219221