Women ‘better leaders in recession’

Article: Express & Star Newspapern Wednesday 11th January 2012, 9:03AM GMT. http://www.expressandstar.com/business/ “ Psychologists believe the eadership styles of women such as Angela Merkel are more effective in a recession than those of men The leadership style of women is more effective in the current economic conditions facing the UK, according to a study. Research by occupational psychologists Geoff Trickey and So Yi Yeung showed different styles between the male and female personality, suggesting that risk-taking is influenced by gender. Women are more than twice as likely to be wary or prudent, while men are twice as likely be to adventurous and carefree, the study among 2,000 workers in more than 20 occupations ranging from firefighting to accountancy showed. The researchers said the findings suggested that risk-taking must be a “distinctive feature” of gender, adding that it offered a likely explanation for the differences in female and male leadership styles. They added that the study provided more evidence that the typical leadership style of women is more effective in the present economic climate. Mr Trickey, of Psychological Consultancy Ltd, said: “The implication of our gender difference findings is that male/female risk type differences are genetic, having achieved a balance shaped by evolution which would have been critical to survival of our species. “It’s easy to see how the balance between prudent, cautious, long-term decision-making of females would have married up very effectively with the impulsive, carefree, adventurous approach of males. “Risk taking is necessary and desirable, but we need to reinstate the balance that ensured the survival of our ancestors. Whether this is best done by gender selection manipulation is arguable, but the aim should be to achieve a balance of risk types.” The findings are due to be presented at the British Psychological Society’s annual occupational psychology conference in Chester. ”


Most of the people are being raised in the good spirit of popular belief. strengthens the idea of something new. ‘better leaders in recession’ This article was created to be a very good “changer” of public opinion. It’s being said that in life two different types of things. and speculations will come in an instant. that something is well researched in the same time. which says that the man should go to work and should provide his family with money for a good living. in times of crisis. without having the chance to prove the opposite. for the concept of female leader. It is apparently referring to the crisis by telling us about the much more efficient organization of women’s mind. is wrong. but in most cases women are called incapable. It’s enough to spread a rumor. a perfect eraser of the ‘so-called’ preformed ideas. like the queens of Egypt Nefertiti and Cleopatra and continuing to Golda Meir (prime minister of Israel). something that should be accepted and even more. The article is a door-opener for women. Women and men are equal in rights. The article is a very well planned PR strategy. there are a lot of other examples of women-leaders in the history of mankind. 2 . Regular. or a personal opinion of someone. Indira Ghandi (prime minister of India) and Margaret Thatcher (prime minister of England) During history. But when you send an idea and that idea has a strong base. the fact that some studies about this matter were made by professionals. but now it is. Besides the great example of Angela Merkel. The public mentality is often wrong. but the message that it is trying to send is way deeper. the chancellor of Germany. It’s a fact. The most common stereotype is the family stereotype. It’s not a rumor. the ones designed especially for men and the other ones especially for women. this picture wasn’t possible. by psychologists and social workers. to cook and clean and raise the kids. common people are very easily influenced in any matter.Comment: WOMEN. women were not treated as they deserved to be treated. So why’s not the opposite? Why shouldn’t the man stay at home and the women to go to work? One hundred years ago. In addition. while the women has to stay at home. is even easier to convince them that everything that they believed in until now.

In business life everything is hard. in a certain matter. Men usually want instant profit. God has given humanity a gift: the man and the women. like the article says. 3 . they cannot pay the credit and in the end the whole business collapses. to become much more active in showing the whole world that they were the leading factor behind every successful man. the lack of qualities that men have. They are investing money. so in business as well. So women should be taken into consideration. the only thing that we should worry about is how to maintain the stability and not to be interested in who’s running the company. while men are usually impulsive. little by little. but we must see beyond the surface.Maybe now it’s time to accept the fact that women can be as good as men. After that they expect huge profits over night. profit is the only thing that really counts. If a company works. a solid structure for the company. which always implies financial help. Each and every man is completed by a woman. which are more rational and more realistic. money which don’t belong to them (credit money). and even better. It’s time for them to prove what they are really capable of. more rational and more cerebral. At the end of the day. and they are expecting profit very soon without taking into consideration the fact that the business is a long term business. to face the light and get out of the shadow corner were men have put them. and she will build. So they cannot get the profit money so quickly. are completed by women. In opening a business a women will always try and focus on the immediate targets. In these cases the rate of bankruptcy is very big. During crisis situations. and they do the common mistake of implicating in a lot of projects. they accumulate debts. and we should give them a certain credit before we tag them. Women are more calculate. while a man will try and focus on the closest profit opportunity.

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