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Modern Day Poetry [P]oetry is not dead its just reincarnated and youre probably listening to it right now

w because its in fact alive and well in the lyrics of songs. And while it may be set to music (and perhaps synthesizer), the same rhyme, rhythm, story is beating beneath. ( Historical: Fusion of meter (fixed, abstract norms of verse line/ impersonal and unchangeable) and rhythm (fluid modulations of living speech/ personal and variable). y Robert Frost: Strained Relation- delight in setting meter and rhythm

21st Century: Rhythm is highly favored. y Free verse, a poetry of rhythm without meter, emerges and is so widely and rapidly adopted that Stanley Kunitz observes in an interview with Antaeus: "Non-metrical verse has swept the field, so that there is no longer any real adversary from the metricians. The defining element of poetry is no longer whether it is metrical or non-metrical . . . [P]oetry is defined by a certain inflection of the voice rather than in terms of a particular prosodic practice."

(Timothy Steele, Forms and Examples 21st century forms  Experimental/Visual Poetry When poems are more than words. y y y y  Advertising/Mass media Poetry has always been interwoven into daily life. y y y y  Song lyrics Todays music is a direct portal to ancient storytellers. y y Examples y Easter Wings George Herbert (1593-1633) O sweet spontaneous earth e.e. cummings (1894-1962) Vision and Prayer Dylan Thomas (1914-53) Silencio Eugen Gomringer (1925 ) Uplifting Robert Yehling (1959- ) FedEx "Relax, its FedEx" Sprite "Obey your thirst" Nike "Just do it" Pony Lets get it on Sigh No More, Ladies from Much Ado About Nothing William Shakespeare (1564-1616) Go and Catch a Falling Star John Donne (1572-1631)

Wanderers Night-Songs Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (17491832)

y y y y y y y  Node poems Literally the newest poetry form in the world. y y y y  Synthetic poetry Dedicated to questioning and highlighting the material process of creating poetry. y y

Mad Song William Blake (1757-1827) From The End Jim Morrison (1943-71) As I Went Out One Morning Bob Dylan (b. 1941) Knees of my Bees Alanis Morisette (b. 1974) from Nothin But Love Tupac Shakur (1971-1996) from Sadie Joanna Newsom (b. 1982) Choose Marci Johnson As Dawn Rises Tina Gagliardi The Inside of Out Scott Siders Himalayan Cloud-Drops Bob Yehling Postponed Joe Romano Unititled Bernadette Mayer (1945-) Fearing Space Georgia Luna Smith Faust (1986 )