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Lauritz Knudsen Electric

LKE Power Distribution Systems

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Lauritz Knudsen Electric has over a hundred years of history, serving customers with cutting edge technology, optimized products, and full range service.

LKE Power Distribution Systems

WHO WE ARE Originally named LK-NES (SEA) Ltd., the company was established in 1976 in Singapore to service local and regional power distribution requirements for lowvoltage switchgear. As of today LKE Power Distribution Systems consists of 5 subsidiaries in China and Denmark, with distributors and representative ofces in different regions of the world to provide our clients products, technology and complete systems and service packages of the highest quality and reliability. SOLUTIONS LKE Powers products and services are structured under the following key business units: Medium Voltage Systems: This business unit manufactures complete switchgear, vacuum circuit breakers, load-break switches and disconnector switches. High Tension Systems: This business unit builds 125kV, 145kV and 252kV SF6 circuit-breakers. Transformers: This business unit builds cast-resin transformers at ratings of 12kV, 24kV and 36kV. Power Automation Systems: This business unit builds digital-protection relays, auxiliary power supply systems for monitoring and control devices, SCADA and communication systems for power transmission applications. GLOBAL CONTACTS
Accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council - RvA FM 73638 ISO 9001:2008



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Country Denmark Company Name LKE Electric Europe A/S Contact Tonny Gjettermann LKE Electric Europe A/S, Bjrnkrvej 3, DK-8783 Hornsyld + 45 63 10 16 41 Michael Zentgraf Neuenbergstr. 26, D-91301 Forchheim, Germany + 49(0)9191 670424 Gideon Naude' 1424 Cunningham Ave Waverley Pretoria 0186 South Africa + 27 (0) 12 548 0868 Hoang Trung 35/45-194 Doican Str.-Badinh Dist Hanoi Vietnam 0084 4 7545985 Daechatorn 893 On nut Road. (Sukhumvit 77) Suanluang. Bangkok 10250, Thailand 0066 02 332 7527 Md. Mahfuj Al Rashid Bangladesh 880-2-8155190 Vadim Sokolov Pollu 41, Johvi 41531, Estonia + 372 33 60241 Osama Abd Elfatah Plot 53 5th Industrial Zone 6th of October, Giza, Egypt + (202) 38164079 Wee Yong Soh 51 Bukit Batok Crescent, #08-05 Unity Centre,Singapore


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LKE Power Distribution Systems

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Technology features prominently in the strategic development of our company. The research and development of technology and its successful application in processes and product development adds value to our products and increases the competitiveness of our company. The future direction of development will focus on the following : The extension and renewal of existing products. Increasing the economy and the performance boundaries of products. Developing integrated and intelligent system products. A shift from components to systems. QUALITY POLICY LKE Power Distribution Systems is committed to providing quality products and services to its customers around the world. To achieve this end, LKE-Power relies on its system of quality assurance based on the principles and methods of Total Quality Management (TQM), and the dedication, commitment, quality-awareness and experience of its employees. As a policy, all our products are type-tested in compliance with or exceeding industrial standards; our key manufacturing operations and that of our key suppliers and contractors are ISO 9001 or ISO 9002 certied and they must further conform with the industrial requirement of their respective sectors. WHERE WE ARE Head Ofces
North-Asia LKE Lauritz Knudsen Electric Co. Pte. Ltd. South Jinwan Road, Jinwan District Zhuhai Guandong PR of China Tel: (+86)756 7763050 Fax: (+86)756 7763072 South-East Asia LKE-Lauritz Knudsen Electric Company (Singapore) Ltd. 51 Bukit Batok Crescent, #08-05 Unity Centre,Singapore
12~24 kV LKE-GLBS series SF6 load break switch 12~24 kV VECTOR-M series vacuum circuit breaker 6~24 kV LKE-ALBS series load break switch

12~17.5 kV IVISAF series vacuum interrupter switch

12~17.5 kV ISOVAC-S series vacuum circuit breaker

12~17.5 kV ISOVAC-M series vacuum circuit breaker

12~24 kV VECTOR-S series vacuum circuit breaker

VMS Modular Switchgear (with VECTOR vacuum circuit breaker within)

Northern Europe LKE-Electric Europe A/S P.O Box 29, Holkebjergvej 48 5250 Odense SV, Denmark Tel: (+45) 63101640 Fax: (45) 63101649

GV2000 Metal-enclosed Switchgear (with ISOVAC vacuum circuit breaker and LKE-GLBS SF6 load break switch within)

Email General enquiries: MV Systems: HV Systems: Power Automations: Technical enquiries:
IV2000 Metal-enclosed Switchgear (with ISOVAC vacuum circuit breaker within)

IV2000 Metal-enclosed Switchgear (with IVISAF vacuum interrupter switch within)

IV2000 Metal-enclosed Switchgear (with LKE-ALBS load break switch within)

LKE-LCA-G Modular Switchgear (with LKE-GLBS SF6 load break switch within) RMX12/24 compact RMU

LKE-TBF Outdoor Pre-fabricated Transformer Substation

LKE-APEXE Outdoor RMU System with Modular Switchgear


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