INTERNSHIP PROPOSAL (For “Rapport de Stage” Students) Please respond to each statement below on a separate sheet of paper.

Have your supervisor review this proposal (Deadline: Feb 13-18, 2012). I. Student Information Name: Address: Zip: Phone: Current Phone: Phone # during internship (if different): II. Registration Information: Detail the approximate number of hours you will spend "on the job" during the internship period: Will this be a paid position? If so, what will be the rate? Who will be your Academic Supervisor/Advisor? III. Internship Information: Sponsoring Agency: Address: Zip: Telephone: Site Supervisor: Title: 1. Have you worked at the agency before? If "Yes," present a persuasive argument that explains how this experience will be a new and different learning experience for you. 2. Write one or two paragraphs to fully describing your proposed internship experience, providing details as to what you expect to accomplish during the internship period. (What will be your internship responsibilities? With what aspects or departments of the sponsoring agency will you be involved? What will be expected of you as an intern? How will you interact with various departments and with your host?)

1/2 Internship Proposal

3. In one or two sentences, describe the role of your site supervisor in evaluating the internship. IV. Academic Information: 1. Briefly describe the academic preparation you have had that prepares you for this internship. 2. Detail in three to five sentences or bullet points the academic purpose and objectives for your internship. 3. What academic work will you assume along with or outside of the work experience aspect of the internship? 4. Using bibliographic format, detail the readings that will be required of you during the internship. This information should be specific in both the amount of material and the source of the material. A bibliography is required for all internships approved for credit. 5. Explain how the readings relate to the internship experience. How will the readings be evaluated by your faculty supervisor as an aspect of your overall grade?

2/2 Internship Proposal

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