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Woman Entrepreneur of Pakistan

Mehwish Abdul Sattar

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Sheeraz Ali Shaikh BBA-VIII (A) Syed Ali Akbar Rizvi 30-JAN-2012

I do not possess an MBA degree, but I employ people who do. I was not born with

a silver spoon. Whatever I have today I have acquired with my dedication. says Mehwish Abdul Sattar

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Mehwish Abdul Sattar (Age 25-years old) Masters in Genetics from University of Karachi Founder and Chairperson of 3wogle Group of Companies Youngest Woman Entrepreneur of Pakistan in I.T Industry

She belongs to a poor family. Her father died when she was 8 years old. Her family faced tough days. She wanted to do something for her family and this aim became her motivation to do something different. She has completed her HSC in pre-medical and she got 3rd position in entry test of medical. But she gave up her seat and join university of Karachi for studying Genetics, which was emerging field in Pakistan at that time. She completed her Masters in GENETICS, she is a doctor. But she has chosen her career in I.T industry. She started her career from I.T industry, when she was student, same time she was a blogger. She created blog to promote the talent of PAKISTAN and she tried to remove negative thoughts about PAKISTAN from all over the world. She was a medical student. She wanted to something for youth of PAKISTAN. She can do something for PAKISTAN as a doctor but she thought that it is limited field, so she decided to join I.T side and wanted to do something more . She searched for job in I.T sector. She got her first job through Designation of first job is SEO intern (search engine optimization). Within six months, she became a team leader of SEO team, after 03 months she became manager in same company. She got exposure of SMO (social media optimization); she started taking projects for it. With help of SMO, she came into marketing field and working as project coordinator. At a same time she was working SEO as well as project coordinator. Within 0ne year, she became project manager at same company. In all that time she became famous in social media. With the help of social media, she got many job offers, she got offer from Multi National Company and she worked there as a manager for short period of time. Then she got another offer as to be partner of COVPO Company, she wanted to do something new in I.T industry. She suggested name for COVPO was PURE VPO. When she joined COVOP Company, there were only 08 agents which were handling indoor and outdoor orders. With team of COVPO Company, she enhanced functions of that company and started to provide more I.T solutions like web designing, graphic designing and other. In short period of time, PURE VPO started more services and products for its customers. Company size was increased to 22 agents from 08 agents. When company reached at high level, they considered MEHWISH ABDUL SATTAR as a weak agent, because of this reason she left that job and started her own business. Her initial investment was 30,000 rupees, from which she bought a used laptop, a domain named and internet connection. She designed website by herself. Initially she started work on this website from her home. She offered services such as SEO, SMO, BPO, and other related to I.T industry. She used social media for marketing her business. She got her first contract in 1st week, amount of 200,000 rupees. She worked hard for completing that contract. When she completed, she hired her first 3wogle office. Now she is Founder and CEO of 3wogle Group of Companies. She is known as a youngest I.T entrepreneur in Pakistan. She got many awards till now, recently she got Emerging brand of the Year Award from Prime Minister of Pakistan in the presence of well known personalities.