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Mr. Chairman and Board Members! My name is Terrell Barnes and I am a Dupage Resident from Roselle. I just want to take this brief three minutes to speak to an issue that concerns me. The issue that concerns me is the idea of privatization with respect to the Dupage Convelesant Center. Let me be clear at the outset, Privatization isn t something that should be rejected out of hand in every case. I do not share that view. Privatization should meet a test before it s allowed to go forward. To date, it is my belief that the idea of privatizing the Dupage Convelesant Center has not met that test. Aside from being high touted the Dupage Convelesant Center speaks to our community values. The value placed on those who helped build this county. When they were building this county into what we see now, they never left us on our own. At this point we should not leave them on their own, with the idea of a possible reduction

in service when it comes to privatizing the Convelesant Center. For my neighbors watching this County Board Meeting I would draw your attention to the site which contains information about the Convelesant Center, in it you ll find a 26 page report from a Blue Ribbon panel on the Convelesant Center in 2009. Contained within this report are many arguments against the idea of privatization. One line in that report that jumps out at me asserts the following: The mission of the Dupage Convelesant Center , specifically regarding the people served, should continue to focus on the underserved. The DPCC s mission emphasizes the provision of quality care to people who would not be able to afford this care in the private market. Focusing on the underserved is consistent with the mission of DuPage County government and DPCC s 120-year history of providing this care. Changing this mission to eliminate County support for the DPCC would be in competition with other private pay providers, and it would ultimately hurt the current and future patients (and their families) who depend on this facility.

The panel went to on to conclude that the private sector could not absorb the current demand and patients could not find alternative placement in Dupage and that a reduction in service would be a fact of life. While this report highlighted the need for capital improvement among other needs, it spoke directly between the lines when it comes to the issue of privatization of the convelesant center and I encourage a read from my fellow citizens in the audience and the board members to stand strong when it comes to protecting one of the jewels within our county.

Thank you

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