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The Washington DC YouthForce 2012 is a coalition of International and community based organizations: Advocates for Youth, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, dance4life, Espolea, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, LetsStopAIDS, MSMGF - YRG, Y+ Programme GNP+, Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Youth Peer Education Network (Y-PEER) and Youth RISE. These organizations are working together to ensure that youth is meaningfully involved and represented at the XIX International AIDS Conference (IAC) AIDS 2012. Background As the largest international gathering on a health-related issue, the IAC has consistently served as a landmark event for the AIDS community. It is a unique place where researchers, policy makers, activists, educators, people living with HIV and other key populations affected by HIV link with people in other countries and meet to share and learn about scientific discoveries and effective HIV prevention, treatments and care policies and programs. Due to the vast diversity of participants at the Conference, it is also an event at which a variety of constituencies compete for limited resources and time to highlight their issues. At the IAC, a coordinated approach is critical to effectively highlight youth issues and influence international and national level commitments. Since the Barcelona International AIDS Conference in 2000, the YouthForce has served as the collaborative mechanism for young people, organizing and mobilizing youth leaders and ensuring their access to key government and civil society leaders. Through this coordination, youth voices are heard, programs and research that affect youth are discussed and evaluated, influential adults are rallied to support youth-led programming, and international commitments favorable to youth are made. Vision & Goals for the Washington, DC YouthForce With the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC (July 22-27, 2012), the YouthForce, in collaboration with the conference’s Youth Programme, has another chance to empower young people and advocate for current and critical issues affecting youth worldwide. Furthermore, given that it is an election year in the United States, it also presents an unprecedented opportunity to elevate global HIV issues among key US foreign policy funders and stakeholders, such as Members of Congress and the US Global AIDS Coordinator, in addition to Heads of State, foreign dignitaries, Ministers of Health and Parliamentarians. YouthForce organizers are also committed to reaching out to young people and HIV organizations based in the United States as well as in Washington, DC, which has an HIV prevalence rate of 3.2 percent, to ensure their inclusion in the conference. The YouthForce will work closely with the IAC 2012 Youth Programme to contribute towards a coherent vision, illustrated by the IAC’s Youth Programme objectives for 2012, which are as follows:

Objectives of The Washington DC YouthForce The YouthForce will seek to achieve the following project objectives through the implementation of its activities, outlined further below: 1. To empower young people from both developing and developed countries to be effective advocates during the conference; 2. To build an audience of proactive young leaders who are aware and can make use of technical resources available to the field, including UNFPA other UN partners’ programs, policies, and capacity-building and training materials; 3. To facilitate representation of young people, especially young key populations affected by HIV across YouthForce activities and the main conference. 4. To raise the visibility of youth HIV issues, including the sexual and reproductive rights of young people, especially young key populations affected by HIV, during plenaries, sessions, and other events across YouthForce activities and the main conference; 5. To support networking spaces for youth delegates and adult allies by assisting with the realization of the youth reception and youth pavilion; 6. To facilitate the development and dissemination of youth-driven advocacy messages, new media, and materials that are disseminated prior to and during the conference. Committees To realize the objectives mentioned above and better represent the voices of all youth, the Washington DC YouthForce is seeking members to join the 4 different organizing committees. Pre-Conference Logistics (venue, accommodation, meals) Programme design Identify organizers, presenters, facilitators Determine and administer application process Translation of documents into different languages (when possible) Advocacy and Media Preparing youth to advocate effectively on Youth and HIV related issues Link the International HIV response context with youth messages to the Conference and International and local media Online e-consultation to develop the YouthForce advocacy and communications strategy. Translation of the consultation and communications (if possible) Organize advocacy and communications activities at the Conference and pre-Conference. Develop the YouthForce key advocacy messages Develop the YouthForce website and Social Media Strategy (Podcasting, blogging, Social Network Services, etc.) Produce advocacy materials and dissemination strategies Youth-Adult Commitment strategy and uploading daily prominent commitments Develop the youth journalists strategy linked to the advocacy and media plan Youth Pavilion and Reception Logistics & design of space Set-up of space Promotion of pavilion Co-ordinating events and sessions within pavilion Working and communicating with the Global Village Co-ordinator / Youth Co-ordinator on logistics within the Youth Pavilion

Main Conference Act as Mentor Group Assistance with navigation around the Conference Connecting delegates beforehand Developing orientation materials (Youth Roadmap to the Conference) Observing youth issues throughout the Conference Working with young speakers Engage with scientific program (Young scientists) Prepare morning sessions during main Conference Publicising youth-focused sessions to attend Selection Process The Washington DC YouthForce is co-chaired by members of youth organizations, civil society or networks and/or core partner organizations. Committee Co-Chairs will review applications and select the top 10 to 12 candidates for each committee. Although efforts will be made to provide assistance to committee members to find funding to attend the Conference, we cannot guarantee funding and have no input into the IAS scholarship decision process. Committee Co-Chairs reserve the right to replace committee members who do not contribute according to the agreed upon work plan and timeline for delivery, after discussing the situation with them privately and in advance of taking any decisions. Criteria. ! Fluency in English absolutely necessary; ! Frequent Internet access; ! Ability to attend monthly teleconference calls from March 2012 to May 2012 and weekly calls from June 2012 onwards; ! Commitment to a rights-based approach (including evidence-based information and services, condoms, sexual and reproductive rights, harm reduction, etc.); ! Skills and/or organizational capacity that is relevant to the Sub-committee you are applying for; ! Permission from the organization you work with to contribute your time (approx. 2-3 hours/ week) on a voluntary basis; ! Motivation, pro-activeness, flexibility, reliability and a good sense of humor! Ø Young People Living with HIV and young people from key populations affected by HIV are strongly encouraged to apply and get involved in the Washington DC YouthForce. How to apply? 1. Go to http://bit.ly/z3yqFV 2. Fill out the application 3. Upload your CV by clicking the “Upload” button. You will receive a confirmation message. The deadline to submit the application form is the 12th of march 2012 . If you have any questions write us to: youthforcedcyf@gmail.com Check our facebook site for more information facebook.com/youthaids2012 or follow us in twitter: @youthaids2012

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