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I have been thinking for a long time about what we do in our life..........

........Life : A tradeoff between TIME & MONEY.

Are you always adjusting in your life?

Are you in rat race - an endless, self-defeating or pointless pursuit? Are you enjoying every minute of your life?

Let’s see how most of the people live their life?

We spend a great part of our childhood studying many subjects which were irrelevant! …….and finally we get the diploma/degree that will ensure us “the position we deserve”, that will ensure a secure life and dump us into a never ending game!

…..we start by being taught in school how to become good citizens. How to do a job, how to live life just like others, how to follow others rather than how to create our own path.

We participate to the increase of unemployment, standing in the queue became our routine life……

...until we find a job.

Thru hard tests we are accepted in the world of work.

We perform a good professional career filled with activity and efforts

…a lot, a lot of efforts...

till we fall down exhausted...

BUT we are great professionals with our valuable market share.

Time keeps on passing, and...

...we select new targets.

We meet the sweetheart of our life... and here comes a baby into our home.

...and promise a neverending love.

Passionate hugs,

Damned night, couldn’t close my eyes!

We keep on advancing in the society

trying to make the best of our time.

We are the stars wherever we go

and we are finally RICH!

But we need some time more to triumph completely.

Gosh! One day they tell they can do without you.

By this time, you think getting crazy, you feel you lost means of communication.

you feel destroyed,

You realise you are cut off from everything.

Now time does not pass any longer, still you are loosing it.

You realise you’ve been living in the fog

in search of a silly target.

You become a walking ghost

trying to escape your enemies.

You are the only one longing for the hours to pass

till your time comes.

Upon this evaluation, an idea came to my mind on how to improve my life.

I decided to live life my own ways!!! decided to do what I always wish to do, decided to spend time with loved one, decided to cook food which I always wish to eat, travel to the best destination, sing the song I like most, so on……BUT
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Yes, with payment of just Rs 12,000 a year for the paid services of HBJ Capital, you will receive an exhaustive research report on a multibagger stocks (stock with minimum 10x return in 3 years).
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life y ing s, M liv e ted ly, Y t’s tar nt Le I s ere !!! f dif way wn ow? o h see

I'll take things easy.

I'll try to open my heart to my love.

I'll listen more to the ones surrounding me.

I'll save more time to spend it with my friends.

I'll try to travel more.

No, karaoke I'll never do, but I believe I'll sing more.

I'll go more times to the seaside.

I'll make my best to cook tasty food.

I'll join my friends’ warmth.

A bit love more.

I'll be happier to get news from my friends...

and achieve together common objectives

I can’t be sure, but I believe it worths trying.

“Well, say what you want, but I am a nice guy!”

I'll co-operate clean the world from nasty people.

No harm from a glass more, let me enjoy!!!

And I hope they won’t stop me when my time comes.

My money was growing in “10in3” stocks, while I was enjoying life or sleeping peacefully!!!

I do not know whether it is good for everybody, but I’m sure that at least I will have had a wonderful time… which by the way is what counts more. DON’T YOU THINK SO?

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