IBS Hyderabad

(A Constituent of The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, Deemed University)


Date: 30/01/2012

Examination Schedule  Semester‐IV 
  Academic Year 2011 - 12  
Morning Session Date Course Code 27-02-2012 (Monday) SLGM601 Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Course Title Course Code SLMM606 Management Control Systems SLIB602 SLMM611 28-02-2012 (Tuesday) SLBK604 SLGM612 Business Strategy-II SLFI614 SLHR611 SLMM605 SLEN601 29-02-2012 (Wednesday) SLFI609 SLHR602 SLBK601 01-03-2012 (Thursday) SLFI606 SLHR604 SLMM602 02-03-2012 (Friday) SLFI602 SLHR606 SLFI610 03-03-2012 (Saturday) SLHR609 Integrated Marketing Communication SLMM607 Entrepreneurial Development Portfolio Management and Mutual Funds Strategic Human Resource Management Risk Management in Banks Strategic Financial Management Global Human Resource Management Consumer Behavior SLMM608 International Finance & Trade Organizational Development: Diagnosis & Interventions Project Appraisal and Finance Leadership Skills & Change Management SLBK610 SLMM604 SLFI604 Investment Banking Services Marketing Mergers & Acquisitions Strategic Marketing Management SLMM612 Brand Management Commodities & Commodity Derivatives International Marketing Financial Modeling using SAS Quantitative Human Resource Management Global Capital Markets Customer Relationship Management Credit Management Evening Session Time: 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm Course Title Sales & Distribution Management


Treasury Management



Prof C.Vijaychandra Kumar  Associate Dean (Exams)  CC: Director, Dean, Associate Dean, Deputy Registrar 

Visiting any place other than washroom during examination. BAGS. Communicating with a student in or outside the examination hall during examination timings. amendment to registration. NO MAKE-UPEXAMINATION WILL BE ALLOWED. Indiscipline and disruptive conduct.March 03.e. 1. c. h. Cancellation of scholarships. slips or other sources in the washroom. Graph sheets will be supplied wherever necessary. Possessing unauthorized material like notes or small slips in pockets. Use of unfair means would result in academic action against students leading to: a. b. Unfair Practices Students are prohibited from resorting to unfair practices during the examination. Referring to any notes.Dt. Ordinary/and or scientific calculators only are allowed into the exam hall. e. Resorting to any other unfair means to provide or obtain advantage. Allowing/enabling other students to copy from one’s paper. g. Cancellation of any fee waiver. Copying from other students. vanity bags and purses. This information will be available in the Campusnet also. c. f.Semester II and IV All students are advised to note the following instructions relating to the End Semester Examinations being held from February 27 . 4. or on body or in any other form like cell phones. e. Cancellation of registration for subsequent semester. i. Programmable calculators are not allowed. for every examination.. a.30/01/2012 Student Notice MBA Program End Semester Examination .Vijaychandra Kumar Associate Dean (Exams) . Please check your seat Nos. d. 3. LAPTOPS and MOBILE Phones ARE NOT ALLOWED INTO THE EXAM HALL. Students are STRICTLY ADVISED NOT TO RESORT TO ANY UNFAIR PRACTICES DURING THE EXAMINATION.However only those students who are hospitalized due to ill-health and duly certified by the doctor at the Campus may be considered for make-up examination. 9. Taking or giving any kind of assistance to other students. Cancellation of academic initiatives i. whether used or not. facility for late registration. b. 6. Prof C. Students are advised not to bring any reading material into academic blocks. All students must carry their identity cards on all the days of examination. All students should occupy their seats 15 minutes before commencement of the examination. 2. Seat numbers will change for every examination. Cancellation of Student’s registration for the course(s). 5. 8. d. 7. Any of the following events (inclusive but not exhaustive) will be considered as unfair practice (s). 2012.

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