Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy

From the beginning of time, people have recognized the healing power of colour. The Vedas and quantum physics agree that all matter is made up of energy vibrations at the most fundamental level. If we look through a prism we will see that everything in the world is surrounded by colour. We all depend on light for our existence. For example, without the sun we would have no plants to give us the nutrition which we need, we would have no trees to absorb the toxins and produce oxygen. As we get and maintain our health from the sun, we also benefit from the interrelated element of the light which is the color. Colours are manifestation of cosmic powers: the powers which are responsible for life. Our ancestors diligently devised rules to understand the potentials of colours. The colours work like generators of energy in the bodies. The sun is an unending source of energy for the creatures of the earth. If this system would fault and the planet earth is deprived of the sunlight, every form of life flora and fauna would also perish. We cannot ignore this fact that the sunlight plays a pivotal role in our diet. All our food items have colours in them. Each colour affects the brain differently. For example the very bright, intense hues and shiny colors affect the most primitive, deep part of the brain known as the “limbic system.” Some people see the color red when they are angry and this reflects the connection between the physical reaction to colors and emotions. Colour therapy involves the use of energy vibrations of color in treating specific ailments and helps in balancing the natural rhythms of the body through identifying what color the body feels a need for, to create a balanced energy level. Every colour has its own therapeutic value and each one can be used to treat a particular physical or emotional problem resulting from an unbalanced level of vital energy. There are many ways of working with colour; the most effective is to place the treating color either over the whole body or on a particular spot that is suffering from a disease. Another method is for the colour practitioner to simply lay a scarf with the color needed for healing, on the area to be healed. The body should start to change its energy to match the vibrational energy of the healing colour allowing for a more balanced state. Colours have such curative property which provides health to both types of patients. Colours are the means of purging our densities, cleansing our mind, feelings and finishing our inner darkness.

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Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy

In 1666 Sir Isaac Newton expounded the Principles of Gravitation and Theory of Colours. When the sunlight or the light waves according to this theory, pass through a prism, they disperse according to their frequencies into seven bands and this grouping of waves as colours. All the other colours are shades of these seven bands of violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Colour, in actual fact is that quality of the light which it expresses after mixing with darkness or colour is simply light of different wavelengths, and each wavelength resonates with different energy centers of our body and aspects of our life. Colour can be therapeutic as well as diagnostic. Our eyes are more sensitive for yellow and green colours and interestingly the sunlight also boosts yellow and green more than other colours. Colours witnessed in a spectrum are only the visible part of the spectrum. The waves, which have wave lengths shorter than violet waves cannot be seen by our eyes e.g. ultra-violet rays, x-rays, gamma rays etc. Similarly the waves of larger wavelengths than the red also cannot be seen e.g. infra-red and microwaves. It is not so that everybody can witness the colours other than the seven colours of the spectrum. There are people who can witness even the invisible waves of the electromagnetic spectrum. We see an object black because it absorbs all the waves of the light and we see an object white because it reflects all the waves of the light. We see an object red because it reflects the waves of the red colour only and absorbs all the other waves. 3. HEALTH AND COLOURS The light, heat and color of vibrant rainbow waves create effective vibration not only in human but animal tissues as well. This frequency creates effects on the tissues. Specific colours affect specific glands. The details of which are as follows:

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Sunlight contains vitamins other than Vitamin D as well and every vitamin is related to some color. vegetables and citrus things. Dept. The sunlight is directly absorbed in fruits and vegetables but we have to take care of color balance in our diet.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy ORGANS 1) BRAIN 2) EYES 3) THROAT 4) LUNGS 5) HEART 6) LIVER 7) TESTIS 8) OVARY 9) KIDNEY COLOUR VIOLET INDIGO BLUE BLUE GREEN YELLOW ORANGE ORANGE RED Proper usage of colours restores the immune system of the patients. by over cooking and frying a lot the colors in nutrition are lost. which are the chief constituent of the human food that provides us energy. VITAMIN VITAMIN A VITAMIN B VITAMIN C VITAMIN D VITAMIN E COLOUR YELLOW COLOR GREEN COLOR LEMON COLOR VIOLET COLOR VIOLET COLOR VITAMIN K DARK BLUE COLOR The best way of absorbing colors is to use fruits. All the colours are present in the sun light and all our needs are associated with these colours and if the sun light could be stored in our biological system then the needs of the food could be fulfilled by consuming energy from that store directly. A premature born baby kept in the incubator in adequately supplied oxygen and violet light completes his growth swiftly. The sun light contains certain minerals and gases. Surathkal 3 . of Chemical Engg. Sun is an important source for the extraction of Vitamin “D". If food and light both are supplemented the energy could be increased many folds. NITK.

The astral body cannot be sighted by mean of any material gadgets but its reflection can be observed because of the fact that the reflection involves materiality to some extent. The beam or the torch spreads not only outwardly but it is also directed inwardly. Form and shape of the astral body depends upon the volume and the potential of the energy that is surrounding us. Just as a star emits light in the system of galaxies. The astral body is composed of those basic waves or the rays that are responsible for the commencement of the existence of a being. Our body is enveloped in another body of lights. Surathkal 4 . And when the lights of the astral body become still for few moments. If the astral body is healthy one stays healthy and if the astral body is not healthy then the physical body can never be healthy. This body. If the extra-accumulated energy in the feet is not discharged properly then one may become unconscious. THE ASTRAL BODY Energy centers are not located in every part of the body but it keeps on circulating the entire body. In this way a large amount of the discharged energy remains stored in our feet. our body too emits light. The reflection of the astral body spreads up to nine inches around the body. This energy after circulation all around us is earthed through our feet. delight. Astral body remains in a state of perpetual variation but sometimes. Torch with batteries could be a close example of this thing. Dept.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy 4. the body of lights remains glued to the physical body of ours but the reflection of the lights of this body spreads up to nine inches around our physical body. Our body emits light just like the stars in the cosmos. which is the actual source of light in the torch. from head to toe and discharges. The bulb in the torch is the astral body. Proper exchange of the energy earthed from the feet and the energy found in the earth beneath our feet is very important for the health of a person. one becomes connected with one's soul and this enables him to witness even the unseen things existing around. of Chemical Engg. which is called the astral body by the spiritual masters. the lights of the astral body become static. Probably the reflection of the astral body is being termed as aura by the scientists who are doing researches in this regard. All the urges pertaining to life is transfer to the physical body from the astral body. Health. NITK. sorrow and even the whole human life depends upon the astral body.

of Chemical Engg. This can happen either in positive or negative manner but this is certain that a person with a powerful aura or strong astral body dominates the person with the weaker one. There are certain points on this axis upon which the health and well being of a person depends. distorted or colourless. When such a person enters a place the whole atmosphere becomes unpleasant. Surathkal 5 . According to the teachings of Vedas and Yoga. These energy points are called as colour points or chakras. according to Book of Hopi. Both have their own axes around which all their movements revolve. The axis of all the activities and movements of human body is the backbone. And then there are people whose astral bodies are shrunk. Then there are people who enjoy such an air around them that everybody who so ever comes in contact with them is impressed because of the. the health of the physical body its movements and other activities all depend upon certain points of energy found in the human body. the Red Indian tribe of the North America resemble a lot in their structural formation. charismatic effect of their personality. NITK. or in other words one accepts the hue of others personality. THE COLOUR POINTS/ CHAKRAS The human body and the earth.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy Sometimes we happen to come across such lively people whose astral body appears to be filling up the whole room. 5. The colours of the energy centers in the body are given as: Dept.

When the negative energies accumulate over a period of time. of Chemical Engg. Surathkal 6 . Alzheimer's disease Colour indigo Related to eyes.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy When a colour or chakra is balanced. schizophrenia. lower head. the negative aspects show up. it manifests the positive aspects and when it is out of balance. idealism. sinuses and pituitary gland. an ability to see the appropriate route for the benefit of the higher self. Dept. Physical ailments: Dizziness. lack of contact with reality. Negative aspects: No concern for others. they show up as physical symptoms. NITK. epilepsy. Crown chakra/Colour violet Related to the brain and pineal gland Positive aspects: A reverence for all life. mental disorders like depression. feelings of superiority. self-sacrificing in the service of others.

lower back pain. blinkered vision. Physical ailments: Heart diseases. despondent Physical ailments:irritable bowel syndrome. balanced. independent. diseases of immune system (AIDS. sarcastic. good-humored. liver disease Sacral chakra/Colour orange Related to uterus. thyroid problems Heart chakra/Colour green Related to heart. prostate. has integrity. Negative aspects: Inability to trust intuition. of Chemical Engg. loving Negative aspects: Jealous. ear defects. Physical ailments: Diabetes. alert. calm Negative aspects: Unfaithful. creative. Solar plexus chakra/Colour yellow Related to liver. Negative aspects: Destructive. self-righteous. optimistic. lungs and thyroid gland Positive aspects: Loyal. chronic fatigue syndrome. joyous. tactful. peptic ulcers.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy Positive aspects: Highly intuitive. breasts and thymus gland Positive aspects: Compassionate. sore throat. trustworthy. bitter. faithful. Negative aspects: Over analytical. cold Physical ailments: Asthma. mouth ulcers. Physical ailments: Headaches. scattered mind. gallstones. inconsiderate. clear sighted. large intestine and ovaries and testes Positive aspects: Sociable. Throat chakra/Colour blue Related to throat. allergies). generous. pessimistic. prostatic and testicular diseases. migraines. NITK. breast cancer. stomach. spleen. Surathkal 7 . visual defects. small intestine and pancreas Positive aspects: Confident. sinus problems. miserly. ovarian cysts. orderly mind. Dept.

piles. Indigo Indigo relates to self-responsibility that is. Violet. If the disease is considered to be the result of excessive heat in the body system then the cool colours are applied. although prior to birth they rise to the position higher in the body with which we are more familiar) Positive aspects: Assertive. diarrhoea. hips. if the disease is due to lack or heat or is a result of coldness in the body system then for the hot colours are used for the treatment for example. However. It is the colour of divine knowledge and the higher mind. being the colour relating to our spiritual connection. therefore. being responsible for one’s own life. can be helpful for meditation. Red. pioneering Negative aspects: Insecure. frequent urination. it can be contra-indicated for those suffering from depressive disorders. NITK. legs and adrenal gland (The kidneys are formed within the pelvis and here they link with the base chakra energy. This colour is known as one of the cool colours. PROPERTIES OF COLOURS Colours have been broadly classified into three categories of hot. The blue. Dept. It enhances our ability to see things from a ‘higher’ viewpoint rather than purely for satisfaction of the ego or one’s material comfort. And. cold fingers and toes. but not for areas of entertainment. It has a calming effect on us and is. It is suitable for more quiet places like bedrooms. sky blue and violet are cool colours whereas the green is neither hot nor cool. for instance in fevers and for burn cases the colour blue is applied. cool and moderate. impotence 6. low blood pressure and paralysis demand red. kidney stones. aggressive Physical ailments: Constipation. Indigo is a sedative and helps in opening up intuitive powers. hypertension. of Chemical Engg. courageous. treatment rooms. Violet Violet relates to self-knowledge and spiritual awareness. helpful for those people experiencing difficulties in sleep or stress. Surathkal 8 . and study. colitis. bladder. orange and yellow and all their shades are hot colours.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy Base chakra/Colour red Related to kidneys.

Orange is the colour of creativity. Green This colour relates to self-love and the ability to give and take unconditionally. how we feel about ourselves. This is the reason why lawyers use yellow legal pads. relaxing and healing colour. It signifies speech. It enhances the spirit of truth and purpose. At the end of a colour therapy treatment. Surathkal 9 . Using a yellow-coloured paper to study for exams can enhance memory and retention. It can be used to create a relaxed. The higher three colours are known as the cool colours and are calming in effect while the lower three are known as the warm colours and have a stimulating effect. It stimulates and energizes us. It can be very helpful with study and tasks where concentration is required. Orange Orange is related to self respect. It is the colour of the intellect. as they need to remember all the details. to respect the boundaries of others. It can be helpful in times of stress. constructive communication space. of Chemical Engg. the therapist generally uses green as a balancing colour.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy Blue Blue relates to self-expression. in the middle of the visible spectrum. If one has experienced a trauma. It is a calming. Green is the balance between these two. and about the way others perceive us. Green is a balancing colour. though not as sedating as indigo. NITK. a green silk wrap around the shoulders can have a strong therapeutic effect Yellow Yellow relates to self-worth. communication and the ability to express our needs and requirements. It refers to the ability to give us the freedom to be ourselves and to respect our own boundaries and requirements. It can be used in all areas except those used for physical activity or play. and is Dept. and by the same token. It is closely linked to self-confidence.

depth. It activates the feminine energies of the body. is the colour for courage. When used along with white. Red.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy warming. Therefore. It is cleansing and purifying for the entire system. red and its variations can make a space feel warm and cozy. It stands for purity and strength. It enhances the effect of any other colour used along with it. of Chemical Engg. especially for emotionally vulnerable individuals. Red can be used in any activity area. Red Red relates to our awareness of ourselves as human beings and our place on earth. in its most positive sense. and can be used in any activity area. it is also the colour of anger and violence. especially white. Brown Dept. It can make a space look smaller and can be claustrophobic or oppressive. but needs careful choice of tone. Other Colours White White contains the entire spectrum in itself. grounding and strength. It is energizing and excites the emotions. it is helpful for getting over tiredness and lethargy and to boost sluggish circulation. It has a calming effect. and can stimulate the appetite. and gives a sense of calm and control. It is not ideal for bedrooms or areas of possible stress. Orange is the colour of fun and sociability. However. strength and pioneering spirit. Black Black stands for protection. It is stimulating and energizing. Black should be used sparingly. Red gives us courage and strength. Therefore. However. and the space in which it is to be used. used well. and always in a combination with other colours. It gives strength and encourages inner creativity. it is often used in restaurants. Surathkal 10 . NITK. it balances the polarities of the individual.

If misused however. 7. 7. It is the use of the appropriate colour at the required time that brings forth results. Whereas if it is shone on a tumor it tends to have an adverse effect. too much of it will cause diarrhea.1 Physical Effects Each colour has its properties and so different colours can achieve different effects on the same area of the body. There are many forms and theories about how this system works. but the same colour can also have different effects on different areas of the body as well. It should be noted Dept. while using yellow may improve your child’s concentration and retention power. of Chemical Engg. always consult a trained therapist and use the colours as directed. for example through the aura. Colours are a very powerful treatment medium especially if used directly in the form of coloured light. NITK. and as such they can have very powerful results if used in the appropriate way. if it is shone on the thymus gland it will aid in the regulation of T cell production. Overuse of any colour will certainly cause imbalance. All of these effects originate from the specific properties belonging to that colour. For example. How Does Colour Therapy Work? Colour therapy has two basic methods by which it can affect our body. It helps in awakening common sense and discrimination. For example green tends to promote balance. While putting colour therapy to use. one must remember that no colour is inherently good or bad.2 Energetic Effects Colour therapy also works at a more subtle level . It can function directly on our physical body or but it can also work more subtly on the different energetics of the body as well. It can be effectively used to manage hyperactivity in children and adults alike. and facilitates an objective view of life. 7. they can have sideeffects. the tumor grows. to get the best results. It calms and grounds emotions.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy It stands for grounding and establishing. So.the energetic system of the human body. Surathkal 11 .

If the magnetic fields are altered strongly enough the biochemical reactions creating the magnetic fields of our bodies will be disrupted as well. the reverse can also happen. yet ironically very weak magnet. The human body of course doesn't have wires running through it. they are just a diagrammatic representation. Just as those magnetic fields are created by electron movement from biochemical reactions.1 Weak Magnetic Field Theory This is the older of the two theories and it believes that there is a minute magnetic field around the human body. 7.) it affects us negatively because it disrupts these magnetic fields which are inherent to our bodies. This theory is believed to be true because of a simple physical law . NITK. in simple terms any movement of electrons is considered electricity. of Chemical Engg. Surathkal 12 . but it does have nerves which are active all the time in one way or another. Nerves quite literally pass an electronic impulse along their fibers to the target cells. together they can generate a decent amount of electron movement and therefore also a weak magnetic field. living under power lines etc.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy that none of these diagrams are mathematically or physically accurate. The North Pole is at the head and the South Pole at the feet.a wire carrying a current of electricity induces a magnetic field around itself. Also in the human body a myriad of various chemical reactions occur by means of electron transfer. Thus the body can be considered a large.2. Considering the scale at which these reactions occur (atomic or molecular at best) there wouldn't be much electricity generated. This postulated magnetic field is probably far more complex than what appears in this diagram which serves only as a rough guide. So when we move into areas of high electromagnetic noise (computer crammed offices with neon lights. Dept. however since a very large number of reactions occur.

Usually in these systems a dynamic equilibrium exists which allows for the control of such mechanisms by means of precise energy preservation. of Chemical Engg.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy Colour therapy aids in the regulation of these various biochemical reactions and thus it will also heal the magnetic fields surrounding us. 7. while transferring it to the appropriate target. but within an atom.2 Biophoton Theory This theory is much newer and extensive interpolation of electronic and magnetic radiation. This theory pulls upon a similar physics principle to the one above. Surathkal 13 . For example our body uses glucose as a primary fuel source. NITK. Control mechanisms exist within our bodies to harness the energy released from one reactant (chemical) and make sure that as little as possible of this energy is lost to the surroundings. is being carried out to prove it. mostly in Germany. Instead our body Dept. When a chemical reaction occurs it is a well known fact that there is a transfer of energy between reactants. but slightly different. however glucose isn't simply combusted into energy because there would be a large amount of energy wastage involved. The rays of light emanating from the bioptron can help directly in aiding the alteration of this magnetic field due to the nature of light . however it is not about electron transfer between atoms. It also has to do with the electrons in our bodies.2.

Dept. As they do so. Surathkal 14 . they will begin to occupy a slightly different orbital . The wavelength and frequency of this radiation will depend on which orbital it was on to begin with and which orbital it occupied when it was excited. they will offload the energy they are carrying. meaning that the light emitted is very weak. thereby reoccupying its old orbital.the path along which the electrons travel. NITK. During processes such as oxidative phosphorylation (glucose breakdown) the energy which is being carried around can excite the electrons orbiting around certain atoms by giving them this energy to carry. This radiation is usually light. However as it goes through this process of returning back down to its initial state it will release a tiny amount of radiation. When the atoms reach their destination. as this is done the excited electron from before will lose its extra energy and will begin to spin slower.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy organizes glucose breakdown into 2 major cycles with a total of about 18 steps through which the energy from the initial glucose molecule is removed. of Chemical Engg. As they carry the energy the electrons can begin to spin faster around the nucleus. These emissions are very low energy.

Since free radicals are quite unstable they can release energy very often. which can be seen only by those who have aroused their power of witnessing this subtle body of lights. This might not sound too serious. Surathkal 15 . When a therapist 1ooks at the patients he comes to know that which of the colours is in excess or is deficient in the patient. Either way free radicals change the chemical composition of their surroundings. in the form of biophotonic radiation. These are chemicals which are very reactive and very willing to give away one of their electrons or take away an electron from their surroundings. It is constantly unraveled and wound back up again to reveal the necessary genetic information for the growth and functioning of the cell. If the body fluids become diluted than their original condition. The subtle body controls all the movements and actions of the physical body. We have two. For developing the capabilities of therapists. Complicated concepts. Thus many scientists have postulated that the cellular nucleus is the source of most biophoton emission. He also knows that whether the cause of disease is unbalancing of feelings and emotions or it is because of external effects like germs etc. which later on are displayed upon the physical body as wounds and boils that provide a sanctuary to germs and foreign bodies. but a single electron in the wrong place can cripple the glucose metabolism of a cell very severely. experts have determined different points of this subtle body. and destructive acts and deeds produce spots in the subtle body of lights. DIAGNOSIS OF DISEASES Man is not merely the material body of flesh and bones. The place where arguably the most reactions occur is near the DNA helix inside the nucleus of a cell. dense and subtle bodies. then this state is termed as anemia or low blood pressure. dying or otherwise impaired have a higher biophoton emission reading than healthy normally functioning cells. 8. other than knowing that they are always negative. This is coupled with a slight loss of energy which can go on to the surrounding areas to cause biophoton emissions. Thus free radicals are said to be unstable. of Chemical Engg. Free radicals are also thought to be a source of biophotons. And if the fluids become thick or absorb excess heat then this state is termed as high blood pressure. negative feelings.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy Sometimes discrepancies occur in the steps of various chemical reactions mentioned before and some of the steps may be skipped for various reasons. since their actions cannot be predicted. Bitterness in the body fluids indicates excess Dept. NITK. There is a subtle body enveloping this physical body of matter. Thus cells which are sick.

the phlegmatic diseases find their way in the body system. his skin would appear to be off colour and have dark shade under the eyes.g. which cause spots and patches in the subtle body of lights. Negative feelings. These spots of the astral body become wounds and boils of the physical body allowing passage to germs of every kind into the body. he immediately notices the deficiency or excess of colour in the patient. Malfunctioning of spleen that results in default of blood production is because of the murky fluids. If the viscidity is produced in the body fluids. Surathkal 16 . complex thinking and impure thoughts result in destructive attitudes. METHODS OF TREATMENT Treatment using colours is so simple that even a man of common understanding can makes good use of this therapeutic system. In such a case therapist is required to also keep this thing into his consideration. almost none to get well. perverted emotions. He also comes to know that the excess or the deficiency of a colour or colours is because of the immoderate feelings and emotions or it is due to some external factors like germs. Colours of the light are the actual remedy for the diseases. And if such particles find their way in the body fluids that consume the red blood corpuscles then this state is termed as cancer. Exposing body intermittently in the sunlight for brief intervals. and exposure of the body before the sunlight provides it a chance to absorb the colour required by it. his eyeballs and nails would have bluish tinge. The following methods can be used for treating diseases under this therapeutic system. whereas. Dept.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy production of bile. nails and the skin. murkiness increases in the body system. viruses or bacteria. NITK. of Chemical Engg. but actually this colour dominates the entire body system and the natural immune system draws our attention towards its excess by exhibiting its symptoms on one or two parts of the body. For instance if a patient requires red colour . It takes less time at an affordable cost. headache and paralysis etc. boils rashes. When the heat of the body fluids exceeds a limit and a burnt effect is produced. One of the methods to determine the needed colour in the body is to study the colour of eyeballs. deficiency of the blue would be indicated from redness in the eyes. nails and the skin of the patient. Spectrum of the sunlight contains all the colours in it. 9. soar eyes. Sometimes a particular colour seems to exceed in a particular organ or at a single point in the body e. When a therapist looks at a patient.

keeping it on a wooden surface for four to six hours. for children: 1-ounce. After cleansing it with hot water. This oil is very effective to nullify the effects of heat in the blood. • Dosage: For adults: 2-ounce chromatized water. chromatized oil has also proved very effective. of Chemical Engg. do not place the close to another so that no bottle be over shadowed with a bottle or a different colour. this oil is used but for using on the head or as hair oil the sesame seed oil charged with sunrays using the glass bottles of sky blue colour is recommended. Keep the bottle properly secured with cork or stopper. • • • Place this bottle in the sunlight. Dept. hearing of voices and sparks or black spots seen flying before the eyes.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy • Have a glass bottle of the required colour. For massaging the affected part of the body. If the bottleof the required colour is not available take an ordinary transparent glass bottle and enwrap it in a cellophane paper of required colour in such a manner the bottle is covered from all sides using transparent adhesive tape. If bottle of many colours are to be charged. For babies: ltable spoon and for infants one teaspoon In treatment of the diseases under this therapeutic system. Accumulation of droplets in the empty surface of the bottle is an indication that the water has been charged enough. Let one fourth of the bottle remain empty. NITK. fill it with distilled water or with water that has been sterilized by boiling. Surathkal 17 . The method of preparing chromatized oil is to charge the flax or linseed oil under the sunrays for forty days in glass bottles of required colours or 200 hrs under the artificial light. The best time to treat water with coloured rays is from 10am til14 pm.

there are cases of successful recoveries reported in scientific journals. Though this therapy method is not a recent one. CONCLUSION Besides making the world around us beautiful. Surathkal 18 . Colour therapy identifies the impacts of colours on our body for the diagnosis of diseases as well as for the curing of ailments. considerable investigations and studies are yet to be carried out on this subject. Even though this therapeutic method is not a scientifically proved one. with advanced scientific research on this topic the possibility for such a replacement can never be ruled out in the future. of Chemical Engg. Though at present this method cannot be used as a substitute for the conventional treatment techniques. Dept.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy 10. NITK. colours do have another great significance as they have an impact on our health and wellbeing.

of Chemical Engg. Surathkal 19 . Live Positive: pages 42-45 Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi.Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy REFERENCES • Faraaz Tanveer. June 2008. The Text book of Colour Therapy http://www. The Colours of http://www. • • • • • Dept.htm/healing/colortheraphy.color-medicine.htm http://altered-state.

Seminar Report’2012 Colour Therapy Dept. of Chemical Engg. Surathkal 20 . NITK.

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