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Here are some interesting facts on the life and history of Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru.

Colors of India : Jawaharlal Nehru : Facts about Jawaharlal Nehru

Facts about Jawaharlal Nehru
Both as a freedom fighter and as India's prime minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was in the public limelight al his life. Still the general public is unaware of many aspects of his personality and life. Following are some facts and The information Nehruon Jawaharlal Gandhi Nehru: Dynasty

Jawaharlal Nehru was the patriarch of the Nehru-Gandhi family, which is often called the First Family of Indian politics. Over the years, the term Nehru-Gandhi dynasty has been more frequently used, given that three members of this family have become Prime Minister of India. Apart from Nehru, the other two are Nehru's daughter Indira Gandhi and Indira's son Rajeev Gandhi. After Rajeev's assassination, his wife Sonia Gandhi has been chosen the President Day/Chacha of the Congress Party. Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru was well-known for his love for children and he took many steps to ensure educational development of Indian children. Nehru's birthday, November 14, is celebrated in India as Children's Day. Children addressed him as Chacha Nehru which means Uncle Nehru.

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'The Discovery of India' was a manifestation of Nehru's wisdom and literary genius. Widely regarded a classic among books by Indian authors, Discovery of India chronicles the growth of the Indian nation from the days of Indus Valley Civilization to the British Raj. Nehru wrote this book during his incarceration from 1942-1946 after the Nehru Quit India movement. Jacket

The ubiquitous Nehru Jacket is named after Jawaharlal Nehru who took to wearing this attire after shunning his Western wardrobe. Barring the distinctive stand-up collar, the Nehru Jacket is similar to the waistcoats or suit jackets. It is the preferred formal wear for many Indian politicians.

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