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Integrated Occupational Program Language Arts 8 or 9 / Social Studies 8 or 9 Information and Communication Technology

ving Respectfully Respecting Diversity Dealing with Bullying Developing Self-Esteem

Living Respectfully

Developing Self-Esteem

Respecting Diversity

Dealing With Bullying

A Novel Idea: Creating Multimedia Presentations

Bonnie Hama, teacher, Thomas B Riley Junior High School, Calgary, Alberta, Calgary School District No 19

Creating a multimedia presentation motivates students who find reading and writing challenging. This lesson provides direction for students in creating a multimedia presentation that highlights elements learned in a novel study. Teachers should select a novel that deals with at least one safe and caring topic area: living respectfully, developing self-esteem, respecting diversity and preventing prejudice, dealing with bullying, managing anger or resolving conflict peacefully (see Supplementary Resources). When students see their work looking polished and professional, they feel better about themselves and are more likely to want to share their presentations with the class. This type of lesson is tremendously powerful in building self-esteem.

Time Minimum 10 hours of computer time Materials

Student Handout 1 A Novel Idea: Multimedia Novel Teacher Guide 1 Basic PowerPoint Instructions


Getting Started
Knowledge Now Select a novel that features a violence-prevention topic. Provide copies for all students. Do prereading activities to stimulate interest and enhance comprehension. Ask students to predict the content or storyline based on the novels title, the book jacket or the authors biography. Identify the violence-prevention theme (respect, self-esteem, prejudice and discrimination, anger, conflict or bullying) and brainstorm ideas about what these terms mean. Create specific focus questions or use anticipatory set questions (see the KidReach website) to prepare students for reading the selected novel. After reading the novel, ask students to work in groups to discuss the novels content. Review elements of the novel such as character, setting and plot. Consider creating mind-maps for each element to provide a visual and to illustrate relationships.

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Engaging Interest Tell students that they will be creating a multimedia presentation using PowerPoint with a group of two to three others. The presentation will be based on the novel. The best way to stimulate
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interest in creating a multi-media presentation is to demonstrate a presentation on a different novel. Include slides that highlight graphic animation, audio effects and interesting text. Use a presentation created by you or by former students. Review PowerPoint software and go over basic instructions (see Teacher Guide 1 Basic PowerPoint Instructions).

Learning Activities
Distribute Student Handout 1 A Novel Idea: Multimedia Novel Presentation. Ask students to refer to the mind-maps that feature the novels plot, setting and characters. This information will be important in creating slides for their presentations. Remind students about the potential to make their presentations interesting, polished and professional looking by using graphics, sound effects, pictures and animations. Urge students to be creative and to experiment with the technology.

Use Student Handout 1 A Novel Idea: Multimedia Novel Presentation to evaluate the slide shows. Consider using peer evaluation and/or self evaluation to add another dimension to the process of assessment.

Practise presenting in class and then encourage the group to present to elementary language arts classes. Encourage them to create PowerPoint presentations for other assignments or to develop a presentation that features a chosen career.

I OP Language Arts 8 and 9 Learner Outcomes

Responding to Literature Students will use the characters and situations in literature to expand their knowledge and learn more about themselves and others. Students will examine problem-solving and decision-making strategies in literature and compare them with personal strategies. Concepts Students will develop an understanding that a relationship between literature and reality exists and warrants exploration. Skills Develop understanding of story elements (setting, character, conflict and plot) Identify forces in conflict Recognize that literature reflects human life and experience Become increasingly sensitive to the feelings of others

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OP Social Studies 8 and 9 Learner Outcomes

Personal/Interpersonal Development Students will develop the desire to become responsible, participating members of society, and develop a sense of responsibility for personal behavior.

Division III ICT Learner Outcomes

Students will communicate through multimedia by creating multimedia presentations that incorporate meaningful graphics, audio, video and text gathered from remote sources. Curriculum Links Identify and apply the process skills of recalling, imagining, analyzing and synthesizing Investigate problem-solving/decision-making strategies Develop vocabulary Retell a story or describe an event (summarizing) Recognize organizational patterns Develop an understanding of story elements (setting, character, conflict) Identify and write complete sentences Adhere to the conventions of spelling Work cooperatively in pairs to create a presentation Use PowerPoint to create a multimedia presentation

Safe and Caring Topics and Concepts

Living Respectfully Understanding Conflict, Peace, Justice and Violence Identifying and recognizing ways that conflict, peace, justice and violence affect us Recognizing that violence is learned and can be unlearned Examining messages received about conflict, peace, justice and violence Examining methods that help us deal with conflict and problem solving Examining the role of media in violence Developing Self-Esteem Striving for Competency Builds Self-Esteem Taking Responsibility for Our Language and Actions Communicating Thoughts and Feelings Respecting Diversity and Preventing Prejudice Respecting Human Rights Dealing with Bullying Standing Up for Yourself

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Teaching Strategies
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Cooperative Learning Inquiry Learning Direct Instruction

Problem Solving


Generalization and Transfer

Peer Teaching

Empathy/Affective Education

General Teaching Activities/Ideas


Cross Grade Peer Teaching


Mind Mapping

Supplementary Resources
Kid Read: The Online Reading Center (www.westga.edn/~kidreach/index.html) includes the following resources for teachers: anticipation guides, lesson plans, book reviews and an online writing lab. Novels that feature violence-prevention topics: Life in the Fat Lane, by Cherie Bennett ( selfesteem Belle Praters Boy, by Ruth White ( diversity and preventing prejudice The Girl Death Left Behind, by Lurlene McDaniel ( diversity and preventing Prejudice Gathering Blue, by Lois Lowry ( respecting diversity and preventing prejudice Jungle Dogs, by Graham Salisbury ( dealing with bullying Ryan Jordan, by Jordan Cray ( relating to the Internet, living respectfully and responsibly Somewhere in the Darkness, by Walter Dean Myers ( respectfully The View from Saturday, by E. L. Konigsburg ( diversity and preventing

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prejudice (this one is good for slow readers and speaks to people with disabilities) The Watson's go to Birmingham, by Christopher Paul Curtis ( with bullying, managing anger and resolving conflict peacefully The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton ( and with bullying and resolving conflict peacefully

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Student Handout 1

A Novel Idea: Multimedia Novel Presentation

You have read the novel, and now its time to have some fun. Your assignment is to create a PowerPoint presentation on what you have learned. Search the Internet for appropriate clip art, sound effects, pictures and other graphics. Use information from the novel to ensure that your presentation is accurate. Your presentation must include: 1. Title and AuthorSlide 1 should contain the title of the novel and the author's name. (5 points) 2. 3. SettingDescribe where and when the story took place. (5 points) CharactersDescribe the major characters, using complete sentences. Focus on their personalities and physical characteristics. Create one slide for each major character. (20 points) Plot summaryWrite a detailed summary of the plot. Use complete sentences. (20 points) QuotationsChoose three important quotations (and note the page numbers). Explain why each quote is important in terms of its context. Use one quotation per slide. (15 points) CreditsThe last slide should provide your name(s), the place and the date of publication. (5 points)




Please spell-check your work. Total: /70

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Teacher Guide 1

Basic PowerPoint Instructions

These simple instructions will allow you to help students do their first PowerPoint presentation. As they become familiar with the software, they will try many other ways to enhance their work. To begin: Open PowerPoint and click on template and OK. Choose presentation design and click OK. Choose slide auto-layout and click OK. Text Click on boxes on the slide to add text and photos. Use WordArt to enhance text. In WordArt, select a text style and type in text. Photos can be added from the library included in the program. To insert photos, click on insert, picture and clip art. Use the Internet as another source of photos. If you are using a MacIntosh, simply find appropriate images and drag them to your document. If you are using a PC, save the image to a file and insert it into your document. When the slide is complete, click on insert and a new blank slide will appear. Repeat the process by clicking on auto-layout then OK to create a sequence of slides. To arrange slides: To arrange the order of the slides, click on view and slide sorter. Delete, cut, paste and organize the slides. To animate slides: Click on slide show and preset animations. Choose the desired effect from the list. Whichever box you click in will be the one affected by the application of effects. The effects will appear in the order that they are applied.

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