Specialist Clinical Chemistry, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Hamad Medical Corporation, PO Box 3050, Doha, Qatar

Phone: 009746781399 E-mail: drangela1@hotmail.com

Dr. Angela Godwin M.B.B.S., M.D.,F.A.G.E.

Date of Birth Sex Height Weight Family status No of dependents

5th March 1974 Female 5’ 3’’ 64kgs Married Two

Summary of positions clinical and diagnoistic.

1-4-1998 to 10-9-1999 CSI Neyyoor Medical mission Hospital Neyyoor Tamil Nadu. Junior Doctor September 1999 – July 2002 Kasturba Medical College Mangalore, Karnataka Post graduate cum Tutor in Biochemistry Sep 2002 – April 2005 Manipal College of Medical Sciences Pokhara, Nepal Lecturer in Biochemistry May 2005 – May 2007 Saudi Arabia Specialist Biochemistry Ministry of Health, Dammam Central Hospital,

June 2007 – July 2007 Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar Locum, Clinical Chemistry August 2007 – Till date Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar Specialist, Clinical Chemistry

D. in Biochemistry Secondary schooling Qualifications obtained (last CSE/GCE.S Kasturba Medical College. Mangalore. Mangalore. 9017 5 year membership in AACC.M. SOUTH INDIA.S Higher Secondary School for Girls. Karnataka. KANYAKUMARI district.Education 1992 – 1997 M.org. Membership number is 112786. 48743 dated 27-3-1998 Association of Clinical Biochemists of India (ACBI) – 2411/LM/JOUR Fellow of Academy of General Education – No. Certificate of confirmation 7/6/1998 Home Church . HIGHER SECONDARY COURSE CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION March 1991. with dates) Date available to start work: Period of notice required: Name of School & Town L. O or A Levels. NEYYOOR. 29189 Karnataka Medical Council – No.B. Sept 1999 – July 2002 Kasturba Medical College. . Neyyoor NIL 3 months PHONE: (Home) Country Code 0091 Area Code 4652 Number 278416 PHONE: (Work) Country Code 00974 Area Code 4393170 Number NATIONALITY: INDIAN Passport No: Place of Issue: Date of Issue: Expiry Date: Professional memberships A-8794885 BANGALORE 12-05-2000 11-05-2020 Indian Medical Council (IMC) – No.aacc. Karnataka M.B. www.

Mangalore.(February 2000). During the third year I had supervisory responsibility for the medical students. Manipal College of Medical Sciences. Nepal. Kozhikode-12. “2nd South zone CME meet in laboratory medicine VIVEKCME 2003” by Vivek institute of Laboratory Medicine. Calicut-8. In the initial two years I rotated through most clinical chemistry specialities under direct consultant supervision. India. CME’s and conferences attended Journal reviewer 1. “Workshop on teaching methodology” by The department of Medical Education. XXVI Annual conference of ‘The Association of Clinical Biochemists of India’ Christian Medical College. Pokhara. "CME program on Application of molecular genetics in clinical medicine – Perspectives for the next century". at University Medical Center held by S. Nagerkovil. As part of the training program I conducted a research study looking into the Lipid peroxidation of Fish and Fish Oils which was accepted by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) a Deemed University recognized by the Medical Council of India and the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom as a dissertation for an MD degree in Medical Biochemistry with a special interest in Lipid profiling. Pokhara. "Preconference workshop on Hands-on training of immunodiagnostic and biosensor techniques and procedures and guidelines on Quality Control in clinical laboratories". Manipal College of Medical Sciences. My position as a lecturer in Medical Biochemistry representing the Job Description . & HIV Update programme-DERMAT 2003” by The department of Dermatology. India. 9th Asian – Pacific congress of clinical biochemists. (APRIL 2003). Tamil Nadu. Vellore. "CME on BLOOD BANKING". "Preconference workshop of GENECON 2000 on Recent trends in laboratory medicine". “Dermatology. K. (JANUARY 2000). nursing staff and junior doctors in addition to the laboratory duties at Senior Registrar level. (October 2003). Calicut-8 and Indian Institute of spices research. Vellore.Interests and activities Diagnostic Biochemistry. University Library of Regensburg. Christian Medical College. Germany. District unit . Research and Teaching. Member of International Advisory board of Internet Journal of Medical Update ISSN 1694-0423 indexed/listed in The Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek EZB (Electronic Journal Library). Medical College. (JANUARY 2000). India. (APRIL 2003). New Delhi. (FEBRUARY 2000). India. Nepal.Karnataka Chapter of Indian association of Pathologists and Microbiologists. STD. (JANUARY 2000). India. (MARCH 2002). India. Medical college.

including taking part in all relevant national external quality assurance programmes. Pokhara. ensured that Clinical chemistry training was promoted and maintained at high quality (post graduate medical students (MD and MSc. Service and administrative duties on various committees like . Medical documentation Technology. . Administrative • • • Contributing to management within the trust. Implementing an on-going medical audit programme within the department and participating in multidisciplinary clinical audit. The unit was committed to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Responsibility for achieving and maintaining full accreditation of the laboratory. Saudi Arabia. including the assessment and introduction of new methods. and forward planning for staff and equipment requirements. Teaching and Training • • Supervision and training of junior medical staff in clinical chemistry.Regional consultant clinical chemistry committee. Most of the machines are controlled by an external computer attached to it and also runs Laboratory Information System (LIS). Acting as custodian of data under the Data Protection Act. The laboratory has a throughput of around 450 samples on an average per day.Consultant medical staff committee . Post certificate BSc Nursing. both locally and regionally. medical students MBBS. BSc Nursing. DUTIES OF THE POST Laboratory • • • • • Clinical • • Liaison with clinicians. Day-to-day supervision of diagnostic methods and examination of specimens and authorisation and interpretation of the results obtained.Manipal College of Medical Sciences. The laboratory works round the clock and is networked with the central server for immediate report transfer. I was responsible for the weekly postgraduate teaching program. Provision of an on-call service in clinical chemistry. Business planning.Directorate of pathology (or equivalent) . via the directorate structure. post graduates and others. Bachelor of Physiotherapy and SHO’s). Nepal. I took active part in the audit of the unit. Teaching medical students. Responsibility for quality assurance within the department. hospital staff and GPs concerning the diagnosis and management of patients. Currently I am working as a specialist in Clinical Chemistry at the Central Hospital at Dammam. and supervising and assessing Medical Students.

0091-4652-278416 Email . Pokhara.www. (MARCH 2002). India.com Dr Vivian Dsouza MD. Water Tank Road. Deep Heights. Mangalore 575001. Prabhu HR. Professor and Head. Phone . Department of Biochemistry.Research • To carry out appropriate research and analysis of laboratory data Professional • Presentations at Conferences Publications To fulfil continuing medical educational requirements. Nepal. New Delhi. Kasturba Medical College. (Old No 66-B). Post Box 155. Dr Narasimha Rao PhD.50megs. Godwin A. ‘Glorious Cottage’.drangela1@hotmail. Nagercoil 629001.. . Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry. “Lipid peroxidation of fish and fish oils”. Department of Biochemistry. India.com Website URL Referees http://drgodwin. Light house hill road. Manipal College of Medical Sciences. Tamil Nadu. Professor and Head. 2006. Lipid peroxidation of fish and fish oils. At 9th Asian – Pacific congress of clinical biochemists. 21 (1) 202-204 Download here Permanent address No 131.

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