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CBS Documentary - A Visit To The Holy Mountain ATHOS,...

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CBS Documentary - A Visit To The Holy Mountain ATHOS, Greece
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For more information, you can access any of these links: The Holy Mountain Athos (The Garden of the Mother of God) was created by ancient Byzantine emperors to be the spiritual capital of Orthodox Christianity. Millions of Orthodox Christians believe it is the most sacred place on Earth. There are 2,000 Anthonite monks living in what is the most unique monastery complex in the world; most pray all day. Some monks even tell that they pray while they sleep -- and they only get about three hours of sleep a night. The monks divide their day into three parts: They spend about eight hours a day in church, and when they're not resting their time is dedicated to the work needed to keep the 20 monasteries running. Mt. Athos is also beautiful and has probably changed less than any other inhabited place on the planet. Some of the monasteries here are perched high on cliffs above the Aegean Sea, with sylvan hills as a backdrop and architecture that could have come out of a medieval fairytale. It was the architecture that first attracted a young boy from Winthrop, Mass. "It was just so impressive and I turned around and I said to him, 'Dad, you know, I don't think I am going to believe that somebody lives in that building until I step on those balconies myself," says Fr. Iakovos, one of three monks originally from the U.S. He came to Mt. Athos 25 years ago and he points out that it's not just the way of life that hasn't changed, neither has the Divine Liturgy that the monks celebrate every day. "You have to understand, the words that we are saying in today's liturgy are the same words Christ was saying, are the same words that saints from the first century, the second century, the third century, the fourth century". Over the last millennium, the 20 monasteries here have been a repository for sacred treasures and religious relics that date back to the days of the Byzantine Empire. Father Matthew, from Fond du Lac, Wis., was given special permission by the abbot of Vatopedi Monastery to show just a few of the almost 4,000 religious icons stored there, the highlight, a restored icon of Christ dating from the 14th century. These priceless artifacts are kept behind lock and key and are rarely seen by pilgrims or even the monks themselves. The lock system was ancient and

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2/12/12 10:37 PM

but who cares.A Visit To The Holy Mountain ATHOS. too. specific for our times full of confusion.. a former professor at the Harvard Divinity School who is from Long Island. We have the same love for you. If would review your first comment you would see you did the http://www. nothing more.Satan". Cryptomyself 2 months ago 2 Top Comments Love to our ortodox brothers Greeks. if you are attacked its not from God. you see -. Category: Education Tags: GREECE GREEK ELLAS ELLADA MACEDONIA MAKEDONIA ΕΛΛΑΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ ГРЧКΑ МАКЕДОНИЈА ИME ИMETO FYROM F.possibly divine intervention.CBS Documentary .as God is quiet in truth mystic81006 2 months ago @mystic81006 Nobody attacked you.. May God bless you! Cryptomyself 6 months ago 6 All Comments (42) Sign In or Sign Up now to post a comment! see all very good Documentary!!! greekpoliticalaction 3 weeks ago 2 of 3 2/12/12 10:37 PM . It could be described as "a medieval version of the nuclear launch control. the monks there have been devoting their lives to prayer for 1." Hitler's plan was to loot the sacred treasures though.071 views Introducing the Dominican Sisters of Mary .Y. its just a opinion.809 views A Pilgrim's Way [Orthodox Documentary] Part 1/8 by MrBlessing777 4. no hatting on any one. from Melbourne..just a simple opinion. tells that the German forces were about to invade the peninsula. allow the others. In the frontline warriors in the battle of good versus evil. The monks wrote a letter and asked Hitler to place the Holy Mountain under his personal protection and "It seems that Hitler liked the idea and accepted the invitation to become the personal protector of the Holy Mountain. and he sent an advance team of academics to photograph and catalogue almost everything on the Holy Mountain.Dezvaluiri uimitoare . by PustniculDigital 15. The copyright belongs to the creator of this video (CBS) which deserves all my gratitude.after all.. your neo-gnostic attitude. Athos have attracted many invaders over the centuries. by Gabyvasi2012 one really knows why -. no jugments. In them you will find the truth the a christian should fight against wrong teachings and opinions." The rare treasures on Mt.2011 by dsmmeit 9. Fr Maximos. won't impress those who really read the real Scripture.. Nikandros.R.335 views Load more suggestions Uploader Comments (Cryptomyself) I pray for the day that people stop trying to attack each other and talk to one another with love and respect.Y. They say they try to get as close to God as humanly possible. It requires four separate keys to unlock the door to the inner sanctum. TRUTH TRUE NAME ISSUE License: Standard YouTube License Show less Muntele Athos Documentar SUBTITRAT RO Part 2 by dogmartist7 1. because no one monk is allowed to have all four keys at the same time.000 years. Australia..708 views Razboiul parapsihologic . The monks met with German officers who told them the only way to save themselves was to make a direct appeal to Hitler. Its a sad thing to leave your opinion. says their monastic life also serves another mission -. and normally takes at least two monks to unlock the extraordinary.. not against those who portray them.966 views 2/2 Muntele Athos (la Emisiunea "60 de minute" .. from Serbia!! nole003 6 months ago 15 @nole003 Thank you very much. N. By the way. so defensive at some point to impress people. then. I remember when I was a kid and a mans opinion was just that.µονή Γρηγορίου Αγίου Όρους by gipapanta45 8. i will say it one more time.562 views Θεοφάνεια στην ι. Fr. then get attacked for it as its just one mans opinion.O. you were just explained another opinion. "We fight against the angels of the dark side.The opinion might not be your views.M. so. not a thing was ever taken -.of the devil -. I did not make this video and I do not own it. Most monks today consider the Nazi episode a small blip on the road -.

without knowing me but for some words.These men cant save any one @mystic81006 Are you some kind of masonic heretical sectarian? The point of mount Athos is silence and eternal original prayers.. and no body said it is. mystic81006 3 weeks ago @3SRBIJACCCC I don't understand where all the hate is coming from. Go read some history and find me the peace times your dreaming about.But when you turn others away because of religion then you are wrong. If there were no Orthodox Liturgies and prayers God would be probably very angry over us. 3SRBIJACCCC 3 weeks ago @mystic81006 You think when you were grwoing up there was no hate and religious conflicts. But you cant understand that. Be well! Cryptomyself 2 months ago 1 2 3 4 5 Next » View all Comments » Help Terms About Press & Blogs Safety Copyright Report a bug Creators & Partners Try something new! Advertising Developers New Privacy English Worldwide Safety: Off 3 of 3 2/12/12 10:37 PM . and apostles knew Christ and his Faith much better then you and me.CBS Documentary . I did it because of love for you. it is their non-stop prayers and tears which please God for mercy. I cant stand these people that comment about their youth like it was the perfect life and time to live.Orthodox Church teaches having sex before marriage is sin. BX0207 1 month ago Love to all of you and I am very glad I gained some valuable knowledge about you all. mystic81006 3 weeks ago @mystic81006 I checked your account and i saw you are from the US. Greetings from Mexico. I guess people just chewed bubble gum and played in the man can save you with any prayer unless in faith.really.not the saints. These monks are pleasing God with all their prayers and Liturgies. and family would distract them. John the Baptisor and early Christian fathers... Again. and that made me clear from where all that ignorance is coming only point was these people are no better then any one else in there living. but maybe you hate anybody who doesn't agree with you and this is your reaction. who insults who and who judges who? I just tried to show you the importance of the teachings and practices of Gods Son concrete over the ages Body. they follow the way of life of apostles.But Yashua went to the sinners.Maybe cause you were a kid thigs seemed like that.A Visit To The Holy Mountain ATHOS. not some imagined individual faith of a perfect a kid should see things..this was my only point.the world is sinful.. They live like Apostles lived.. So be thankful. 3SRBIJACCCC 3 weeks ago @3SRBIJACCCC As for them praying for the world? not one man in the whole world can save any one from anything but the lord.When you hide your self from the world this is fine. ozzieovb 2 months ago @mystic81006 I don't need any win in this conversation and thank you for the insult of calling me a hateful person.First making family is not a sin.and everyone lived happily everywhere.they turn women away and others also as if there the most perfect people. Their mission is to pray for the world. Geez.My point here is do not follow men who follow tradition. http://www...follow only Yashua.

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