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FIGHT DIRECTOR - STAGE (selection) Womens Project Ensemble Studio Theatre NY Intnl Fringe Festival Pulse Ensemble Theatre PS122 / 3LD Art and Design Ivoryton Playhouse (CT) The Wild Project/Push Productions Nicus Spoon/Emerging Artists Theatre Boomerang Theatre Company Cherry Lane Theatre Manhattan Theatre Source Boomerang Theatre Company Boomerang Theatre Company Edinburgh Intl Fringe Festival Impetuous Theatre Group Boomerang Theatre Company Treasure Island Casino Las Vegas (Co-FD) NY International Fringe Festival Boomerang Theatre Co / Fringe NYC Davis & Elkins College Mount Holyoke College Mount Holyoke College Gorilla Repertory Theatre Gorilla Repertory Theatre Oberon Theatre Ensemble FIGHT COORDINATOR FILM / TV Departure Films (for Court TV) Braidwood Productions Showtime Black Filmmakers Showcase Wacky Dog Imageworks Camilla Films INSTRUCTOR American Musical & Dramatic Academy Broadway Classroom The School for Film and Television NYU Yale School of Drama Camp Broadway Disney Cruise Line Emergency Skills, Inc. The Apple Cove Bike Wreck Veritas MacBeth Gin & It The Miracle Worker The Secret Agenda of Trees Venus & Mona Native Speech Topsy Turvy Mouse All the Rage (NY premiere) Summer and Smoke The Ugly Man Twas Two to a Grave 12th Night of the Living Dead King Lear The Sirens of T.I. Andrus Head Youll Have Had Your Hole Macbeth Iphigenia and Other Daughters Hamlet The Death of King Arthur As You Like It Phaedre Giovanna Sardelli John Gould Rubin Ryan J. Davis Alexa Kelly Reid Farrington Jacqueline Hubbard Michael Kimmel Melissa Attebery Christopher Thomasson Daniella Topol Daryl Boling Cailin Heffernan Christopher Thomasson Peter Hilton John Hurley Philip Emmot Kenny Ortega Mark Dendy Francis Kuzler April Daras Alycia Smith-Howard Alycia Smith-Howard Christopher Carter Sanderson Christopher Carter Sanderson Tim Errickson Michael Hanna Andrew Bellware Abiola Abrahms Bruce Cains Peter Hilton

Haunting Evidence Buried Secrets Millennium Crisis (feature) Ophelias Opera (short) Lunch Hour (spec commercial) Tea Before Honour (short)

Current - Stage Combat Faculty since 2001 Stage Combat Workshops Stage Combat Teacher - Summer Program Guest Lecturer / Choreographer Asst./Sub for Rick Sordelet Stage Combat Workshops Asst. to Rick Sordelet / Fight Captain Certified Instructor (CPR, AED)

TRAINING (Acting and Stunt Performer resumes upon request. SAG/AFTRA/AEA) Rick Sordelet, J. Allen Suddeth, Richard Ryan, J. David Brimmer, Ricki G. Ravitts (among others) Taekwando, Hapkido, Kendo, Single Sword, Rapier/Dagger, Broadsword, Small Sword, Hand-to-Hand, KungFu/Eastern style fights, Sword/Shield, Knife, Quarterstaff, Short Sword, Double-Sticks, Katana, Cutlass, Rapier/Cloak, Contact Improvisational Grappling, Found Weapons, Bullwhip, Falls, Rolls, Firearms