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Volume 1, Issue 4

Mrs. Desirees Class

Updates and Reminders
2012 is definitely in full swing. We have enjoyed so many Class Connect Sessions together. The students are doing great. I am so proud to be their teacher. I have had a lot of the general education teachers tell me that several of my students are hitting it out of the park on Blue Ribbons on Study Island! Way to go students and parents for encouraging your children to use this tool. This is a friendly reminder to log your attendance daily. I know that it is a pain to remember to do this, but it saves time in the long run! Also, make sure to have a working microphone and internet connection at all times. I know that the internet is something that you cannot control for the most part, but it is your only way to connect your child to their educational opportunities each day. It is a requirement to have both consistently. Please let me know if you have questions about this.

Upcoming Dates to Note for March

Spring Break

March 19th22nd March 28th April 3rd and 4th April 9th13th

Mrs. Desiree at a conference

1st and 2nd Grade Iowa Testing

3rd 8th Grade ACTAAP Testing

My contact information: Desiree Rutter Call or text: 870-834-3886 Fax: 866-571-9484 Class Connect Link

Have a Naughty Computer or Microphone?

To get this guy fixed or any other accessories that came with your K12 computer: Visit the web: http:// contact-support Check the Online Customer Support first, where you'll find school contact information, resources for learning coaches, help with technical questions, materials and equipment delivery information, and more. For additional help, you can: * Call toll-free at 866.K12CARE

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Math Drill/Concepts A-For the last month or so we have been using my Elluminate version of Calendar Math. This is something that I have seen in the regular classroom and I knew it would be great to weekly practice skills such as time and elapsed time, fractions, decimals, place value, shapes and their attributes, measurement, fractions and the list goes on. I created my own whiteboards to Caption describing closely represent picture or graphic. the Calendar Math and I think the kids are learning a lot of their basic skills this way. Math Drill/Concepts B: We are taking it a step further in this class with Elapsed Time, converting and converting in the metric system. Oh MY! It has been fun and King Henry helped us out a lot! :)

Writing Whizzes
This month we have focused on the Procedural Genre in writing. The students have been writing How To articles in Study Island. Can I just say I have learned a lot? I have learned to breed Chihuahuas,
Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth

how to hunt, how to skeet shoot, how to build a fire, and dont forget how to build a lego mini laptop! Most of the students are in the editing process and we are hoping to

be finished up in the next week or two. Maybe I will have a few brave souls to even present their papers to their classmates. :)

Reading Rockets
Reading A- We have explored the following stories: Wreck on a One Way Street with Contractions, Wedding of the Triplet G Sisters, The Shunning Letters and The Elvis Song. Ask your kids what these stories are all about! Many of these stories go right along with what is learned in the Mark 12
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Reading Program. Reading A and B have also been working on Asking Good Questions when we are reading, identifying the main idea in passages of text, as well as using conjunctions when combining sentences. I am tired just thinking of all the work we have been doing!

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Mrs. Desirees Class

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Volume 1, Issue 4

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Did you Know?

. . . . I was famous last month.? You might have missed it! :) I wanted to make sure you had an opportunity to see what your staff at ARVA has been up to. We presented in the National Speaker Series and the recording is no longer available, but the documents that we presented are absolutely available. These documents can help you if: 1. You have multiple children in the program. d/1EeM-J9xaZjHuymk1OsJS36xblL9fS_GcPHBA_8k3yU/edit d/1xNLWZnXgFhHeDWp7BJl37lpcAI7xo D1UWdnLlHmgeXM/edit d/1CHX0Expmb3kfk7C5pLE2nAC4C0z WzmlKx2srdoTt0vU/edit

History lessons? d/1vK4PZpbanUmqSvqSUVGx1ZwYzrxLOYnG4Do_n28eQM/edit If you want to add a little spark to your teaching!


Did you know that you dont even have to leave your living room to visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston?


Did you know that you can combine your art and history lessons to make it more meaningful and take less time?

If you have a child that struggles with reading.

Did you know that there are programs out there that can help your child read their d/1yZvyzgUGVZHTCP4uE02tA22ukFkK3 GUvsO0-kNNg05s/edit