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Resume of Kim A.


Name of Staff: Profession: Name of Firm: Nationality:

KIM JAIHANI Cobol Developer Global Bridge Resources Filipino


• •

Has more than two years of development testing experience on Mainframe application platforms Trained and experienced in Software Development and Testing Specializes in Manual Test Execution

Technical Skills:
AREA Languages RDBMS Software TECHNOLOGY / SOFTWARE / HARDWARE Mainframe COBOL, JCL, Visual Basic 6.0, Turbo C DB2, SQL CICS, ChangeMan, IBM File Manager, IBM Debugger

Employment Record:

July 2009 – Present

Finance QA Project Enterprise Adjustment System Project HIPAA D.0 Compliance Project Duration

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Headstrong Philippines Inc. Role/Tasks

Role as Mainframe QA/Tester: • • • Developed Test Plan and Test Cases based on the Functional Requirement Created and test data for testing executions. Captured test results and escalate found

it takes a whole day transferring the output of a SPUFI query to an excel file and it also depends on the number of records that will be fetched by the SPUFI query. Coded and unit tested impacted components. you will have to do a thousands of copying and pasting. Fixed bugs and defects that was found during SIT testing. Conducts peer review on the coded • • • • .Medicare Part B New Benefit Plans Project Revenue Recognition Enhanceme nts Project Medicare Part D 45 Days Prompt Pay Project Amerigroup and Fidelis Prompt Pay Phase 2 Project Emblem Health Implementat ion Project • • • RX Number Expansion Project July 2009 – March 2010 • defects and discrepancies Managed internal documents as the team’s CM Admin. Before this JOB was created. Role as Mainframe Developer: • Developed detailed designs of impacted components based on the high level designs. The created JOB processed the output of a SPUFI and then converted into CSV format which can be viewed in MS Excel for further formatting and presentation. Developed unit test plans and scenarios for impacted components. The output of the SPUFI query can fetched of up to thousands of records and when you transfer it to excel file. Developed a JOB that automatically translates Mainframe’s SPUFI (SQL Processing Using File Input) outputs to MS Excel readable file. Test Cases and Test Results walkthrough with the onshore clients. This helped the team minimize the time effort in test data gathering and preparations. Created JCLs or JOBs that further speeds up test results validations and more accurately. Conducted Test Plans.

Developed a parser using Visual Basic 6. unit test plans and unit test results.• components and on created detail designs. Education: SCHOOL DEGREE / HONORS RECEIVED DATES Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering 2009 .0 that helped the team minimized the time effort to analyze impacted components.