Narrative Breakdown

Character: Bodyguard - Andreas (Obstacle) Environment: Factory - Controtech (Computer Manufacturer) Prop: Catapult - Entry Point (Climax) Premise A tale of retribution where the working class reveal their implosive traits to once again tilt the scales of justice in their favour. Log Line Factory worker Alastair wants retribution for getting laid off from his job by CEO Jim Norton aka the Tyrant . The only thing standing in his way is Norton s private bodyguard Andreas, a brute who has the brawn of a ship with the size to match. Just how far will Alistair go to come face to face with the Tyrant ? Synopsis Factory worker Alastair is laid off from his job at the Controtech factory due to the accidental breakage of equipment. Alastair wants revenge on his ex boss CEO Norton aka the Tyrant but to do so he has to get past Norton's pocket-giant Andreas aka the Giant , a bear of a man who is known for his extracurricular activities & cunning. Alastair s only option is to defy the Giant & aim longingly for the window that will eventually lead him to the Tyrant .

Character Biographies The Worker Name: Alastair Role: Central protagonist Demeanour: Implosive, restless but eternally exhausted Gender: Male Age: 34 Physical Characteristics Alastair is slouched & ragged; he looks as though he spent the night in his car with the radio for company. His shirt is stained, untucked and his hair is bed ridden as if he has been startled by a fire alarm. He is underweight and shaves intermittently when time allows it. He has most of his natural black/grey hair, even after working in a job he hates for 5 years. His shoes are new but not fancy, he has a tie pin he won for being employee of the month some 3 or so years ago. He hasn t smiled since his old employer left, having lost the company in a game of cards to his new boss Jim Norton . One could mistake him for an off the clock private eye if they were to squint their eyes at the right angle but of course they d be completely wrong. No cheating husband or gun toting maniac would fear him partially due to his weight not that his size is impressive... Biography A man of the middle class, who has a login & grind out approach work ethic. Trust in the chain of command his father would say to him which speaks volumes for his upbringing. No job is impossible & every job is tolerable or is it? Alastair certainly believes so, quite possibly to his own inevitable demise. Having done any and everything his job has ever asked of him including involuntary after hours work for no pay. Alastair has even covered calls on the behalf of the boss in the past, including that strange night when Mr s Norton called. Alastair has had to pick up laundry, buy lunch, order pizza & run early hour errands to the chemist. He hates his job at the factory but it pays the bills & his child support so why make waves? Still one cannot fault Alastair, the man who was once vice chairman, till his boss and friend lost the factory in a winner take all game of cards. The No-Nonsense Bodyguard Name: Andreas a.k.a. The Giant Role: Obstacle Demeanour: Tough, Surprisingly smart & observant Gender: Male Age: 45 Physical Characteristics

Andreas or The Giant as he prefers to be known, sports a shaven head & is built like a tank. He could have ran as an extra for Agent Smith in the Matrix if his physique wasn t so sublime. In his 3 years of service at the Controtech factory he has never once removed his glasses or said a word to anyone. He is clean shaven, wearing the same outfit every single day: A pale black suit, shirt & tie combination with no jewellery or wrist watch to speak of. His jaw is of solid granite with an overbearing iron clad brow, his stance is lax but direct communicating authority without a single word. It would not be difficult to imagine Andreas breaking limbs in a wrestling bout. Andreas unlike most bodyguards does not believe in guns, he prefers maiming his victims, cracking bones is his pet peeve or it might as well be. It comes as no surprise that he is at a suspended height of happiness when he is taking his rage out on a foolhardy employee. Biography Andreas is a former bouncer, wrestler & UFC cage fighter, each rejected him for taking it too far with his opponent, in some cases snapping the same bone over and over in different places. From there he moved into the protection field, where he defended numerous celebrities from overzealous fans. His refusal to get proper gun training or to even consider carrying a gun had him removed from the protection of celebrities. Andreas then became a corporate hire for big wigs who just wanted to scare other business men usually with gesture not actual force. Andreas left this line of work purely because he hated the lack of force. Having seen the threat of Andreas from a passing acquaintance Jim Norton of Controtech hired him on, as a personal sentry purely to put the scare into his work force. To date Controtech s delivery rate has excelled with the former exec s hospitalisation, do you know why? Do you even want to ask? The Boss Name: Miles Harkin a.k.a. "The Tyrant" Role: Antagonist Demeanour: Evil, not much to look at but knows your weakness Gender: Male Age: 55 Physical Characteristics Jim Norton is a small and podgy guy but don t let this rouse fool you. It is believed that he pulled out his own hair in anger when his friend won a $100.00 bet from him. Very rarely will you see Norton smile or communicate any level of thanks to his work force. Norton keeps 30 versions of the same suit in his office because he is a creature of habit. He doesn t actually own a house, he just sleeps at the places he owns in an office on a sofa. One could believe this is what makes him grouchy, but they d be wrong. Norton is a stickler for cleanliness, if people approach him un-kept he will fire them. People could mistake him for a podgy Mr. Burns but he is nowhere near that tall or that thin, quite the opposite in fact. His face is pretty well kept considering the anger he exhibits on a daily basis. What is quite possibly the strangest thing is how his hair seems to animate from smooth to spiked when he gets mad, like a cat in a tantrum.

Biography Norton is evil put plainly. He has fired numerous employees for minute things including cleanliness, maternity leave, spilling a smoothy onto a computer & for people addressing him as Jim . Norton was given the nickname Tyrant in his circle of Entrepreneurs who like him are wealthy but not by being tyrants. The name stuck and everyone in the world refers to him by this alias for fear of accidently calling him Jim & getting fired. Norton made his first Billion as a child by globalising cheap software systems which grew in stock overnight. Ever since then Norton has always made money largely due to his method of cheap labour. People fear him because he has the power to shut off their financial lights & since the hiring of Andreas their physical lights also. Norton has a history of anger management issues which at one point he saw a therapist for, until the therapist told him something he didn t want to hear. Norton has his ex therapist s bloody shirt in a photo frame in his office. Needless to say now no one tells him what they think.

Step Outline

9:00am - A nervous Alastair exits his post on the Hardware factory floor after accidently breaking a computer. Alastair walks towards the elevator nervous, knowing that he has to confess this accident to CEO Norton known by many as the Tyrant . Surrounding workers chatter about Alastair as he passes as if to say Dead man walking .

Alastair calls the elevator and hesitantly chooses the sixth floor, the elevator arrives with a Ding & Alastair jumps aboard sweating & panting - a nervous wreck.

Alastair exits the elevator to meet silence with the exception of a ticking clock on the far side wall. Alastair attempts to sneak in & place the computer at Norton s desk without him noticing; in trying to be quiet Alastair makes more noise and disrupts the Tyrants train of thought. Norton turns to face Alastair & notices the broken machine which only infuriates him further. Norton signals his concealed Giant . Andreas cracks his knuckles as the tick tock of the clock erupts into the chime of a boxing bell.

Alastair is ejected from the building like a Javelin; he lands on his face on the street outside of the factory. Alastair picks himself up from the floor & hatches a plan to get revenge on CEO Norton later in the evening by breaking in & confronting him man to man.

8:00pm - Alastair returns shrouded in the night, he creeps up to the factory entrance.

Alastair returns at night brandishing a flashlight to seemingly get revenge on his employer "the Tyrant". Alastair approaches the locked exterior factory door and begins picking the lock, to his shock the door opens with a Click he enters. Alastair is met by a giant fist, rappelling him from the factory entrance. Alastair dusts himself off & gazes up, he notices an open window on the third floor of the Controtech factory. Alastair retrieves a rappel hook & throws it up to the window, the hook latches on. Alastair begins to climb, what he does not realise is that Andreas "The Giant" bodyguard is waiting for him. When Alastair gets near to the top Andreas leans out of the window clutching a pair of scissors. Andreas cuts the rappel rope & Alastair falls to the floor whacking his head on the concrete.

3:00am - Alastair returns to the Factory dragging a contraption draped in assorted rags. Alastair reaches under the rags to reveal a retractable viewfinder. Alastair points the reticle at the highest window of the Controtech factory, Floor 6 - CEO Norton s Office. Alastair removes the rags from the hidden device to reveal a life sized catapult. Alastair jumps on board the catapult and fires himself to the sixth floor of the Controtech factory.

Alastair hits the window with a smack like a bug on a windshield; a dazed Alastair notices a Bullet proof glass sticker on the window panel. A dumbfounded CEO Norton is made aware of the commotion which gives him an epiphany in turn.

Norton runs back to his desk & begins scribbling on a sheet of paper. Norton drops the pencil & looks at the sheet in reflection. The paper reveals that Norton was currently having difficulty naming Controtech s brand new protection suite which is now entitled Winshield thanks to Alastair. Norton jumps from his seat & returns to the window this time wielding a camera Click Alastair s picture. he takes

The story jumps ahead seven months when the new protection suite Winshield is all the rage. Boxes are mobilized by conveyers with the exception of one sitting on the floor. The camera pans & zooms closer revealing the box to be filled to the brim with Winshield CD s. The camera zooms in even closer showing the CD covers to be the face of Alastair pressed against Norton s window, the photograph taken seven months prior. Winshield is clearly visible but the tagline is what is truly evocative. Hit the trespassers where it hurts

Treatment A nervous Alastair has broken a computer on the hardware floor of computer manufacturer Controtech causing a total of $50.00 damage. Fearing the camera surveillance tapes Alastair decides to go up & confess to his boss Jim Norton aka the Tyrant . In a nervous fit Alastair picks up the machine and walks hastily towards the elevator sweating up a storm. Alastair enters the lift and departs to floor 6 otherwise known as the Tyrants Lair but tagged as Jim Norton CEO . A nervous Alastair enters the floor and approaches Norton s desk. Norton at the time is in deep thought, working on a proposal for an all new prototype protection software. Alastair sneaks to Norton s desk hell-bent on not interrupting him. A floorboard squeaks below Alastair s foot as he places the broken machine on Norton s desk. In a rage Norton turns and faces Alastair, he looks down at the broken machine which only fuels his anger further. Norton signals his private bodyguard the Giant Andreas who picks Alastair up and slings him from the building like a javelin. Alastair whacks his head only then realising that he has been fired. In a blinded fury Alastair hatches a plan to return later that night to confront Norton & beat an apology out of him. Alastair returns to the Controtech factory at 8pm that night armed with nothing more than a lock pick & a pair of boxing gloves. After a few repeat attempts Alastair actually picks the lock to the factory front. Alastair enters only to be met by the fist of Giant Andreas who has seemingly been waiting on him since this morning. Picking himself from the floor Alastair re-strategizes glancing at an open window on the 6th floor which just so happens to be Norton s office. Alastair retrieves a rappel hook from his car and throws it to the 6th floor hooking it on the first try. Feeling rather proud of himself Alastair begins to climb, unaware that the Giant Andreas has noticed the rappel hook. Andreas pulls on the rope, helping Alastair get higher, Andreas then pokes his head out of the window brandishing a pair of scissors, a shocked Alastair gazes motionless as Andreas cuts the rope from the building. Alastair falls from the 5th floor to the ground, losing round 3 to his nemesis The Giant . Alastair returns once again at 3am hell-bent on exacting some form of revenge on Norton, he drags a contraption masked in assorted rags. Alastair reaches into the rags and retrieves a retractable viewfinder and gazes into it. Alastair angles the reticle upward pointing it directly at Norton s window. Alastair pulls back and ingeniously rubs his hands together before revealing a life sized catapult. Alastair locks the device in place and jumps on board chuckling to himself before releasing the firing lock. Alastair ejects himself into the top floor window not realising that the glass is bullet proof, Alastair impacts the window like a bug on a windshield. An in thought Norton turns from his office chair and notices Alastair, only he is not angry. Norton turns and begins writing the concluding page to his proposal which is now known as Winshield thanks to Alastair. Following this Norton drops his pencil and retrieves his camera taking Alastair s picture as he is stuck to Norton s window. The feature now cuts seven months into the future with the release of new revolutionary protection software Winshield . The software floor is as busy as ever with boxes churning in and out printing up the cover art for the new suite. We are drawn closer to an open box of a pile of CD s all of which have the photograph Norton took of Alastair on his window. The tagline reads: Winshield Hit the trespassers where it hurts .

Three Act Structure ACT 1 The Setup ‡ ‡ ‡ An active factory floor is seen, a nervous man named Alastair exits the factory floor carrying what appears to be a broken computer. Alastair steps aboard a lift & chooses the sixth floor labelled CEO Norton . Alastair enters the CEO s pristine office; he creeps towards the middle of the room & places the broken computer on the desk.

Inciting Incident ‡ ‡ ‡ ACT 2 First Main Reversal ‡ ‡ ‡ Alastair begins plotting a revenge in his mind (thought bubble) factory exterior + picking the lock + entering the elevator = him confronting Norton face to face in a fight. Alastair returns to the factory at night, he begins picking the lock of the exterior factory door. The door opens to Alastair s surprise, he steps through the door & is met by a giant fist, Alastair is knocked from the door. The CEO Jim Norton aka the Tyrant turns from his window view and glances at the computer and then glances with scorn at a nervous Alastair. Alastair runs out of the door in fear, the Tyrant signals the Giant bodyguard Andreas, who follows Alastair in a fury. Andreas picks up Alastair with one hand & throws him outside like a Javelin.

The Increasing Conflict ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ACT 3 Pre-Climax Build ‡ Alastair returns dragging a massive contraption masked in assorted rags, he rummages under the rags to reveal a retractable viewfinder, he aims the viewfinder at the sixth floor window of the Controtech factory CEO Norton s Office. Alastair removes the rags from the contraption to reveal a life sized catapult. Alastair notices an open window on the third floor of the Controtech Factory; he throws a rappel hook & begins scaling the building. Alastair does not notice that Andreas is pulling him up to the window. Andreas cuts the rappel rope in front of Alastair. Alastair crashes toward the ground.

‡ Climax

‡ ‡

Alastair jumps on board the catapult and fires himself to the sixth floor of the Controtech factory. Alastair impacts the glass like a bug on a wind shield.

Anti Climax ‡ ‡ ‡ End ‡ ‡ Several months later the factory floor is working full force producing the new must have computer protection Software Win-shield . The image on the cover is of Alastair stuck to Norton s window with the caption reading: Hit the trespassers where it hurts . CEO Norton hears the impact on his window and turns noticing Alastair stuck. Norton smiles at Alastair before running back to his desk to finish writing his proposal for a revolutionary firewall which has now been entitled Win-shield - thanks to Alastair. Norton retrieves a camera and takes a picture of Alastair stuck on the window.