Topic Sentence Ideas

Let’s say you have your basic idea: Mission X is beautiful. How do you take that and turn it into a complex sentence? Funny you should ask! Here are some ideas: Idea 1
“Occasion/Position” Statements
Start the topic sentence with an introductory phrase beginning with one of the following words/phrases: Although Even though Whenever Because In order to Until Unless Since As long as Even if As soon as Before Examples: Even though most people are the most familiar with Mission Carmel’s beauty, Mission X’s architecture is actually even more beautiful. Whenever beautiful California missions come to mind, Mission X is clearly the one that stands out.

Idea 2
“However” Statements
Think of 2 opposite ideas and connect them with the word “however.” When you do this, the part that follows the “however” is your topic. Notice the punctuation – semicolon + however + comma Example: California mission architecture looks very plain ; however, Mission X is actually very beautiful.

Idea 3
“ABO” (and/but/or) Statements
Write a topic sentence with 2 independent clauses connected with a conjunction. The conjunction choices are: and, but, or, yet, for, nor, so. Remember, your topic is what comes after the conjunction. IF you use “and” the two ideas must be similar. If you use “but” the ideas must be opposite. Examples: Mission X looks rather plain at first glance, but a closer look shows that it is actually very beautiful. California missions all reflect a Moorish style, and Mission X is the most beautiful example.

Idea 4
”To, Plus a Verb” Statements
Write a topic sentence with the word “to” followed by a verb. This is good way to use a goal for your topic sentence. Example: To see the most beautiful example of mission architecture, just examine Mission X.

Idea 5
“Add an Appositive” Statements
Write a topic sentence and insert an appositive inside of it. Example: Mission X, also known as “The Jewel of the Missions,” is a beautiful mission.

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