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OK people, let's get something straight.

Before the Supreme Court banned Florida from drug testing welfare recipients, it was an utter FAILURE, just like in Michigan where they were also stopped because of a little thing called THE CONSTITUTION. You don't have to like it, but that's the way it is. If it means that much to you, I suggest you introduce an amendment, but until then, it is a blatant violation of the 4th amendment. And honestly, if you are an adult American citizen that has not read our Bill of Rights & Constitution, which takes about 10 minutes, then frankly, you don't even deserve to have an opinion, because you obviously don't know shit. In the mere 2 months FL mandated drug testing, 32 out of 3,070 failed, leaving the FL taxpayer ON THE HOOK for $245,000. If this went nationwide and the results were similar, it would cost US taxpayers an EXTRA $6,000,000 PER MONTH in addition to the welfare those people would have then earned by passing their tests. Mandated drug testing is not the answer and it has been proven. Perhaps we need to implement some sort of lifetime limit on ALL benefits, not just cash benefits. We could actually mandate a funny thing called WORK in order to receive ANY benefits, not just cash. I have had terrible problems with my back for 2 years now and anyone who knows me can attest to this, yet BECAUSE I work, I'm not eligible for benefits to get physical therapy. I cannot at this point afford health insurance for myself and it's not provided through my job. I will admit, in the end it is MY PROBLEM if I don't have health insurance, but the government has systematically and with malicious intent turned us all into dependent slaves. The "Big Bank Bailout" has cost more than $4 TRILLION dollars, but did THEY submit to drug tests from the government in order to receive said money?? The U.S. government spent over $15 BILLION dollars in 2010 on the war on drugs, $500 per second. The cost of the Iraq and Afganistan wars since 2002 has cost us more than $4 TRILLION dollars and counting. The U.S. Postal Service hands out about $1 BILLION per year in perks to executives in addition to salaries, but they are bankrupt somehow. In the last 10 years the U.S. government has handed out about $1 BILLION in "farm subsidies" to landowners who don't even have working farms anymore, while WORKING farmers go bankrupt. Of the working farms who do receive subsidies, over half go to commercial farms with households already making over $200,000 per year. The U.S. government spends $25 BILLION per year on properties it does not even use. The U.S. government owns something like 50,000 PRIVATE HOMES that are VACANT. U.S. taxdollars have paid for Homeland Security purchases that include iPods, 63 inch plasma tvs, and a $230 beer brewing kit. In order to avoid being scrutinized about pay raises every year, congress simply passed a bill that gives them an automatic raise...every year. Hundreds of MILLIONS of taxdollars have gone to members of congress to buy popcorn machines, personalized calendars ($84,000!!), a lease for a lexus, tvs, dvds, dvd players, because of course they need something to

watch OUR dvds on while they're supposed to be working their 150 days per year, liquor, cigarettes, and even mortgage payments!! Virtually ALL of the money taken in the name of the "Federal Income Tax" goes to the INTEREST ONLY on the federal debt, not even the principal! Most people think that the money that goes into infrastructure and road/highway maintenance come out of our paychecks, this is untrue. This is an ADDITIONAL tax we pay in the price of our GAS. OUR taxdollars are wasted in these ways and many, many more. No ladies and gentlemen, WE are NOT the problem, our government is. Stop blaming each other and tearing each other apart, because we're being laughed at. Of course there are always going to be those citizens that will always try to take advantage of the social system, this is why I suggested we implement time limits and MANDATE WORK! Stop forcing us into dependecy, share the WEALTH, and truly award hard work. If the U.S. government cut out the waste, maybe we could all earn a real living wage and most of us wouldn't have to rely on assistance because we would get to actually keep our own money. Imagine that. Also, I had a friend recently who shall remain unamed who is in support of population control and mandatory tubal ligation. One argument of some people is, "if you can't afford kids, don't have them". I do agree with this argument to a certain extent. If you cannot afford to shelter, feed, clothe, or love your children, then by all means, do not have them. I don't believe the requirements of a deserving and loving parent include the material possessions you are able to give your children. I don't believe anyone is BORN "entitled" to a college education, cell phone, ipod, computer, cash to go to the mall, or video games. Of course every parent WANTS to give their child everything, but it cannot be done and we need to stop letting society, media and corporations convince us that buying our kids CRAP makes us good parents. If you have to work constantly in order to buy your loved ones things, then what's the whole point of life? Work? No, it IS our loved ones and the time we spend with them and the enjoyment we get out of it. We've forgotten that. If the only people who had children were those who could give them everything, then it would not take too long before the poor and middle class populations ceased to exist. Has it ever occured to anyone that maybe THIS is why population control is supported by governments and a lot of the rich? After all, there is no room for the poor in the new world order... So, before you go off half-assed in support of some communist/fascist ideology, do your RESEARCH. Stop being media fed puppets and get off the band wagon, sheeple. P.S. I am NOT a professional writer, so don't give me any shit, thanks. :)