____FIGHT/QUARREL______ Altercation-heated argument or confrontation affray-fight or noisy disturbance scuffle-confused or disorderly fight, move

hoe[-weeding tool] back and forth tussle-vigorous fight brawl-noisy fight, fracas squabble-argue nosily over something unimportant wrangle : argue persistently, to herd animals quibble : argue over trivial matters, make trivial objections, quiddity tiff : minor quarrel

__WALK/RACE___ Amble[-walk slowly in a relaxed way] : saunter, promenade[-also marching dance movement],stroll, perambulation[-walk about, patrol],mosey trot : move at jogging place, pace slower than cantering swagger : strut around, walk in an arrogant way gallop : fastest pace on horse canter : medium pace of horse lope : run in relaxed way taking long strides, canter limp : walk unevenly, flexible, weak, drooping, wilting sprint : short swift race marathon : long distance race Mince : To walk with very short steps or with exaggerated primness Stride : To walk with long steps, especially in a hasty or vigorous way Trudge : To walk in a laborious, heavy-footed way; plod Plod : To move or walk heavily or laboriously; trudge prance : move in sprightly manner, walk with lively steps shamble : walk clumsily keeping feet close to ground TALK_________ babble : murmur continuously, speak irrelevantly brag : talk with too much pride prattle : talk idly or childishly rant : speak in loud exaggerated manner prate : talk in silly way about something unimportant chatter : talk rapidly gibber : unintelligible talking, be incoherent stutter : speak with stammer jabber : talk very fast __LAUGH/EXPRESSION/SPEAK___ snicker : laugh disrespectfully, say something with derision sneer : expression of scorn smirk : insolent smile expressing conceit, expressing smug [SMIRK tells SMUG]

mental illness. opera ballad : slow romantic song. quality of sound that makes distinctive score : collection of notes legato : smooth music .demoniac. cringe scowl : angry or bad tempered expression.[SNEER tells SCORN] [SCOFF tells SCORN] grimace : expression to show disgust or pain. narrative song cadence : rhythm. armor for horse sonnet : 14 line rhythmic poem novella : short novel elegy : mournful poem dirge : mournful music. preamble doggerel : poetry with irregular rhythm. burst of activity frantic : out of control emotion frenetic : frenzied and frantic fanatic : extremist fanatical : extremely enthusiastic ___MUSIC/POEM______ aria : melody or duet opera song canto : part of poem coda : final section of a music overture : musical into. form frown frown : expression showing displeasure scoff : express derision. eat hungrily jeer : express derision vocally titter : laugh nervously scorn : object of contempt despicable : fully deserving contempt fulminate : speak scathingly berate : scold at length __EXTREME EMOTIONS___ Amok[-out of control. prologue. prelude. frenzy : out of control behavior. very excited]. musical dramas. preface. religious song opus : series of musical works. wince. in frenzied way] : berserk[-very angry. scorn. funeral hymn hymn : song of praise. possessed. falling tone cantata : vocal musical work croon : sing gently or sentimentally ditty : short simple popular song ode : type of lyric poem chord : musical notes played or sung simultaneously timbre : tone. poor verse bard : ancient poet.

unusual response to something Iconoclastic : radical. brittle impudent : rude imprudent : unwise .__ABOUT BOATS_____ barge : freight boat. boaster hoodwink : to deceive sb hysterical : extremely funny. uncontrollable Bumptious : smug. fraud. kitchen on a boot/ship pinnace : small boat Skiff : small flat bottom boat ABT FABRICS___ tow : fibers of flax. fiddle mulish : stubborn impish : mischievous. cocky[-over confident]]. hemp or jute flax : fiber used to make linen hemp : tough fiber Skein .grandiloquent. sb who attacks traditional things skullduggery : dishonest practices headlong : too much haste goldbrick : avoid work.mulct hidebound : narrow minded and conservative swashbuckler : adventurer. fundamentalist .pompous. greedy. condescending Idiosyncrasy : quirk. boat for transfer of goods. small naval boat bilge : lower part of boat tugboat : boat used to tow[pull] ships galleon : large sailing ship galley : large ship. horns. open boat used ceremonially. pretends to have. unreasoning patriot.covetous. mountebank.pontific megalomania : greed for power mercenary : acquisitive.a length of thread or yarn wound in a loose long coil ____TYPES OF PERSON/MISC WORDS______ pedantic : too much determined bat trivial things Dogged : determined Bigot : intolerant person. charlatan. venal supercilious : full of contempt and arrogance.bigot hypocrite : feeling high principles. puckish brash : aggressively self assertive.bigot.jingoist. strong opinion on something and doesn't accept others pedagogue : teacher chauvinist : sense of superiority.self important Bountiful : generous magniloquent : using imp sounding words. extremist. woggle . fanatic. avaricious . hasty.

toupee : wig trencherman : hearty eater wayward : willful.Strong desire Persnickety . a rascal Hankering . cheeky outspoken : candid mollycoddle : spoil and pamper someone bellwether : leader. very foolish Scalawag .insolent : disrespectful Brazen : shameless and bold Bohemian : unconventional bogeyman : bugaboo. heresy hermetic : air tight. crabby cronyism : doing favors for friends saucy : impertinent.Overparticular about trivial details. unruly. sheep leading flock headstrong : willful. pretentious Fretwork . crotchety. insolent. burn rivulet : small flow rift : shallow water. stupid.Foolish. relating to. hard to understand hermit : recluse.reprobate. produced by the action of a river or stream. senseless as to be laughable. fastidious. feckless Maven : expert or enthusiastic Machiavellian : cunning and unscrupulous bootless : unsuccessful Harebrained .Ornamental work consisting of three-dimensional frets. flighty. errant carte blanche : unlimited authority of freedom picaresque : relating to rogues ___ABOUT RIVER. backwash creek : stream ford : crossing place through shallow river trench : valley on ocean floor Fluvial . snobbish. jack denture : fake teeth. source of fear or arrogance buccaneer : pirate browbeat : domineer sb. rude. eremite Haggard : emaciated sabbatical : leave from work shiftless : lacking ambition.WATER_____ brook : small fresh water stream. of or relating to or happening in a river prong : branch of river . to bully or intimidate sternly parochial : narrow-minded. disobedient to cout of law curmudgeon : cantankerous. or inhabiting a river or stream. geometric openwork rapscallion : knave.Of. not quixotic. of parish Contumacious : very resistant to authority. froward heretic : pragmatist. unthinking. solitary.

monastery Ecclesiastic : cleric. litigant. life of religious seclusion convent : religious community building. petitioner. clergyman rescript : rewrite. a statement that limits or restricts some claim plaintiff : accuser. pleasing harmony collusion : secret cooperation connivance : secret plotting Concert : public musical performance. applicant. ancient trail trail : test. agreement cohort : group having same age group conclave : caucus. channel joining large bodies of water AGREE/ACCEPT/MEETINGS___ coven : group or meeting of witches covenant : solemn agreement. formal legal process writ : written court order fiat : official sanction. treaty accord : agree consonant : in agreement with something. secret meeting confide : tell something secretly. arbitrary[-authoritarian] order caveat : caution. make religious appointments] in church Pharisaism : hypocritical practices chaplain : guide in religion cloture : ending of debate in senate cloister : monastery. churchman.Sluice : water channel Strait : difficult condition. layman padre : priest . convent. lawsuit for breach of agreement convoke : call formal meeting convene : arrange meeting concord : peaceful coexistence. give over to sb care Collogue : confer privately __COURT STUFF_____ ordeal : difficult experience. member of religious community that do not have priestly responsibilities of ordained clergy. appellant prosecutor : one who initiates legal action against sb edict : decree subpoena : legal order demanding evidence ___RELIGIOUS STUFF/PEOPLE/OFFICIAL____ catharsis : emotional purification catechism : religious question and answers clergy : ordained[-command formally. ecclesial ruling elysian : divine Laity : temporalty.

low drumbeat dabble : involve superficially.______ANIMALS!_____ colt : young male horse coop : enclosure for poultry Swine : hog . mock scepter[-mace] baffle : puzzle. experiment . tangle ruffle : make someone erect. elite group plutocracy: governance by wealthy ___GOVERNANCE_____ epistemology : theory of knowledge etiology : study of causes of diseases etymology : study of word origins orthography : study of correct spelling ornithologist : bird watcher oligarchy : small governing group paleontology : study of ancient life palynology : science of spores and pollen Pediatric : medical branch concerned with child obstetrician : pregnancy doctor petrography : rock examination _CONSIDER THESE!!____ boggle: baffle! bobble : mistake babble : speak irrelevantly bauble : trinket. annoy sm. tom poult : baby turkey. female swan equine : resembling horse gobbler : male turkey. trash.male pig pen : enclosure for animals. partridge Skein : a flock of geese or similar birds in flight ___SCIENTIFIC WORDS_____ geriatrics : medical treatment for seniors ___GOVERNANCE_____ Aristocracy: governance by high class. splash. control waffle : thick light pancake. unable to take decision raffle : lottery. young chicken. geese.

crudely. sprawl tangle : become twisted gruntle : contented rankle : irk. bitter feeling. squirm. blotch. gripe. grouse. majestic morbid : grisly mortify : shame sb mordent : musical embellishment with extra notes mordant : sarcastic. fester. cheap. sprune wriggle : twist. injure by cutting. nimble. common seabird gallant : courteous. wavy wrangle : argue persistently. raffish. maunder.rabble : unruly crowd. obsolescent ribald : coarse and funny . overlap. err. make sound of turkey doddle : something very easy ruddle : coloring substance fiddle : gold brick grumble : complaint. mutilate spangle : small shiny decoration dangle : hang loosely strangle : kill by choking straggle : stray.mar. sit on both sides gobble : eat quickly. walk unsteadily shudder : shiver violently dapper : trim. herd animals wangle : get someone deviously. sour gull : deceive. chafe. splotch gaud : gaudy bauble tawdry : gaudy. meander. writhe wiggle : waggle. overcharge sb] dodder : shake tremble. garish tardy : late bawdy : ribald dowdy : plain and unfashionable gall : audacity. greedy eating gouge : carve out hole. astringent moribund : dying. moan. grouch ramble : roam gorge : narrow valley. flashy. lag. falsify mangle : maul . furnace tool rubble : debris scabble : shape stone roughly straddle : bestride. rakish. sit astride. grate baud : unit of data trans speed daub : apply blotchily.

rabbit habitant furrow : wrinkle on forehead. timber beam joint bog : swamp. quagmire. wilt nip : small drink.ground sop : something given to satisfy discontent. humorous spat : petty quarrel. knitted. loosing energy(verb) sag : droop. server. fall in value. trench in plowed field. decadence. sniffle hovel : shack ravel : tangle sod : turf[-strip of earth with growing grass and roots]. confusion dilettante : dabbler deprave : debauch. dagger crochet : woven. point. shoe covering. disorientation. young oyster[shell animal] squat : crouch down. everyday burrow : rabbit home. nibble . energy. motley waylay : lie on wait for sb. pith dilapidate : decrepit.sip nib : tip. frenzy. foppish debonair : suave . fen lug : pull something with effort. delinquent delirium : temp mental disturbance. to dip. wary. snug[-small but comfortable] place warren : group of connected burrows. derelict. saturate sap : plant fluid. morning visiting time leery : mistrustful. stop sb. confused crotchet : whim[-idea based on impulse rather than reason] grovel : obsequious gravel : small pebbles drivel : silly talk snivel : whine. fervor. end cog : important but routine. gear of wheel. pinch. dandyish. tunnel leading enemy. groove Marrow : essence. humorous Hew : strike down hem : enclose sb wry : ironic. ambush levee : natural embankment. short and solid Colloquy : formal discussion Colloquial : informal. soak. accost. projecting part wag : gossip.piebald : dappled. suspicious melee : scrimmage obelisk : stone pillar. ecstasy.

remiss. task taken for sb else errant : behaving badly. wet. struggle renounce. waste time droll : oddly amusing drab : gloomy. reprove. grief. dip dour : dogged elixir : cure all[panacea]. malady . dull dowse : put out. relinquish.inconsistent Scrim : theatrical curtain Scrimp : economize Scrimmage : practice game. revoke . reprobate malaise.sweetened drug placebo : fake one given to appease heresy : unorthodox religious opinion gainsay : deny something hearsay : second hand info errancy : fallibility.. miserable.. repudiate. malevolent. sb fate doleful : unhappy dote : extreme fondness dotage : senile dally : play.denouement : final stage desuetude : disuse. neglect dole : charity. taking wrong route. incorrect behavior. looking for adventure errantry : try like this : P lifestyle of travelling knight erratic : this is the trick!!. malign. tendency 2 do wrong errand : trip.

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