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(Mr. Sanadure has since retired from government service and is now residing in Frasers Hill still very much involved in freelance work related to bird watching!)

Frasers Hill is also home to Mr. Sanadure, better known as Durai in the birding community, both local and international. Bird watching here is literally incomplete without mention of the name Durai, who is very much a part of Frasers Hill as is the activity. He is the President of Frasers Hill Environmentally Sustainable Heritage (FRESH), and a local bird specialist. An administrative staff of Fraser's Hill Development Corporation, he doubles up as a bird watching guide, the only one such guide licensed by the Pahang Tourism Board. He is a jovial person, with a good sense of humour, too. He even pokes fun about how he has to juggle his time between his daily duties in PKBF office and his bird watching itinerary. Being very conversant and well informed about the ways of the avian species, he is very much in demand. Whenever Frasers Hill plays host to some dignitaries from all over the world, he is often the obvious choice to accompany the guests into the trails. He keeps them entertained with his usual dose of witty narration of the avian life here, interspersed with useful conservation tips and forest facts. The guy is so full of energy, to match his immense knowledge of the birds. His personal collection of books on birds, describing a variety of species from different parts of the world, their ways and habits, is testimony of his genuine passionate for the birds. Many are tokens of appreciation from his local and international guests, friends and acquaintances he had the opportunity of meeting in the many years as a bird watching guide. When he is not guiding, he is actively occupied in jungle appreciation and bird watching camps, organised by PKBF for the school children and adults, as and when required. He is humble, but he prides himself, though, as one who can communicate with the birds. He can imitate at least thirty bird calls and whistles, that the birds virtually answer him as he takes the birders down the trails. It is hardly surprising that he has yet another nickname - the Birdman of Frasers. Durai believes nature is Gods gift to man, that trekking into the forest makes one feel years younger and happier. However, his days as a bird watching guide are numbered. He is retiring from service sometime in the middle of the year. As he reflects on his many years as birding guide, he gets a sense of fulfillment, an accomplishment that is hard to describe in words. No doubt he has his own plans after retirement, but he laments that there are no takers for the job as a bird watching guide. His efforts to attract local youngsters to take up guiding as a career, even part time, have not paid off, mainly because most of them are not comfortable communicating in English. He insists that English is THE medium for communication with tourists, especially the foreigners. He calls out to youngsters to take up bird watching as a hobby first, to familiarise themselves with the vocabulary and the bird watchers lingo. Then, a refresher course in communicational English is sufficient to take them to the field.


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Wear drab coloured clothing to blend in with the surroundings. Long sleeved cotton shirts, long pants and leech socks help protect you from insects and leeches. Field boots will keep feet dry, and avoid the leeches. They provide grip on slippery grounds. Most birds are active in the morning and late afternoon when the temperature is cooler. Many birds have regular feeding habits and patterns. Consult your guide book as to when are the best times to spot a particular species. Learn the lingo ... silver-eared mesia, long-tailed sibia, spiderhunters, flycatchers, fantails, bulbuls, babblers and flowerpeckers ... hmmm, dont worry. just 250 more to go. Have available medical kit for mild irritations from leech bites. Be a sport. Be ready for disappointments. You may not see the birds you are looking for! Come back the following day.

Glossary itinerary jadual She mapped out her itinerary with the travel agent. conversant berpengetahuan mendalam / berpengalaman banyak A world traveller is usually conversant with the customs of various cultures. avian unggas The authorities took the necessary precautions to screen entry of individuals from the countries affected by avian flu recently. interspersed disisipi His talk was interspersed with lots of humour to draw the attention of the audience. acquaintances kenalan He met with a couple of acquaintances he made during his first visit many years ago. laments mengeluh He laments that weather conditions might interfere with his plans to visit the island. dignitaries pembesar / orang kenamaan The government has declared the National Park as a dignitaries for wildlife to safeguard the immense wealth of fauna and flora of the area. intersperse selang-seli The writer has made reading her book a pleasure by interspersing drawings throughout the text.

- A Hobby with a Cause

We have been using the terms bird watching and birding almost synonymously. Being novices in the field, we may be forgiven for this. Bird watching as a hobby is one thing, but birding is far from just a pastime or a relaxation activity. There is more passion. There is intense dedication in birding, almost an obsession. That is the difference, the enthusiasts claim. Bird watchers observe birds with their eyes, or may opt for a pair of binoculars, without really caring about the technology being the latest in the market. They are happy as long as there is the sense of fulfillment from the hobby: just relax, see the birds and enjoy the sights. Birders, on the other hand, study not only the species of birds, but also their patterns and habits, drawing their analogies not just by mere observation. The birders are always on the lookout for new and unexplored sites, not limiting themselves to where birdwatchers usually go, hoping to find more information. Knowing birds are primarily active at dawn and dusk, when there is low light, they invest on the latest optical equipments that give them maximum performance. They would even allocate a budget for travel, however far it will take them, just to expand their knowledge and learn more about birds. The remarkable thing is they may not even be doing this for commercial reasons. It is mainly out of interest and to satisfy their curiosity about Gods creation. This is probably what draws discerning birders throughout the year to escape to Frasers Hill to study these flighty creatures in their natural habitat. However, let us not be drawn into this argument between birders and birdwatchers. Instead, we shall focus on the common factor here: people are more concerned about the environment now. As a result, they are starting to learn more about its components: animals and plant life. We are looking at a pastime that raises our environmental awareness the presence or absence of different kinds of birds is an indicator of a healthy or, otherwise deteriorating environment. A good birdwatcher must be able to identify species of birds and note the particulars of their habitats. Bird watching may be an activity for family outing. As such, one can count on the awareness subsequently rubbing on to the entire family members. Bird watching is not science. Birdwatchers know a great deal about the birds in the world, but often they do not want to associate with science. They fear they might miss out on the fun that they intend to have. You can watch the birds just about anywhere and everywhere. There is no need to walk far into the woods to observe and enjoy the sounds of the birds. Do it in your own backyards or at the nearest nature reserves park. If you happen to be on vacation, you can do it wherever you are, and whenever it pleases you. All that you need to go bird watching: a note pad, a good identification guide book, and a pair of binoculars. Off you go! Because birds tend to look for

their food early in the morning, so get up at the break of dawn to catch the early birds. The saying goes: The early bird catches the worm.


1. Do it with passion and concern for US and OUR wellbeing. 2. Care for US and respect US promote cleanliness of the environment and preserve OUR habitats. 3. Your technology must not affect US in a negative manner. 4. Do not harass us. Do not disturb us. Do not shoot us, except with a camera! Do not capture us in our sanctuary. It is ILLEGAL. 5. The law prohibits trafficking of the protected species.

Glossary passion keghairahan He has developed such a passion for the outdoors that you seldom see him at home nowadays. obsession obsesi / kegilaan yang berlebihan Her fear for premature ageing has become an obsession that she would do almost anything to stay young. discerning pandai menilai arif He is very discerning in his choice of friends that he has a few close friends who always stand by him. flighty mudah berubah sifat The guys flighty nature made it difficult for his friends to understand him. deteriorating semakin merosot Her patients deteriorating health caused the relatives a lot of concern.