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the sun goes down the earth radiates heat back to the atmosphere and a thermal inversion will

begin :Answer False Question 2 Marks: 1 One of the biggest factors beef ranches have on the atmosphere is the production ______________ of .Choose one answer a. ozone b. methane c. carbon dioxide d. sulphur dioxide e. carbon monoxide Question 3 Marks: 1 _______________ The brown color of smog is cause by .Choose one answer a. photochemical oxidation b. sulphuric acid c. carbon d. particulate e. sulfur dioxide Question 4 Marks: 1 The invention and heavy use of the ___________ has caused urban centers to suffer heavily under strong air pollution .Choose one answer a. cars b. internal combustion engine c. airplanes d. oil heating e. coal burning furnaces True

Question 5 Marks: 1 ____________ Temperature gradient in the atmosphere is known as .Choose one answer a. dry adiabatic lapse rate b. DARL c. dry adiobatic lapse rate d. dry aerobatic lapse rate e. DLAR Question 6 Marks: 1 Man made air pollution far exceeds (in volume) natural air pollution :Answer False Question 7 Marks: 1 The purpose of air quality control is to enhance _____________ and the environment .Choose one answer a. public health b. private citizens c. oil industry d. government e. utilities Question 8 Marks: 1 Near the ground temperature _____________ with altitude .Choose one answer a. increases b. decreases c. remains the same d. increases gradually e. decreases gradually Question 9 True

Marks: 1 Pollutants will be transported in the direction of the wind and move at a similar speed :Answer False Question 10 Marks: 1 During the night the air cools quicker then the land :Answer False Question 11 Marks: 1 ______Air polution that causes eye, throat and skin irritation is known as .Choose one answer a. smog b. acid rain c. fog d. low level smoke e. smoke Question 12 Marks: 1 Under adiabatic conditions the temperature of dry air will decrease by _________ degrees per 1000 ft .Choose one answer a. 5.45 F b. 5.45 C c. 54.5 F d. 0.545F e. 0.545C True True

Marks: 1 ______ The clean air act of the EPA was enacted in :Answer

Question 15 Marks: 1 ____________ The highest level of the atmosphere is the

.Choose one answer a. ionosphere b. troposphere c. metosphere d. iosphere e. iconicsphere Question 16 Marks: 1 Deterioration of health of broncial patients will occur with concentrations of ____________ 0.7ppm with exposure times of .Choose one answer a. 8 hrs b. 6 hrs c. 5 hrs d. 2 days e. 8 days Question 17 Marks: 1 When smoke from a stack rises up slightly and then descends to the ground in the ______________ area around the stack. The stack is said to be .Choose one answer a. fumigating b. lofting c. coning d. puddling e. looping Question 18 Marks: 1 The most abundant element in the atmosphere is oxygen which is needed for humans to breathe :Answer True False Question 19

Marks: 1 CO2 is a major component of the Earth's atmosphere :Answer False Question 20 Marks: 1 The chemical that is responsible for reducing the amount of ultra violet radiation ____ striking the Earth is .Choose one answer a. O3 b. CO c. CO3 d. CO2 e. O2 Question 21 Marks: 1 An advection inversion occurs when warm air blows across a cool surface :Answer False Question 22 Marks: 1 The picture below depicts a _____________ inversion True True

.Choose one answer a. ground b. low c. profound d. grainy e. winter Question 23 Marks: 1 Reduction of ground level concentrations of pollutants can be achieved by _____________ .Choose one answer a. increasing elevation of the source

b. removing the source c. screening the source d. lowering the source e. dispersing the source Question 24 Marks: 1 Nitric oxide is produced more rapidily in stack gas emmsions if the temperature of the reaction producing the off gas is rapidily increasing in temperature :Answer True False Question 25 Marks: 1

The following is indicative of ______ stack flow .Choose one answer a. spiralling b. looping c. thermalling d. coning e. lofting Question 26 Marks: 1 This legislation required development of air quality criteria which would be used as guides in setting ambient and emmision standards .Choose one answer a. clean air act b. pollution act c. emmision act d. clean ambient air act e. total emmisions act

Question 27 Marks: 1 Certain types of air pollution have adverse effects on tranportation :Answer False Question 28 Marks: 1 The hydrosphere is 200 times larger than the atmosphere :Answer False Question 29 Marks: 1 During the night the air cools quicker then the land :Answer False Question 30 Marks: 1 Air pollution and human activity occur in the troposphere :Answer True False True True True