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Enero - Abril, 2011 Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas COMPUTO MOVIL Laboratorio de Tecnolog de Informacin as o Dr. Csar Torres Huitzil e

Lab I
Your rst assignment is to set up your Android programming environment and develop a simple application. The goal of this lab is to learn the fundamentals of developing Android Applications under the Google SDK. Particularly, the lab is intended to gain knowledge of how to use the basic tools to support the application development process, from project creation to installation on a physical device, as well as the key components of an Android application itself. The main objectives and activities of the lab are: Setup the Google SDK development environment on a host machine Create a Hello World Android application following the instructions of an online tutorial available in the Android website Understand the various parts of an Android project Use the android emulator to validate the application Create a simple user interface Gain insight in how to install and run the application on a physical device

Previous work
Follow the guidelines listed in this link in order to set up your Android SDK. Android is a cross-platform SDK running under Windows, Linux, and MAC environments. Several mobile devices are also capable of running the SDK. Any conguration you want to use is welcome, just as long as it works properly and you feel comfortable using it. In order to work properly on this lab and gain knowledge on Android platform, please read the following material available online on the Android website: Application Components fundamentals:, specically read the indicated section. Activity fundamentals: and follow carefully this tutorial to develop a simple Hello World application:

Hello Android world.html.

simple application:

Requested work
Develop a simple application that displays your name, your control number with a dierent font color and the CINVESTAV logo on the screen. Select two available applications (Android Market, Android Developer Challenge, etc.) and critically evaluate these applications reporting your observations in a one-page that might include: key features, domain and potential impact, advantages and disadvantages. Submit a pdf document reporting your experiencies on the lab and the source codes. Provide a demostration of your functional application to the instructor or the lab assistant before the due date.