A Distant Echo From The Past by Ian Beardsley Copyright © 2012 by Ian Beardsley


Chapter One: A Distant Echo From The Past About “The Mystery Latent In The Primordial Origins Of Humankind” by Ian Beardsley Though he was post Neolithic, he was Paleolithic in every way. One who could only fair well in a world where homo sapiens chipped stones to hunt game and follow it across vast ice land bridges dressed in furs. What was modern thought to him, on the cutting edge, really would only be unearthed by extraterrestrials in the Anthropocene and received by them as a message he thought, he would one day receive from them. It would be no more than a faint primordial grunt, all to recently of an extinct being, enshrouded in mystery and a certain kind of romantic allure. But, there was a beauty in that idea. This faint primordial grunt had been titled by him, “The Mystery Latent In The Primordial Origins Of Humankind”. Ian Beardsley February 28, 2012


Chapter Two: A Distant Echo From The Past Neil Freer, Author of Breaking The Godspell Calls Bob Dean, Father of Ufology on the phone. Neil: “Bob! I finally got a hold of you. What? Whoosh! Through another portal? What is the word?” Bob Dean; ‘Well I don’t know what level of intelligence took me aboard this time. They can’t be that advanced, they were humanoid in form. The word is that the Anunnaki did indeed splice their genes with ours sometime around homo erectus. They say The Board of Trustees, the guys at the other side of the Universe, say the Anunnaki have to rectify the matter.” Neil Freer: “Well, Bob, this guy Ian Beardsley has written a book called: “The Mystery Latent In The Primordial Origins Of Humankind”. He seems to think humankind will become a relic of the Anthropocene, for them to unearth and record what they can about them. Though he suggests he has some hope, or he would not have said what he did about his Neptune Equation in the same book.” Bob Dean: “Well that is nonsense. I have said it once before and I will say it again: We are far to precious of an experiment for them to let us go extinct now.” Neil Freer: “Well, Bob, I expect they are going to invite us into stellar society anytime soon. Though who knows what anytime soon is, time scales are relative, and it all depends on us. If they do, that will change everything.”


Chapter Three: A Distant Echo From The Past Some of the key points to Ian Beardsley’s discovery that outline the ideas behind the message he thought we would receive from extraterrestrials, only to be actually something found by them after we went extinct were (from the book “The Mystery Latent In The Primordial Origins Of Humankind”): If extraterrestrial intelligence were to try and communicate with humanity by sending us a message, I would think that message would be 759 in combination with 9/5 (nine-fifths) This study explains why. Essentially, that which we have discovered is that the solar system (by way of nine-fifths) unifies the two most important ratios in mathematics, pi and the golden ratio. I have often spoken of nine-fifths (9/5) as pivotal to the solar system and nature. It is in the ratio of the orbit of saturn to that of jupiter in their closest approaches to the sun putting the earth at one unit from the sun. It is in the ratio of the solar radius to the moon's orbit around earth. It is in the molar mass of gold to the molar mass of silver. I have shown that the sequence 1.8n = a_n where each successive number is a whole number multiple of 1.8 which is nine-fifths, is a sequence that is pivotal to the structure of the solar system. Two of the most important numbers in mathematics are pi and the golden ratio (phi). pi =3.141 and phi phi = 1.618 I have just noticed if we add respective digits after the decimal in one number to the other, we get: 141 + 618 = 759 In 759 we have the nine of nine fifths and the five of nine-fifths, and the 7 is the average of 9 and five. That is: (9+5)/2= 14/2 = 7 We determine the golden angle by multiplying 1.618 by 360 the degrees in a circle: 1.618(360) = 582.48 We subtract 360:


582.48-360 = 222.48 360-222.48 = 137.52 = the golden angle The golden angle is the angle leaves rotate around the stem of a plant as you go down it. We determine the nine-fifths angle: 1.8(360) = 648 360/72 = 5 That means if leaves were to rotate around the stem of a plant by the nine-fifths angle, their position would repeat every five times. This frequency of five brings to mind a statement by the Russian scientist Shubnikov: “As to the alive organisms, we have not for them such theory, which could answer the question what kinds of symmetry are compatible or incompatible to existence of living material. But we can note here that remarkable fact that among the representatives of the alive nature the pentagonal symmetry meets more often.” The Nine-Fifths angle is then 72 degrees. This is the separation between petals in a most popular flower petal arrangement: that one in which we see five petals around the stem. Pentagonal symmetry is five-fold. It would appear 9/5 (1.8) brings together pi the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and phi, the golden ratio, in a most stunning way. The numbers after the decimal in a ratio are the most important because they are the fraction. In going around a circle, the numbers before the decimal, the whole numbers, no matter what they are take one to the beginning of the circle. We then look at the fraction in the sum of pi and phi, which is, to three places after the decimal, 4.759. That is we look at 0.759: it is close to 0.76 which is 19/25 (nineteen twenty fifths). “Essentially, that which we have discovered is that the solar system (by way of ninefifths) unifies the two most important ratios in mathematics, pi and the golden ratio.” In the preceding passage and I think about it, it makes me wonder if star systems other than that of the Sun-Earth system, have a dynamic structure like this. The dynamic structure makes me think we are here for a reason and are supposed to go out into space. We are at a time when we are beginning to be technologically advanced enough to detect large planets around other stars. However, we have not yet the ability to resolve them into their components and find if they to have such an awe-inspiring structure. If our solar system is the only one in the galaxy that has such an incredible structure, does that mean that we are unique in the Galaxy and are being told as such? 648-360 = 288 and 288-360=72


Or is it that other star systems where intelligent life is evolving into existence have such structures in their star system that tell them they are here for a reason. Indeed, for me to discover this dynamic structure to our star system required data that could have only been attained with the invention of the telescope and Newtonian classical mechanics. However there is one thing that could have spoke to us before we were not much more than living in caves and chipping stones to make spear points several million years ago: I am speaking of the fact that when we look at the sky, the moon appears to be the same size as the sun. It may be that we will make a breakthrough in technology that will allow us to know whether or not other star systems in our galaxy have dynamic structures like the one I have outlined that speak of the specialness of its inhabitants. The stars of other galaxies being beyond resolution of our finest equipment will leave their structures a mystery for much longer. I like to hypothesize that dynamic structures like that which I found in our star system, the solar system, exist because they are telling us we are unique in the galaxy, and that we then have the rest of the galaxy available to us when we learn to travel through it, and, further, that every galaxy has a star amid its billions, where such a structure exists for it, because there is intelligent life in that system, and the life that resides in that system has that galaxy available to them alone. Though, I guess, there are dynamic structures in our galaxy like I am finding in our solar system, but that they belong to stars that host intelligent life, for if not, if our solar system is the only one like this in the galaxy, then we are truly special in the sense that we are the only life that evolved to intelligence in our galaxy, The Milky Way. I feel that unlikely. This discovery of a dynamic structure to our solar system has everything to do with whether we are alone in the galaxy, if not the universe, and whether or not there is some reason for which we are here. In Summary, this most beautiful constant in Nature, of nine-fifths, which unifies pi and the golden ratio, the two most beautiful ratios in mathematics, is the most popular arrangement of petals around a flower, and is in the ratio of the molar masses of gold to silver, the most precious of the metals. One could only guess that such would be noticeable throughout the universe and would be noticed by other intelligent life in the universe, and, as such the relationship would be ideal for transmission of a message by other intelligent life forms in the universe to say to the receiver: “I am here and have noticed it”. The curious thing is that it exists in our solar system in the ratio of the orbit of Saturn at its closest approach to the sun compared to the orbit of Jupiter at its closest approach to the sun, mystically putting the Earth at one unit from the Sun (Jupiter and Saturn being the largest and most massive in the solar system, the Earth that planet which harbors intelligent life in the Solar System), and in the ratio of the Sun’s radius to the orbital radius of the moon (moon-earth separation). The question is why does this


relationship for pi and the golden ratio of nine-fifths not just exist throughout the Universe in gold, silver, and perhaps flower petal arrangements, but more locally in our solar system? Does it mean humans have some kind of divine specialness in the cosmos? While we can know that the nine-fifths phenomenon would be represented by gold and silver throughout the universe, we currently cannot know whether the inhabitants of other star systems have it in their sun (star) they orbit and a moon that might orbit their planet or in the ratio of the orbits of the largest planets in their star system putting their planet at one unit from their star. The answer to this enigma, I think, must be of extraordinary profundity.


Chapter Four: A Distant Echo From The Past Dr. Steven Greer, a medical doctor with a great deal of courageous American Indian blood, and a Hoka He philosophy (“Today is a good day to die”) called Michael Laitman in Israel. He did not just believe “The Loop” existed, but claimed he knew people in it. Michael Laitman claimed he was in the line of successors to the true knowledge of The Kabbalah, which he insisted was a Jewish book of Science, not mysticism, as most would have it. Laitman: “Hello” Greer: “Dr. Laitman?” Laitman: “Yes” Greer: “I am Dr. Steven Greer. I have important information to share with you. We have had an ongoing relationship with extraterrestrials, intelligence from other planets, and we have back engineered some of their technology. The thing is only one branch of the military knows about it. They are called “The Loop”. The president, congress, and all other branches of the military know nothing about this technology, or our relationship with aliens. I know people in the loop. I will be to the point: They have a technology that is the size of a bread box that anyone could have in their home and would produce free energy for all their needs. It operates off the principle that empty space is really a fluctuating vacuum stored with massive amounts of energy everywhere in the Universe. The problem is, they do not want to share this technology with the world, but there are those in the loop that disagree with that philosophy. I am working with them to make this technology available, because it would save humanity from adversity everywhere in the world. You have said the only way humanity can succeed is if the Jewish people disseminate Kabbalah. Can we work together in making free energy available to the world?” Latiman: “Look, the Kabbalah explains there is no other life in the Universe but human, and they are all right here on earth at present, and that the rest of the Universe pertains only to humans. I suggest you come to Israel and learn the Truth from me.” Greer: “Well disseminate this.” (And he gave him a raspberry over the phone) “I am going to go talk to Neil Freer.” Laitman: “I don’t even know who in the hell Neil Freer is.” (Then abruptly hangs up the phone).


Chapter Five: An Echo From The Distant Past We are in an office from which The Loop operates. Arthur Livingston, a General, angrily turns off his phone after having a heated conversation and then talks to a sergeant. Livingston: “Damn it! I just got off the phone and have learned that this guy Dr. Steven Greer, who somehow got an audience with the head of the CIA, has given him our code name of Majestic and given him our phone number, and told him we are here working with advanced intelligence from other planets. The CIA head wanted to know why he didn’t know about any of this. We had to hang up the phone on him. How did this Dr. Greer get that information? Clearly we have a leak from the inside. If I find out who he is, he will find himself floating feet first down the Potomac. The only people who make any sense are Bob Dean and Neil Freer. Bob Dean has been lifting the lid off the secret of our relationships with aliens gradually enough that people won’t panic when they learn the truth about it, and Neil Freer has been writing a space age constitution since in the event we are invited into The Galactic Federation of Worlds, we will have a constitution that will work in terms of such a new world.” Sergeant: “Well, I think he is only concerned about the energy crisis. I mean the people realize we are running out of oil and finding a clean renewable energy source that could satisfy the world energy needs has yet been achieved. He seems to know we have learned to make such an energy source.” Livingston: “Yeah, but if we let the clean, free energy source out into the public, we will have to explain where it came from. How would we tell them that aliens from distant stars come here all of the time, and talk to us? Most people aren’t ready for that kind of truth.”


Chapter 6: A Distant Echo From The Past Here we look at what Neil Freer was referring to when he told Bob Dean Ian Beardsley must have some kind of hope that humanity would not go extinct (from “The Mystery Latent In The Primordial Origins Of Humankind”): Indeed this phenomenon is tied up in my discoveries that I developed in a fictional story when I wrote: Leonard followed the story of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped 2000 feet below the earth in a dark cavern for over two months after their mine exit had collapsed. These miners remained courageous, brave, and held onto their humanity throughout the whole ordeal. To Leonard, these men showed what the human spirit was capable of. The government of Chile responded to the emergency with great organization and did a great job. The coping techniques and space food to the miners was provided by the United States Space Agency, NASA. It was a marvel of engineering the capsule engineered by a NASA scientist that brought the miners to the surface. He admired NASA greatly, because of this, because they represented such a positive force in the world, as was demonstrated in the rescue of the miners. There were 33 miners trapped down there, and 33 years of age was the age they say Jesus died and was resurrected. NASA and the spirit and strength of the miners were like a salvation. Yet, the president of the United States had recently shut down NASA as the agency that would send man into space, and had decided to contract the building of spacecraft to private industry. Leonard thought this was a mistake. NASA, and the ESA (European Space Agency) were the most positive forces in his life. Since Leonard had begun working on his project several years back, he always felt the planet Neptune held the answer to the salvation of the Earth because of its vivacious, lively, incandescent blue. During the ordeal of the miners, he was thinking about the equation he had developed that he thought was most important, and finally he saw how it showed he was correct. That Neptune held the key to the survival of Humanity. Just as the last (33rd) miner was being pulled out from the collapsed mine and to the surface of the Earth, he had finished writing what he had discovered. He wrote in his Journal as follows: We have an equation for a sequence that shows the Earth straddled between Venus and Mars. Venus is a failed Earth. Mars promises to be New Earth. The equation, that I presented in my work, “The Document”, is: [(Venus-orbit)/(Earth-orbit)][(Earth-mass)/(Mars-mass)]n – (Mars orbital #) = a_n The Mars orbital number is 4. If we want to know what planet in the solar system holds the key to the success of Earth, or to the success of humans, we let n =3 since the Earth is the third planet out from the Sun, in the equation and the result is a_n = 17.6. This means


the planet that holds the key is Neptune. It has a mass of 17.23 earth masses, a number very close to our 17.6. The next step is to analyze Neptune, its composition and other factors. He thought he must have been blind. Not only was Neptune the indicated planet, he found it had nearly the same surface gravity of earth. Though it was much more massive than earth, it was much larger and therefore less dense. That was why it came out to have the same surface gravity.


Chapter Seven: A Distant Echo From The Past Since the early 1950’s there had been 1000’s of UFO reportings, nothing that could be proved as definitive evidence, but some compelling cases. The most famous was the UFO crash in Roswell, South Eastern New Mexico. Indeed most reports came from rural areas. One might guess extraterrestrials would choose rural areas to fly over, or land, because they are sparsely populated, have wide open spaces, there were secret military bases built in these remote areas, and the people in rural areas were open to the idea of UFO’s. They had more curiosity than fear of the idea. Arizona was a hot spot, especially in the area of the secret military base of Area 51. One of the most incredible sighting was a huge triangular formation of lights in Phoenix seen by more than 10,000 Arizonans, including the governor, who said the military’s explanation of them dropping flares didn’t make sense, he himself was a retired air force pilot. The military was always having a hard time explaining away sightings, as they did when they said Roswell was a crashed weather balloon. But now it was more difficult. With the advent of video cameras built into cell phones, UFO footage was storming the internet from around the world. Just where the appearances of UFO’s would be, seemed to be linked to what was going on in the world. The hot spot now, it seemed would be Colorado, USA for 2012. At least that is what Hank Wildberry reasoned, a 23 year old student of computer programming and mathematics at the University of Oregon. He decided to take a temporary leave of absence from the U of O, drive out to Colorado in his 2000 Datsun economy pickup, and pursue the matter of extraterrestrial intelligence.


Chapter Eight: An Echo From The Distant Past Hank set up camp in the Rocky Mountains. His guess that big antennas waiting for messages from Aliens that left for their destination hundreds to thousands of years ago, only to arrive at earth now was not the approach to take. He figured he would just have to set up his radio receiver, which was connected to his laptop, to receive a message sent in present times from nearby, like earth orbit, or a landed ship. That message finally came after four nights of camping out. It was broadcast on his laptop screen as follows: 759 and 9/5 you are special Consider: 669 to 626 BC Library of King Assurbanipal in Nineveh Assyrian Ruins Ancient Sumerian Clay Cuneiform Tablets Excavated at the site of Kuyunjik Niveveh Constant:195,955,200,000 Common denominator in all celestial cycles to four places after the decimal, in seconds. Fwd this message to: Ian Beardsley referring to The Mystery Latent In The Primordial Origins Of Humankind Sincerely, a beyond earth intelligence Hank said aloud to himself: “Who in the hell is Ian Beardsley?”


Chapter Nine: A Distant Echo From The Past The author of this novel, who wrote the book: The Mystery Latent In The Primordial Origins Of Humankind, mentioned in this novel several times, has received an e-mail from his character, Hank Wildberry: To: Ian Beardsley Don’t ask, just make the following calculations: (Nineveh Constant)/x = Jupiter Period In Years (Nineveh Constant)/x = Saturn Period In Years Sincerely, Hank (Wildberry) Ian Beardsley knew what the Nineveh Constant was. He had sent his work to Neil Freer, author of Breaking The Godspell, and he wrote back:

Jan 21, 2012
“Your stuff is fascinating.! Now that I am working my way through it I realize that I should call to your attention the work of Maurice Chatelain, deceased,! keep mind, friend from San Diego, see his book Our Cosmic Ancestors,! chapter called The Nineveh Constant,! particularly page 29.”! Ian had learned that Maurice Chatelain was the director of building the communications systems for the Apollo Missions (Mission to the Moon) and had discovered the Nineveh Constant in Ancient Sumerian cuneiform clay tablets. He was amazed that these ancient people knew of such a number, because, as he wrote:

“…Every period of revolution or conjunction of all the solar system bodies calculated by the Constant of Nineveh corresponded exactly down to several decimal points with the values given in the modern tables of United States astronomers…” “I have not been able to find even a single period of revolution, or conjunction of a solar system planet or satellite, that would not be an exact fraction down to the fourth decimal point of the Great Constant of the Solar System.”


So Ian made the calculations: Seconds in a year: 31,556,926 Jupiter year = 11.86 yrs Saturn year = 29.7 yrs Jupiter = 374,265,142 seconds Saturn = 937,240,702 seconds Nineveh Constant = 195,955,200,000 X for Jupiter = 195.9552E9/374,265,142 = 524 X for Saturn = 195.9552E9/937,240,702 = 209 According to theory, as Ian understood it, these last two results should be harmonic.


Chapter 10: A Distant Echo From The Past To find the harmonics of the Nineveh multipliers for Jupiter and Saturn, he took their square roots (geometric means) with the results: Jupiter: sqrt(524) = 22.9 ~ 23 Saturn: sqrt(209) = 14.4568 ~ 14 23 was the third number in his sequence: 5,14,23,32,41,… and 14 was the second, from which his Neptune equation was derived (in The Mystery Latent In The Primordial Origins Of Humankind). He had written: Where does the Neptune equation come from? The following Sequences: Chapter 24: The Document Salvoretti had done it. The structure of the solar system and dynamic elements of the Universe and Nature in general were tied up in the two sequences: 5, 14, 23, 32,… and 1.8, 3.6, 5.4, 7.2,… Could he find the connection between the two to localize the pivotal point of the solar system? Yes he could, he took their difference, subtracting respective terms in the second sequence from those in the first sequence to obtain the new sequence: 3.2, 10.4, 17.6, 24.8,… Which is an arithmetic sequence with common difference of 7.2 meaning it is written 7.2n – 4 = a_n The a_n is the nth term of the sequence, n is the number of the term in the sequence. This he noticed could be written: [(Venus-orbit)/(Earth-orbit)][(Earth-mass)/(Mars-mass)]n – (Mars orbital #) = a_n Here is where some of the sequences come from:


The Search For The Tarot: Chapter 16 Salvoretti began writing in his journal: We originally thought that 1.8 (9/5) occurred in the solar system and nature, alone. It is the ratio of Saturn orbit to Jupiter orbit in their closest approaches to the sun. It is the ratio of the solar radius to the lunar orbit. It is ratio of the molar mass of gold to that of silver. Then I discovered that approximately twice that value (3.7) was recurrent throughout the solar system and nature. Twice 1.8 is 3.6. I found it occurred in Jupiter, Saturn, Earth, Mercury, and Venus to name a few as 3.7. It occurs here to me we are not just dealing with 1.8 and 3.7, but any whole number multiple of 1.8. We are dealing with: a_n=1.8n Let us try three times 1.8. It is 5.4. Immediately we see it in the most obvious, Jupiter. It is the largest and most massive planet in the solar system. Its furthest distance from the sun in its orbit is 5.455 AU ~ 5.4. We see it in the following (saturn mass)/(neptune mass)=(95.147)/(17.23)=5.522~5.4 I have already noted that Saturn and Neptune have similar inclinations to their orbit that are only common to Earth and Mars. Thus we are dealing here with the sequence: 1.8, 3.6, 5.4, 7.2,…


Chapter Eleven: A Distant Echo From The Past Hank Wildberry had been camped out in the Rocky Mountains for only four days and he had already received a message from Aliens. What is more, those aliens had sent him as well a transmission frequency and direction (apparently they were directly overhead in geocentric orbit) and he had built and brought along, a portable transmitter of his own construction. Not only could he receive messages from these aliens, he could send messages to them. He had made contact.


Chapter 12: A Distant Echo From Earth Hank broke down camp and went to a small mountain town diner where he hooked up to the internet. He checked his e-mail and found there was one there from Ian. He opened it and found: Hank: The Nineveh Constant yields: Jupiter: sqrt(524) = 22.9 ~ 23 Saturn: sqrt(209) = 14.4568 ~ 14 23 is the third number in his sequence: 5,14,23,32,41,… and 14 is the second, from which his Neptune equation is derived (in The Mystery Latent In The Primordial Origins Of Humankind). Ian Hank wrote back, Ian don’t you see? Start with Jupiter and Saturn because they are the largest planets in the solar system. Saturn is at nine units from the Sun at its closest approach and Jupiter at five. That is a ratio of nine-fifths. You yourself said it is in the molar mass of gold to the molar mass of silver and in the ratio of the solar radius to the lunar orbital distance, not to mention in a very popular (if not most popular) arrangement of petals around a flower, among other things. But Saturn at nine and Jupiter at five mystically puts the Earth at one unit from the sun: The two largest planets in the solar system point to the Earth, through gold and silver, sun and moon, flower petal arrangements,.. The third number in your sequence from which your Neptune equation was derived is 23. That is a two and a three: Venus is the second planet out from the sun, earth the third. Earth is coupled with Venus. You have said Venus is a failed earth. So earth can fail. However the second number in your sequence, which would represent Venus (Venus being the second planet from the Sun) is 14. You have shown that 14 is the separation between Jupiter and Saturn (where one is the earth-sun separation) and that, with Jupiter more massive than Saturn, to balance them on a teeter totter with length 14, the fulcrum would be at about Mars orbit (1.5 earth sun separations from Jupiter). So this says while Earth can fail, Humans can succeed by way of Mars. You wrote: “We have an equation for a sequence that shows the Earth straddled between Venus and Mars. Venus is a failed Earth. Mars promises to be New Earth. The equation, that I presented in my work, “The Document”, is: [(Venus-orbit)/(Earth-orbit)][(Earth-mass)/(Mars-mass)]n – (Mars orbital #) = a_n


The Mars orbital number is 4. If we want to know what planet in the solar system holds the key to the success of Earth, or to the success of humans, we let n =3 since the Earth is the third planet out from the Sun, in the equation and the result is a_n = 17.6. This means the planet that holds the key is Neptune. It has a mass of 17.23 earth masses, a number very close to our 17.6. The next step is to analyze Neptune, its composition and other factors.” “Not only was Neptune the indicated planet, he found it had nearly the same surface gravity of earth. Though it was much more massive than earth, it was much larger and therefore less dense. That was why it came out to have the same surface gravity.” In other words, Ian, the Nineveh Constant verifies your Neptune Equation, and explains clearly what the Solar System is saying. Mars is The Cosmic Fulcrum as you called it, when you wrote:

I have found more reason that the planet Mars represents the success of humankind in this passage:

Gentelmen, further, Mars is New Earth. I have done this:
We know that 9/5 occurs in many mysterious ways in nature, including Saturn’s distance from the sun of 9 (closest approach) putting Jupiter’s at five (closest approach), and the earth at one. Let us consider a balance. If two weights of equal mass are placed on opposite ends of a balance, then to be balanced the fulcrum must be placed at the center. But if one mass is increased, then the fulcrum will have to be moved closer to the heavier end if the balance is not to tip. This is the Law of Levers. It states that the masses are inversely proportion to their distances from the fulcrum. To write it mathematically, M1/M2=L2/L1 Or, equivalently (M1)(L1)=(M2)(L2) If we consider the time when Saturn and Jupiter, the two most massive bodies in the solar system are in opposition, that is when they are on opposite sides of the sun and facing one another, then by the above information they are separated by 14 units. Jupiter is 3.34 times as massive as Saturn. By our law of levers above, that means L1/L2=3.34 L1+L2=14 Thus 4.34L2=14 and


L2=3.2258 14-3.22=10.77=L1 Mars orbital distance is 1.5 The saturn-fulcrum distance minus the mars orbital distance is: 10.77-1.5=9.2~9 is saturn’s closest approach to the sun. Mars, then, is the cosmic fulcrum. It is the one planet worth terraforming for colonization. It is then aligned metaphysically with its physical characteristics. Ian, as you know I downloaded this document (The Mystery Latent In The Primordial Origins Of Humankind) that you made available at Issuu and Scribd. I know you feel it should be discussed and researched, which it has not, because the success of humans might depend on it… But Hell, there are people in Congress who ignore James Hansen, the world’s foremost authority on climate change, when he warns we could experience catastrophic climate change if we don’t change our ways. How would you like it if I told you rest easy, because I am in communication with Aliens and they have requested I beam your work to them. So even if we go extinct, they have your work, and they have said they can use it, because it is as James Lovelock said, and more, Earth is not just like a giant organism where everything on it a functioning part of the organism, but the entire universe is, and, they need your discovery about our solar system because our solar system is a part of the supergaia, the giant organism like structure that is the universe.


Ian Beardsley (The Author)


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