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Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Gurudeo Maheshwara Guru Sakshat Parbramha Tasmeshri Gurumenamah

Remembering to the Gurus, who founded this institute, Saluting to the Gurus , who taught me and rooted wise counsel in my soul, President of today’s function, Hon’ble Dr. V.T. Ingole Sir, Our Chief Guest, Mr. Rajesh Ghatpande, Chairman of Aryama Group of Companies, Nagpur, Our Guest of Honor, Mr. Ajay Hantodkar, Manager-Engineering, Thermax Group, Pune, my collogues the association members, Respected Heads of Departments, Respected Faculty members, Staff, Alumni friends & families. This function is the Reunion between you & your former classmates. This function is the reunion between You and your alma mater, the institute that helped to shape your future. This moment provides an opportunity that revoke nostalgia. I hope many of you after this reunion here will have formed new friendships, or have created new career opportunities. When you entered in the campus, you may have noticed many physical changes, the statue, the buildings, the campus. The structural buildings & facilities are assets in development of every institute . The greatest asset of any institute is it’s people – the students, the faculty, the administration and you, the Alumnus. A good institute can measure its worth by its alumni. Our Alumnus are performing extremely well at various places and positions throughout the world.


Training & Placement of the students We would like to seek your contribution for this purpose. This is the world of competition. Students Benefit Schemes We are planning for giving monetary help to economical weaker students. 2 . We have some Basic Goals to achieve and those are impossible without your involvement – The objectives of alumni association are students centric. assistance or monetary contribution. I received yesterday email from one of our alumni Mr. He is the Executive member of International Human Right Protection Association. The first goal is – 1. 3. and brainstorm on the prospective avenues. (Geneva). Infrastructure development – laboratories I solicit your remarkable contribution in the infrastructure development of the institute. We must be in position to float our product well ahead of time in the market. 2. I would like to seek support from you alumnus for achieving these goals.Alumni Meet brings together a wealth of talented and capable professionals who share their expertise and experience. Alok Mishra. You can share your resources in the form of expertise. Every year the number of engineering colleges is growing exponentially. We are also planning to start Scholarships for meritorious students. There is my humble request to all the alumni community to think about how they can help for the placement of the students. manage or conduct these activities. It might be definitely possible for most of you to propose. He has a CD containing original voice of Mahatma Gandhi. He presented this CD to Hon’ble President of India.

“ I appreciate the support we always get from our Vice-President. Hemant Jadhao. Umesh Borkhade. he immediately assured to extend his cooperation. We have provided the Chatting facility for COEBns. This type of courage and commitment I expect from the entrepreneurs alumni and alumni at coveted positions . You can log in and Access a profiles of registered alumni members. Our news section is the mirror of our institute. Whenever students approach his industry. He extends his full cooperation whenever required by the alumni association. The ideas behind this is to highlight the Job opportunities available for the students To provide the information regarding available Job potential in various fields. We have launched a separate website for Alumni Association by the end of November – Within two months. 251 members registered till date. When I talked to him about the immediate objective of developing language laboratory for the institute.He writes in his email .“A copy of which I have already kept reserved for our esteemed college. where the news are flashed continuously. There is a News section. The response from your side is encouraging. discuss the problems and extend his cooperation. We have provided a Message Board on the website to post your views . 3 . to conduct the counseling of student who wants to appear for interview at Pune. our executive member. Mr. I appreciate the efforts of Mr. We are planning to commence a “Web Magazine” for our Alumni community. he unconditionally admits them. He assured to offer his office facility at Pune office. Whenever I happen to come to Amravati I will bring it along with.

You can also provide the information on Training opportunities available at your organization. Software / Educational CDs/ Technical literature in printed as well as electronic form. but could not make them to come here. The Motto of alumni association is .“Committed to serve Alma Mater” Let us make history by providing maximum possible employment opportunities to the students of this institute. I feel sorry about those. that will help in generating still better career opportunities for you. PCs. 4 . Our institute is famous for making histories. I appreciate the massive response received from the alumnus. You can highlight your Achievements in this e-magazine. Let us commit ourselves for supporting the infrastruc ture development of the institute. etc.Your can put your suggestions in this web magazine regarding what is the requirement of the market ? So that student can prepare himself since Second or Third Year. We are equally planning for making p rovisions on the website to accept funds electronically. You can flash the Information regarding the resources companies wants to donate – like depreciated automatic machines. You can form local Alumni Chapter at your place – and conduct the chapter related events. This is the First institute in country -to procure Super Computer . to whom we could reach.PARAM This is the first unaided institute in state to commence PG program in engineering This is the first institute in region to install campus wide optical fiber network This is the first institute in region to provide V-sat connectivity and so many things institute had performed.

The maximum possible communication modes we used – website. I really thank to the management for encouraging us to conduct this event. immediate past Chairman of our association for shouldering this responsibility upon me. Dr. S. City Cable.I am extremely sorry about those. Principal. maintaining & updating the alumni information. My greatest thanks to all the alumni. Ingole Sir. My thanks to all the committee members who shared their souls for accomplishing this difficult task. to whom we could not reach. Jaisingh Deshmukh. faculty & staff for their graceful presence. Ashish Panat. INGOLE President. Badnera 5 . mobiles – personal contacts. Thank you very much. their families. T. e-mails. I request all the alumnus to make this golden moment jubilant. we are planning to organize such Alumni Meets every year at various cities. invitations cards. My special thanks to our continuous source of inspiration. sms. To keep these friendships alive. Training & Placement Officer for keeping this organization alive. V. I thank to Mr. D. PRMIT & R. I thank to Mr. Alumni Association. News in news papers.