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The process of structuring the strategy from

To learn The Frost & Sullivans framework and methodology on Strategic Thinking To learn from experts and experienced consultants the way to strategic thinking. F&S Will share practical, tried and tested protocols that will help you succeed in addressing management challenges Network and Share Experiences with peers from different industries and organizations

the idea stage towards organisational goal is very useful. It will help me improve my communication skills, strategic thinking style and developing marketing strategies to overcome various organisational challenges. Universiti Teknologi MARA I find the most benefit on this course is the tools of analysis. It will be a guideline on the thinking and decision making. - Mykris Net (MSC) S/B Most of the tools play their own role. Using all those tools, I should be able to improve specifically to my department and the company as general. All material presented are relevant & useful. - MRPI Pipes Sdn Bhd

Are you a good operational manager but dont feel as confident as you should about yourself because of gaps in your overall strategic business perspective? Do you feel you are being hindered in your advancement up the corporate ladder? Are you newly appointed to a more challenging role and now need a deeper understanding and insight into strategic business issues?

Workshop Objectives and Measurable Outcomes

Create and assess strategic options using a practical strategic tool set Understand implications, restrictions and attractiveness to help you make the right strategic decision Use a variety of management tools and techniques to manage people and resources Understand process and operations management Manage change and motivate others to follow your lead Understand the strategic function of marketing; knowing how to become a customer-centric organisation Understand forecasting methods and budget issues

Mega Trends Workshop

What is a Mega Trend?
Mega Trends are global, sustained and macroeconomic forces of development that impact business, economy, society, cultures and personal lives, thereby defining our future world and its increasing pace of change. Impact of Mega Trends on Key Organizational Functions
Marketing and Strategy

Innovation Scouting

R&D Budget Spending

Technology Planning

Product Planning & Development

5-Day MBA Schedule for 2012

Mega Trends Workshop Schedule for 2012

For registration, please Contact: Anson Wang Email: Tel No: +603.6207.1021 Fax No: +603.6201.7402