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Electric water activator is a perfect gift for your family, friends and relatives!

Domestic electric water activator is a light, simple and compact device that allows anyone to produce roughly 1.4 liters of activated (alkaline and acidic) water in just 15 minutes at home. You only have to fill the container with water, plug it in and after 12 to 15 minutes pour the now activated water in separate jars. The device is electrically safe, certified, while consuming the energy of a 40W bulb. This water cures many illnesses quickly and effectively, no "chemicals" involved. It is used at household, at home, in a garden or at a farm, for hygienic purposes, in livestock or poultry farming, etc. The efficiency of activated water also rises because during the electrolysis the acidic water receives positive potential, while the alkaline water obtains negative potential. Together they form a kind of weak electrolyte that quickly interacts with liquids of the body (gastric juice, blood, lymph, intercellular liquid etc.)

Alkaline and acidic water is a source of your health
Human body is an energy system. Many years of applying activated water in practice approved scientific conclusions of positive and negative charges of this water being helpful in upholding the energy balance of the cells. ACTIVATED WATER IS USED IN JAPAN, AUSTRIA, GERMANY, POLAND, INDIA, ISRAEL, FORMER USSR COUNTRIES. THIS WATER IS COMPLETELY HARMLESS FOR EXTERNAL OR INTERNAL USE. THIS WAS OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED IN 1988 BY PHARMACOLOGICAL COMMITTEE OF USSR(RESOLUTION # 211-252*/ 791)

Household needs

Electrically activated water is used at home or for household needs to prepare seeds before planting, force plant growth, revive withering flowers, green vegetables, couch seeds for bird food, couch barley for preparing malt, fight small plant vermin, decontaminate soil, earth, stimulate growth of poultry, prepare syrup for bees, disinfect beehives, disinfect surfaces of bird eggs, decontaminate floor, furniture, stock, disinfect the air in the room, stretch the keeping time of perishable food.

Top part with electrodes

Ceramic filter
This devise has 4 electrodes. Two cathodes, are made from titanium. From one party (from outside passages of an electric current) cathodes are covered by a special black covering preventing hit of harmful impurity in water. Two anodes are made from surgical grade stainless still.

Electrically activated water is used in medicine for treatment and prevention of prostate adenoma, allergy, tonsillitis, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, ARD, hand joint and feet joint pain, accumulation of salts, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, liver inflammation, large intestine inflammation (colitis), gastritis, hemorrhoids, anal fissure, herpes (cold), intestinal worms, (helminthiasis), headache, fungi, flu, diathesis, dysentery, jaundice, (hepatitis), foot odor, tooth ache, parodontosis, heartburn, colpitis, conjunctivitis, sty, rhinitis, burns, swelling of hands and feet, hypertension and hypotension, polyarthritis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, diarrhea, cuts, scratches, abrasions, neck cold, psoriasis, radiculitis, rheumatism, skin irritation (after shaving), varix dilatation, insular diabetes, pancreas, stomatitis, removing necrotic skin from the feet, hair treatment, improving digestion, cholecystitis (cholangitis), eczema, herpes, cervical erosion, gastric, and duodenal ulcer, septic wounds, inveterate fistulas, postoperative wounds, bedsores, abscesses, insomnia prevention, high irritability, ARD prevention, catarrhal illnesses during the epidemics, acne, intensive skin peeling, pimples.

Important notice for the US residents.

User instruction Description

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Remove top cover with the electrodes. (4) Install the ceramic cup (3) on the center in the main tank. (2) Fill the water in a ceramic cup till it's full. Fill the water in the main tank so that its level is at 10-15 mm below the upper edge of the ceramic cup.

Power cord Main tank Ceramic cup Top cover Fuse

LED indicator

Install top cover on the main tank so that the needle-pointers (Fig.1), aliened to each other, with black anodes should be inside the ceramic cup and bright cathodes - outside of it. Carefully push on the top cover to the main tank until it stops.

Fig. 1

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Plug the power supply cord ( 1 ) into a power outlet ~ 110 V. Start the timer. Visually verify that gas bubbles are observed on both cathodes. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to obtain the necessary concentration of water (depending on water condition). Upon expiration of the required time, first disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet, then carefully remove the top cover with electrodes (don't flip it over), remove the ceramic cup and pour Catholyte ("acidic") water from ceramic cup into prepared container. After that, pour the Anolyte ("alkaline") water from main container into different container. Let the water to settle for about 30 minutes before using it.

What is Electrolyzed Water?
This device requires a 220V power supply. If you live in the USA, you will need to obtain a separate 110 V to 220 V transformer to make this device run. The price for such transformers ranges from 10 to 20 bucks and they can be easily ordered online, for example the VT100 STEP UP TRANSFORMER can be ordered here.

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Force of a current of an electrolysis, A - 0,2-0,7 Time of activation, minutes, no more - 40 Volume of the activated water:

  • •

* ANOLITE - 0,3 L * KATHOLITE - 0,9 L

Power consumption, VA, no more - 70 Mass (without activated water), kg, no more - 2,0

Electrolyzed water is normal potable water that has been electrically conditioned by separating it into Anolyte (Acidic) water and Catholyte (Alkaline) water to take advantage of their different chemical and physical properties.

Alkaline Water and the Benefits of Alkaline Drinking Water
The average suggestion of water consumption per day ranges from 2.5 liters to 4 liters - so it is imperative that we ensure that this water is of the highest quality. There is a lot of discussion about the merits of alkaline water (particularly in the open publishing medium known as the Internet) - however, regardless of who you listen to regarding this debate there is one thing that is certain: the process of making water alkaline increases the purity of the water by filtering out toxins and impurities. For those who are not so skeptical about the benefits of the alkaline lifestyle, alkaline water helps to neutralize acids and remove toxins from the body - it is a great cleanser and helps to detoxify our system. Well basically, it has a high pH level (pH of 8-11), and a negative redox potential (ORP), usually between -150 mV to -350 mV. Because of these facts, alkaline water is a more powerful antioxidant, effective detoxifier, and superior hydrator, compared to "conventional" drinking water. Superior Hydrator And A Powerful Detoxifier One of the primary causes of disease is chronic cellular dehydration, a condition, which leaves the body's cells in a perpetual state of weakness and defense. Drinking alkaline water helps with this condition and can be up to six times more hydrating than "conventional" drinking water. Alkaline Water is sometimes called Reduced Water because of its small molecular grouping. Water molecules typically group together in clusters of 10-13. Alkaline Water molecule clusters are clustered into 5-6 water molecules, thus they are reduced in size. Because the size and shape of the water molecule cluster is smaller, the water cluster is extremely penetrating and can pass through our cells more easily. As it hydrates body tissue, it pushes out toxins or anything else that do not belong. Thus, being superior hydrator and a powerful antioxidant, alkaline water is very detoxifying.

Other Alkaline Water Benefits

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Helps with losing weight! Improves the taste and quality of food Better absorption of nutrients from foods you eat, helps bring out its flavor, and lowers acid levels of any foods Most users report a lot more clarity of mind and energy, due to the extra oxygen water supplies Helps your skin look healthier through effective hydration

Drinking Alkaline Water Can:

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Improve the rate of healing Normalize blood sugar and insulin levels Reduce chronic pain and Increase healthy colon function Relieve asthma and respiratory infections Release stored body fat and toxins Improve digestion Help prevent kidney stones Reduce Candida and fungus levels

For over 30 years Japanese hospitals have used electrically restructured alkaline water to treat many diseases. This water is now available to Canadian and US consumers. Join millions who enjoy the immense health benefits of alkaline restructured water!

How to use activated water for personal care
Range of use 1. Method of treatment Prostate adenoma Medical effect The complete course of treatment shall be 8 days. Four times Pains pass in 4-5 days time, swelling per day, one hour before meals, drink half a glass of "alkaline" water reduces and micturate urges become less frequent. (take the fourth glass before bedtime). In the end of the course youSmall red particles may come out with urine. may increase the dose to a full glass if your blood pressure is normal. Digestion and appetite improve. Abstaining from sexual intercourses is not recommended. Sometimes a refresher course of treatment is needed. It usually starts in a month after the first course, but it's better to continue the treatment without interruption. During the course of treatment it would be wholesome to do a perineum massage and put a perineum compress with "alkaline" water, moisturizing the place with "acidic" water beforehand. An enema with warm "alkaline" water will do you good. Bicycle riding and suppositories of "alkaline" water damped bandage are also beneficial. Rinse your mouth, throat and nose with "acidic" water after The illness usually passes in 2-3 days time. meals for three days running. In 10 minutes after each rinsing drink It is advised to repeat the procedure as a half a glass of "alkaline" water. Moisten the rash, if any, with "acidic" prophylaxis. water.




Tonsillitis, catarrh of the Rinse your mouth, throat and nose with warm "acidic" water The temperature lowers in the first day of upper respiratory tract; ARD 6-7 times per day after meals, three days running. In 10 minutes course. The illness itself passes in no more than after each rinsing drink a quarter of a glass of "alkaline" water". three days.


Hand joint and feet joint Drink half a glass of "acidic" water half an hour before meals The pain usually passes in two days. Blood pain. Accumulation of salts three times a day, for 2-3 days; apply compresses with "acidic" water pressure lowers, sleep improves, the condition of on aching places. Water for compress should be warmed up to 40-nervous system comes back to normal. 45°C. Bronchial Bronchitis asthma. For the first three days of the course rinse the mouth, throat Coughing urge decreases, the general state and nose 4-5 times a day with warmed "acidic" water. In 10 minutesof the body improves. Repeat the course of after each rinsing drink half a glass of "alkaline" water. If you noticetreatment in case of need. no apparent improvement, then make a "acidic" water inhalation: warm one liter of water up to 70-80 °С and inhale its steam for ten minutes. Repeat 3-4 times a day. The last inhalation may be done using "alkaline" water with soda. The course of treatment is 4 days. During the first day, drink The pain passes, the inflammatory process half a glass of "acidic" water four times a day before meals. For the stops. rest of the course, drink "alkaline" water using the same routine. During the first day of treatment it's best not to eat at all. Drink half a glass of "acidic" water (with 2.0 pH value) 3-4 times during the day. The illness passes in 2 days.



Alkaliner inflammation


Large inflammation (colitis) Gastritis



For three days drink "alkaline" water three times a day half an The stomach ache passes, the acidity lowers, hour before meals. During the first day drink a quarter of a glass, for the appetite and general condition improves. the rest of the course make it half a glass. You may continue the course for 3-4 days more, if you need. Prior to treatment use the toilet, carefully wash the anus, ruptures and nodes with soap and warm water, wipe dry and wet with acidic water. After 7-8 minutes, apply lotion with a bolster wetted in "alkaline" water. Repeat this procedure, each time with a new bolster, 6-8 times during 24 hours. Drink half a glass of "alkaline" water before bedtime. Avoid spicy and fried food during the course of treatment: it's best to eat digestible food, like porridges and boiled potatoes. Bleeding stops, sores heal in 3-4 days.


Hemorrhoids, anal fissure


Herpes (cold)

Carefully rinse mouth and nose with "acidic" water and drink You'll have to stand the pain when tearing half a glass of "acidic" water. Pluck the herpes blister with a piece ofoff the blister. Burning and itch will pass in 2-3 cotton wool wetted with warm "acidic" water. Next, 7-8 times during days. the day apply a wad soaked in "acidic" water to the affected place for 3-4 minutes. On the second day of treatment drink half a glass of "acidic" water, repeat rinsing. Apply a wad wetted in "acidic" water to the crust 3-4 times a day. worms Apply cleansing enemas, first with "acidic" water, then, in an You may not feel well. If you're still ill in two hour - with "alkaline" water. Drink two thirds of a glass of "acidic" days, repeat the procedure. water every hour for 24 hours. For the next 24 hours, to regenerate your health, drink half a glass of "alkaline" water half an hour before meals.


Intestinal (helminthiasis)


Septic wounds, inveterate Wash the affected places with warmed "acidic" water and let The wounds cleanse, dry and start to heal fistulas, postoperative wounds,them dry out, don't wipe. Then after 5-6 minutes moisten thequickly, usually they completely skin over in 4-5 bedsores; trophic ulcer, abscesses wounds with warm "alkaline" water. Repeat the procedure using days. Trophic ulcer takes more time to heal. only "alkaline" water no less than 5-6 times during 24 hours. If the pus keeps oozing out, you should once more treat the wounds with "acidic" water and then apply wads with "alkaline" water until healing. When treating the bedsores, it's recommended to lay the patient on a linen sheet. Headache If the cause of a headache is an injury or a concussion, wet For most people the headache stops in 40your head with "alkaline" water. For a regular headache wet the 50 minutes. aching part of the head and drink half a glass of acidic water. First thoroughly wash the affected places with hot water and Fungi disappears in 4-5 days. In some cases household soap, wipe dry and wet with acidic water. Continue the procedure has to be repeated. wetting with acidic water 5-6 times for another 24 hours, letting it dry out without wiping. Wash the socks and towels and soak them in "acidic" water. Disinfect the footwear in the same manner (this may be done only once): pour "acidic" water inside and let it stand for 20 minutes. Rinse nose, throat and mouth with warmed "acidic" water 6-8 Flu usually passes in 24 hours, sometimes in times a day. Drink half a glass of "alkaline" water before sleep. It istwo days. Its consequences are also relieved. advised not to eat anything during the first 24 hours of treatment. Wet the rush and swellings with "acidic" water and let it dry out. Then apply compresses with "alkaline" water for 10-15 minutes. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times a day. It's best to abstain from food for this day. Drink half a glass of "acidic" water with 2.0 pH value 3-4 times during the day. The affected places heal in 2-3 days.








17. 18.

Dysentery Jaundice(hepatitis)

Dysentery passes in 24 hours.

Drink half a glass of "alkaline" water 4-5 times a day for 3-4 The general state improves, comes appetite, days for half an hour before meals. After 5-6 days of treatment visit aa natural complexion restores. doctor. Continue the treatment if necessary. Wash the legs with warm water and soap, wipe dry and then moisten with "acidic" water. Let it dry out without wiping. After 8-10 minutes moisten the legs with "alkaline" water, let it dry, don't wipe. Repeat the procedure for 2-3 days. You may also want to treat the socks and footwear with "acidic" water. Drink half a glass of "alkaline" water. You may also apply an enema with warm "alkaline" water. Bad odor vanishes.


Foot odor

20. 21.

Constipation Tooth ache. Parodontosis

Constipation passes.

After meals, rinse the teeth with warmed "acidic" water for In most cases the pain is relieved promptly. 15-20 minutes. Use "alkaline" water instead of regular whileThe dental tartar gradually vanishes, brushing your teeth. If you have dental tartar, brush the teeth with stomatorrhagia reduces. Parodontosis gradually "acidic" water, then after 10 minutes rinse the mouth with "alkaline" passes. water. For parodontosis, after meals rinse the mouth with "acidic" water several times. Then rinse with "alkaline" water. Brush the

teeth only in the evening. Apply the procedure regularly. 22. 23. Heartburn Colpitis (vaginitis) Drink half a glass of "alkaline" water before meals. Warm activated water up to 30-40 °С and syringe before bedtime, first with acidic water, then after 8-10 minutes - with "alkaline" water. Continue the procedure for 2-3 days. Wash the affected areas with warm water, then treat with warmed "acidic" water and let it dry out without wiping. Then apply compresses with warmed "alkaline" water for two days 4-5 times a day. Drink half a glass of "alkaline" water before sleep. Rinse the nose, drawing the acidic water in. Children may have the "acidic" water poured in with a medicine dropper. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times during the day. Carefully treat the burned places with "acidic" water. After 45 minutes wet them with "alkaline" water and continue wetting only with "alkaline" water. Try not to pop the blisters. If a blister pops, or pus appears, start the treatment with "acidic" water, then continue with "alkaline". Drink activated water 4 times a day in 30-40 minutes before meals and before sleep. For the first day drink half a glass of "acidic" water; for the second day - 3/4 of a glass of acidic water"; for the third day - half a glass of "alkaline" water. Heartburn passes. The illness passes in 2-3 days time.


Conjunctivitis, sty

The affected areas heal in 2-3 days.



Regular rhinitis passes in an hour.



Burns skin over and heal in 3-5 days.


Swelling of hands and feet

Edema decreases and gradually passes.



Drink half a glass of "acidic" water with 3-4 pH in the The blood pressure normalizes, the nervous morning and in the evening before meals. If it didn't help, wait for ansystem calms down. hour and drink a whole glass. Drink half a glass of "alkaline" water with 9-10 pH value in The blood pressure normalizes, you feel a the morning and in the evening before meals. lift of energy. arthritis, The complete course of treatment is 9 days. Drink activated The joint aches pass, the sleep and general water three times a day in 30-40 minutes before meals. For the firststate improve. three days and during the days 7, 8 and 9, drink half a glass of "acidic" water; for the 4th day take a break; for the 5th day drink half a glass of "alkaline" water, for the 6th day take a break again. You may repeat this cycle after a week's rest, if you need. If the illness is long neglected, apply compresses with warm "acidic" water to aching places. Drink half a glass of "acidic" water. If the diarrhea doesn't stop in an hour, drink another half a glass of "acidic" water. Wash the cut with "acidic" water. Then apply a wad soaked in "alkaline" water and apply a bandage. If pus starts to appear, once more treat the cut with "acidic" water The diarrhea usually stops in an hour. Cuts skin over in 2-3 days.

29. 30.

Hypotension Polyarthritis, osteochondrosis

31. 32.

Diarrhea Cuts, scratches, abrasions


Neck cold

Apply a compress with warmed "acidic" water to the neck. The aching passes, the freedom of Also drink half a glass of "alkaline" water 4 times a day before mealsmovements restores, the general state improves. and before bedtime. The sleep improves, irritability reduces.


Prevention of insomnia, Drink half a glass of acidic water before sleep. During the next high irritability 2-3 days continue drinking "acidic" water in the same dosage in 3040 minutes before meals. Try to abstain from spicy, greasy and meat food for the course of treatment. Prevention of catarrhal illnesses epidemic time


ARD, Rinse the nose, throat and mouth with "acidic" water A feeling of alkalineliness duringperiodically, 3-4 times a week, in the morning and in the evening. efficiency rises, general state improves. After 20-30 minutes drink half a glass of "alkaline" water. After contacting a contagious patient carry out the same procedure additionally. It is recommended to wash the hands with "acidic" water.



Psoriasis, alphos

One course of treatment lasts for 6 days. Before starting the The affected areas of skin start to cleanse on treatment, thoroughly wash yourself with soap, treat the affected the 4th-5th day of treatment, pure pink spots of areas with steam of a maximally bearable temperature or apply a hot skin start to appear. Gradually herpes passes compress. Then abundantly wet the places with warmed "acidic" completely. Usually 3-5 cycles of treatment should water and after 8-10 minutes start to wet with "alkaline" water. Thenbe enough. You should abstain from smoking, for the whole course (all 6 days of it) wet the affected places 5-8 drinking alcohol, eating spicy and bloated food, try times a day only with "alkaline" water, without prior washing, not to be nervous. steaming and treating with acidic water. Also for the first three days you have to drink half a glass of "acidic" water before meals, and half a glass of "alkaline" water on the 4th, 5th and 6th day. After the first course is finished, make a week's break, then repeat the cycle until healing. If the skin dries out a lot, chaps and aches during the treatment, then you may wet it with acidic water several times. Drink ¾ glasses of "alkaline" water for two days 3 times a Aches pass in 24 hours, sometimes earlier, day, half an hour before meals. Rub warmed "acidic" water into depending on the cause of an acute condition. aching places. Wet the skin with "alkaline" water several times, let it dry out, don't wipe. If there are cuts, apply a wad with "alkaline" water for 5-7 minutes. Skin may feel sore, but heals promptly.


Radiculitis, rheumatism


Skin shaving)




Varix dilatation

Wash the spots of vein dilatation and bleeding places with Aching feelings ease. The illness gradually "acidic" water, then apply compresses with "alkaline" water for 15-20 passes. minutes and drink half a glass of "acidic" water. It's recommended to repeat the procedure. Constantly drink half a glass of "alkaline" water in half an hour before meals. Beneficial is a massage of the gland and autosuggestion of the gland producing insulin. Rinse the mouth with "alkaline" water for 2-3 minutes after each meal and additionally 3-4 times a day. The condition improves.


Insular diabetes, pancreas

41. 42.


The sore spots heal in 1-2 days.

Blackhead eruption, Wash the face and neck with "alkaline" water in the morning The skin smoothes, becomes softer, small heightened skin peeling, faceand in the evening after washing, 2-3 times with a 1-2-minute scratches and cuts skin over, pimples disappear,


interval and then let it dry out, don't wipe. Apply compresses for 15-peeling stops. After applying the treatment long 20 minutes on a wrinkled skin. In this case the "alkaline" water hasenough the wrinkles practically disappear. to be slightly warmed. If the skin is dry, then wash it with "acidic" water first. After 8-10 minutes carry out the described procedures. Once a week wash the face with the following solution: half a glass of "alkaline" water, half of a tablespoonful of salt, half of a teaspoon of soda. After 2 minutes, wash the face with "alkaline" water.


Removing acidic skin from Steam out the legs in hot soapy water for 35-40 minutes and "Acidic" skin gradually peels off. The skin of the feet rinse with warm water. Next, moisten the legs with warm "acidic" feet softens, the chaps heal. water and after 15-20 minutes carefully peel the layer of acidic skin. After that wash the legs with warm "alkaline" water and let it dry, don't wipe. Repeat this procedure periodically. Hair treatment Once in a week, after washing your head, wipe the hair and Hair becomes softer, scurf disappears, wet with warm "acidic" water. After 8-10 minutes carefully rinse the scratches and abrasions heal. Itch and loss of hair hair with warm "alkaline" water and let them dry without wiping.stops. After three to four months of hair treatment, For the next week in the evenings rub warm "alkaline" water into new hair starts to grow. skin of the head for 1-2 minutes. The course of treatment lasts for one month. For washing the head you may use a children's soap, or a yolk shampoo (not concentrated!). After washing the head you may want to rinse the hair with a decoction of young birch leaves or leaves of a stinging nettle, and only after 15-20 minutes apply the activated water. This course is best to be carried out in spring. When digestion stops, for instance, of overeating, drink a After 15-20 minutes the stomach starts glass of "alkaline" water. working. Drink half a glass of water for four days three times a day 30Pains in the area of heart, stomach and right 40 minutes before meals. First time drink "acidic" water, second and shoulder-blade stop, the bitter taste and sickness third time drink "alkaline". "Alkaline" water has to have pH of about disappear. 11. Steam out the affected places before starting treatment. Next, moisten them with acidic water and let it dry. After that, moisten 4-5 times a day with only "alkaline" water. Drink half a glass of "alkaline" water before sleep. The course of treatment should be a week's length. Syringe before sleep with "acidic" water warmed up to 38-40° С. Repeat the procedure after 10 minutes, using "alkaline" water. Then repeat the washing with "alkaline" water several times during the day. The affected areas heal in 4-5 days.


45. 46.

Improving digestion Cholecystitis inflammation) (cholecyst


Eczema, herpes


Cervical erosion

Erosion resolves in 2-3 days.


Gastric and duodenal ulcer

Drink half a glass of "alkaline" water for 4-5 days, one hour Pains and vomiting stop on the second day. before meals. Make a 7-10 days break, then repeat. Acidity lowers, ulcer heals

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