Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes November 13, 2008 3:00-5:00 in Room 3603 Claire Stuart Quintanilla ran meeting, Chair Minutes

taken by Stephanie Owen, Recorder I. Sign-in roll call • Eleven members attended II. Acceptance of minutes of previous meeting • So move…Ali Khan moved to approve minutes • Seconded by Lois Collins • Unanimous vote cast to approve minutes III. Old business • Budget • Clarified that after paying HLC Academy dues, the committee has $33,000 left. • After discussing how money will be spent at Executive Board meetings held October 30th and November 6th meetings, it was determined that moneys will need to be shifted after learning that stipends will be coming out of Assessment Committee budget. • Need to look over budget more carefully • Need to clarify where money for faculty stipends will come out of • Claire Stuart Quintanilla will write a letter requesting to meet with Administration regarding this matter • It was discussed who should send letter requesting a meeting – should it be the Chair or the Recorder, on behave of the Chair? • According to the By-laws, Recorder sends all official correspondence to Administration. • Claire will write up the letter and Stephanie (Recorder) will send it to Administration. IV. Faculty Resource Room • Claire Stuart Quintanilla shared news that Assessment Committee Resource room will be in room 2208. • Showed new layout of Resource room and about sharing budget cost with Professional Development Coordinator, CM Winters Palacio. • Should be in room by Spring 2009. V. Post-test SLP • Everyone administered the post-test VI. Post-test progress • Everyone has completed post-testing for SLP • Some have graded their post-tests and/or in process of grading • Reminder that new deadline is November 26, 2008 to turn results in to Dean Javier, Institutional Researcher VII. Department Assessment Plan
Assessment Committee Meeting 11-13-08 Minutes taken by Stephanie Owen 1


Claire Stuart Quintanilla shared her Flint course textbook on assessment, “Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide” by Linda Suskie. She pointed out on page 66, there is a good template for department assessment plans. • A copy will be purchased for the resource room • Now, standardized SLOs need to be in place before generating department assessment plans • Assessment Plans should be addressing the question of what the department plan will do to assess their courses, how they plan on doing this, when it will occur, etc. • According to the Report sent to HLC last year, every department should have standardized SLOs across courses • We’re behind on this • Goal for first full committee meeting is to have everyone come to the meeting with a department mission statement and standardized SLOs. • Department mission statements should reflect the college mission statement • For different sections of the same course, all those courses, despite who’s teaching them should be using 5-6 standard SLOs. Faculty can create additional SLOs as they deem necessary, but those 5-6 standard SLOs should appear on every syllabi. • Some discussion on if instructors could focus on courses being taught in the spring rather than having to standardize all their courses • Pointed out, that in order to know what your department wants to assess, it is necessary to have all courses standardized, not just those coming up in spring. • Felt it was all right to start with the spring courses, but by the end of the semester, all courses need to have standardized SLOs. Miscellaneous • Jane Reynolds discussed her experience/visit at Alverno College – a premier model of assessment planning. • She discussed the various student engagement projects conducted at Alverno College. • Handout was provided on Assessment at Alverno College, Student Program, Institutional • Executive Board will be meeting next week (November 20, 2008) and meeting the first week faculty are back in Spring (January 15, 2009) • Spring work will focus on Department Assessment Plans. • The results from the SLP will be reviewed, and departments will need to determine if adjustments will need to be made based on the findings.

Adjourned at 4:10

Assessment Committee Meeting 11-13-08 Minutes taken by Stephanie Owen